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  1. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    its coming. when? soon (TM)
  2. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    There wont be any new ships added to the poll. This one is final. Everyone suggesting ships should have done that a week ago. There was a thread in which you could promote your favourite ships. By now its too late. No matter how epic you or others think the vessel you like is. Personally I am a bit sad that Temeraire is getting all the votes. In regards of french ships we do not have a shortcome. But other nations are lacking. But I am glad that Montanes and wreker are in front. Also, I hope we get a seperate poll for the smaller vessels. Cause the big ones drain the votes for the worse of the frigates.
  3. HMS Barfleur (1768) - 3D Model

    Model them. They consist of the frames and a transparent face that is the glass. This is the sternpiece of my wreker class vessel:
  4. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Calm down This is not the final vote, this is the poll that is going to narrow the choices. Once this one is over we will have another poll with only about 10 ships left (or rather less) And its not yet decided. Ive seen polls going all over the place during their "lifetime"
  5. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Christian is actually under development. teasers have been sent out long ago and she will likely be ready soon (TM)
  6. Diesen Sommer wird eine geschlossene Beta zu Naval Action Legends starten (ehemals Naval Action Arena). Naval Action Legends wird ein "Age of sails" Spiel sein. Ohne Kompromisse und ohne Lästigen Features, die euch vom initialisieren eines Kampfes abhalten. Es wir in vielen Bereichen die Idee der Sea Trials wieder aufgreifen und etwas an World of Tanks, World of Warships oder auch WarThunder erinnern. Naval Action Legends wird Käufern von Naval Action (Also das Kabibik Spiel, das momentan EA ist) kostenlos sein. Das Geschäftsmodell ist bis dato noch nicht in Steil gemeiselt. Wenn ihr interesse daran habt Naval Action Legends zu testen und an der Entwicklung teilzunehmen, so könnt ihr euch auf die geschlossene Beta bewerben. In dem Topic, das ich unten verlinken werde. Anforderungen: Erfahrung und Kentnisse im Schiffskampf zur Segelschiffahrt Aktive Teilnahme an Wochenentests (das wird zu verschiedenen Stadien durchgeführt) Die Fähigkeit konstruktives Feedback zu schreiben Positive Einstellung Links zur Bewerbung wird bald bereitgestellt (auch in verlinktem Topic) Eine Bewerbung garantiert nicht die Teilnahme. Es gibt nur begrenzte Plätze.
  7. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    In order to get this vessel credit: (I posted her earlier but in a collection) A dutch 32 gun frigate, armed with 12 pound cannons and a few 36s carronades on her quarterdecks: The Euridice:
  8. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    my bad /facepalm
  9. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    so just bevore this thread is closed I want to sneak this ship in: Göta Lejon A swedish 3rd rate ship of the line of 74 guns in total: 26 x 24pdr 26 x 18pdr 22 x 6pdr https://digitaltmuseum.se/021176972504/gotha-lejon
  10. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Cause my browser went down in front of me and I didnt feel the urge to describe her further. Beeing a small temeraire still means she is from similar plans. dimensions scaled down and whatnot. It was described in that thread in more detail She is definately interesting since she was build in shallow waters and helped towards the deep sea by pontons or whatever they are called.. Quite a feet to bring a 3rd rate ship of the line from a shallow port towards her destiny. Flyff describes how she was build in venice.
  11. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    One class that is still missing in this game and the list as we have it is the Temeraire class, 74 gunned 3rd rate ship of the line. The first page has a reply that features one this class' vessels the "Redoutable" which fought broadside to broadside with HMS Victory at Trafalgar. So now I present you the "le Rivoli": Beeing of the Temeraire class she was armed with: 28 x 36pd long guns 30 x 18pd long guns 14 x 8pd long guns & 10 x 36pd carros A crew of 690 men and 3 officers (thats not much, is it) She has a rather unimpressive time in the french navy since she was actually captured on her very first voyage by the british. plans and paintings:
  12. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    "Rainho de portugal" 1791 (also known as Rainha de Portugal) A Portuguese 74 gun ship of the line armed with: 28 x 36 pdr 28 x 24pdr 8 x 24pdr + 16 x 12pdr With a Complement if 669 men -> https://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=7863 She was part in a joint operation fleet under Lord Howe's Channel Fleet in 1794, cruized to the Mediterranean in 1798-99 and went to brazil as part of the escort for the Braganza royal family in 1807. In absence of portuguese dockyard facilities the british took it upon them to service the portuguese fleet and thus we have the plans of this magnificient vessel in great detail. This is apparently a dipiction of her:
  13. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    Id like to remember you all that the timeframe is from 1680 until 1820 +/-5 years. 10 at the very most. 1843 is very likely out of the period
  14. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    I need to say that the Chattam is a direct sistership to the "Admiraal de Ruyter" which looked exactly like my model bevore her modernization. She carries 78 guns on her broadside. Maybe only 76 because I am not 100% sure if the forecastle held 4 or 6 guns. Its possible my 5th and 6th cannon is too much. That said she is a perfect heavy 3rd rate. lots of big guns - a mediocore crewcount About the william rex: She is a fantasy ship. Its a model that represents the shipbuilding of the dutch around 1700+/-. There are no real ships from which she was modeled from. Its more a mix of all
  15. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    So my time has come. Finally. All of the plans I present can be found here: I hereby present you the wreker class, dutch ship of the line in her 80-gun config: The Chattam (sistership of the Admiraal de Ruyter!) You could also name her Admiral de Ruyter and adjust her decoration to match the admiral's look. Cause the hull and all is the same. next up, for everyone who follows my sketchfab there are no surprises: A dutch 32 gun frigate, armed with 12 pound cannons and a few 36s carronades on her quarterdecks: The Euridice: Next up we have a series of corvets that feature 12 pounders as primary armament (12s only, mind you): The Venus: So much for my dutch lineup. If you want something danish. There is a 18 pounder frigate called The Freja: And for all that want to go crazy: The Spiran
  16. New computer questions

    all your craft and character XP is saved on the server, yes if you altered your controls (keyboard inputs) there is a txt file somewhere in which those are stored next to your resolution and grafics settings. Only I cant remember or find where it is
  17. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    To shed some light about the Wasa/ Chronprinds Gustav Adolph: Wasa is the name of the leadship of the class of vessels that was meant to be the new main battleship for the swedish navy. The captain, the crew and others demanded the ship to be improved in several aspects (forecastle, quarterdeck, gangways amidships, ..). And when Chapman did work out these improvements a new shiptype the "improved Wasa class" was born. The first ship of this class was the "Chronprins Gustav Adolph". The very ship we now have ingame. all the data available and a discussion about her performance: Now about colourschemes. There is an image of a "sistership" as it was called in this thread which is 100% not a sistership of the wasa. its a 72 gunner which has no clear origin. I asked about this vessel a good time ago and the museum told me its of unknown origins. An educational object from no chapman plans altho it features some destinct chapman features. No hard feelings tho cause it appears to have a typical swedish colourscheme. This is definately one of the wasa class ships: https://digitaltmuseum.se/011024822501/fartygsmodell/media?aq=owner%3A"S-SMM"+text%3A"ritningar%2C"%2C"gustav"&i=72 another set of images/ paintings:
  18. Dont forget to sigh into this document https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf2YjVKQzGP-7hUX9m18DgJm_jaL2EANime2G3Wb-LMZDg0Yw/viewform
  19. New ships

    you are splitting hairs. Snow is a rigging type. If you didnt have the extra spar that is the mast for the spanker you would actually have a brig rigged ontario. What name a ship has doesnt make is less real. The snow is the ontario. Yes. Is that wrong? cause its name differs or better said cause she does not have a name at all? I cannot follow your thought process. The Cutter is the british cutter "alert". Also a real thing based off from real shipplans. Not sure whats fictional about her. The shipmodels are all real. No magic in those. Some ships are overgunned cause the devs armed their bridle ports or gave them too heavy a load. Now. Speaking Galleons. and the race buikd galleons were a evolution of the galleon. Eventually when galleons and race build variants developed further you got the typical ship of the line of the 17th century. The dutch seven provincien which is a clear evolution from these race build galleons was rejected. and that is a vessel from 1665. Just at the outer edge of the games timeframe. What I want to make clear is that old ships have a very very slim chance to getting ingame. And that is for several reasons. They will be hoplessly underpowered compared to other vessels that fulfill the same duty. Sailing: worse. Artillery: worse. Armour (construction methods): worse. All they have is high castles to make a good boarding platform. (and those were reduced to make the race refit)
  20. New ships

    Please dont get me wrong but the game - until now - managed to be free of any magic ships. And it will hopefully rest with a heavy unrealistic rattlesnake that would in real life be unable to perform like she does in game. Nobody would arm her with quarterdeck guns (which in real is more a poopdeck than a real quarterdeck if you think about it) The forum does feature a collosal collection for ships and 99% of those are real things and inside the games timeline which is from about 1680 until 1820 +/-5 to maximum 10 years. Plans and models are there and some 3D ship models, too. Just take a look and be in awe what the community managed to gather. -> http://forum.game-labs.net/forum/28-shipyard/ Not saying that there will never be any fictional vessel ingame but.. I personally and certainly hope not.
  21. Fragen zum Spiel

    Der Thread soll genau diese beinhalten. Wir werden versuchen aufkommende Fragen zum Spiel zu beantworten. So gut wir es eben selbst wissen. Scheut euch nicht. Getreu dem Motto "es gibt keine dummen fragen". (Abgesenen von Trolls und offtopic natürlich)
  22. throwing a bone: https://sketchfab.com/bungeelemming/models .. or two:
  23. Das wäre ja mal in der Tat was Neues...

    Das betrifft alle server, weil die devs keinen extra PvE server haben. Das wird 1:1 gespiegelt und fertig. Was ändert sich schon? gar nichts. Denn die Karte kann sich aktuell auch nicht ändern..
  24. Fragen zum Spiel

    "Mapreset" Sowas ist in weiter weiter ferne. Die mechaniken, die sich die devs da ausgedacht haben müssen auch erst einmal entwickelt werden. Spielerzahlen sind zu Beginn einer EA immer sehr hoch. Die Leute wollen was ausprobieren. Was neues. Wenn dann das Ende der Feature-Fahnenstange erreicht ist, gehen die Leute. Oder wenn mechaniken (Kampfsystem bsp) geändert und getestet werden. Das ist normal.