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  1. Question about servers. Will my XP be on all of the servers? I am in Australia and considering changing to Global because the ping is better. But want to have my XP and am worried about not being able to return to EU server (with my XP) if the population is no good in global?
  2. There is still a final wipe to come, yes?
  3. I still think if you want people to sail in the open world you NEED a huge time compression system. Otherwise unlike most games. It's just so time consuming that 99% of people don't have the time. When out of sight of any human ships time compression (no matter how silly it looks) should be a player selected option, perhaps with a 10minute count when you have been in sight of an enemy ship but now out of sight? Out of sight = time compression and if people cannot catch people by keeping them in sight so be it, they are gone. This is my most sincere suggestion for making the game popular even among die hard fans who don't have the time to waste on the open ocean. At least try it in a testbed? But perhaps it's just too much dev time for what the PVP crowd consider a redundant option.
  4. Sure you cannot vary the maint time? I am worried about US and EU getting priority and leaving AU with maint smack bang in the middle of our prime time?
  5. Jolly Rogers there will be safe zones.
  6. Have you looked at the testbed shop?
  7. So I think I understand that this means that when you lose your ship there is some sort of indicator saying you won't give a reward if attacked. So unless somebody really hates you they won't bother. Great idea. But considering the distances involved and the time spent sailing to do almost anything (longer than an hour). Perhaps a little longer would be better. You see if a person is sailing for 5 hours to deliver goods and gets attacked on the last leg. It will take him 5 hours to get to the same position again and by that time the same old people can gank him or her once again and get a reward.
  8. @Lannes - This is what you would commonly see during battle. From Osprey British Frigate vs French Frigate 1793-1814 by Mark Lardas that I own: I have the British perspective as well but this is the French perspective. They are pretty much the same. I agree that the Officers and Marines should be uniformed but the rest of the crew on duty.......they should be fairly random. But not too random.
  9. Marines and Officers on deck with uniforms would be a nice touch. But Sailors with no uniforms is fine. Especially when they are about their duties, not on parade. P.S. A test server update seems to have just been rolled out? Patch notes?
  10. You have to remember they are Ukrainian Devs. In English Armour is simply the wooden planks on the side of the ship. Structure would be the interior being completely destroyed without the side to protect it. Basically making the ship un-fightable. A floating ship with its insides mashed to a pulp. By the time you destroy the interior most modules, deck planks, cannon and crew would be gone I think (you could if you wanted add the ships ribs to that including the interior planks). IMHO a crew would surrender at this stage.
  11. Not sure what this mechanic adds exactly? I was hoping that the health bars were gone and that you added proper location damage. Just tested it and all it seems to mean is that you can rake a ship to death. Have not tried from the side yet. But am assuming you would take a side off and sink the ship before destroying the internal structure. Is this mechanic to ensure if pirates rake traders too much their quarry will sink? EDIT: OK Starting to get it now as I have tested sides also and you don't sink with sides off. So you take off your chosen side off. Then unless you have too many leaks the enemy ship will not automatically sink until the centre structure has also been taken out. I like this as it means that taking off a side is not instant death. I like that a LOT! But it does mean that you can take the end of a ship off then take the structure off to sink. I would however suggest that "structural" damage is a misleading term and that their should be two kinds of damage. i) Planking damage - the sides as per normal. Technically the term armour is a little misleading as it makes me think of purpose built to stop cannon. I don't believe that shipwrights ever tried to armour the sides of ships against cannon they were expected to face on purpose in most cases. They just made them sturdier for combat with thicker planks of wood. I could be wrong here, Maturin? ii) Internal Damage - enough of which renders the ship disabled causing it to be killed by disablement (I don't think it should be sunk unless it is leaking through leak damage). Leaving it with colours struck and drifting. This would be both more realistic and add more fun to having to go around struck ships. p.s. I keep getting connection lost half way through a battle in the open world and so does my mate.
  12. Question about the kickstarter: a) Will only the American faction be able to use the American ships? I would love a yes even though I play English b ) Will the old constitution model still be available to the rest of us? c) Will this mean the premium ship packs ships will have unlimited lives?
  13. oh look...
  14. Here is how the conversation should go if you are not under attack yet and a mate gets on: