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  1. There could be some increments between calm sea and heavy storm. And I think many agree that you shouldn't fight in a heavy storm anyway. But in a moderate bad weather it could still be possible that the lower decks can't be used. By good positioning In a heavy swell with strong winds (If we get variable wind strength someday) you could force a two decker on a course where he heels so much that he can't use his lower deck (maybe even introduce the option to close the gun ports to prevent flooding) making it possible for you to escape or fight back. But all those thoughts are pointless as it is certain now that it will never be in the game.
  2. Storm in Battles in storms in the OW go hand in hand with many possibilities for a more challenging, interesting and varying OW experience. Since the goal is to get more people into the OW, I think it is a good idea to spice up the OW experience. Only adding rougher seas into instances alone won't do it imho. We already have a thread (or many) about varying wind strength which favor bigger ships over smaller onces and vice versa. The possibility to catch ships in stronger winds, which would normally escape with ease or the danger of damaging your rigging due to to much canvas, because you wanted to get the most out of your ship but you went to far and now one of your masts is gone. Combine this with an actual representation of the different speeds in OW (Like you try to find out with this other thread) and maybe more in depth manual sailing mechanics, where the right trim is important to really sail on the edge and you have a way less boring OW experience. Even OW chasing comes down to skill and knowledge and will get more thrilling. But back to storms in battle instances. Like many others said, this offers opportunities for smaller ships against bigger ones if those can't use their lower decks. If you maneuver wrong you can capsize etc. pp. So many opportunites for a more interesting gameplay. Storms in OW are rare and if you don't want to fight in them, then you don't have to. But for rough seas or stronger winds we don't need full blown storms everytime. EDIT: Just saw the last answers from you devs. Don't take this personal and don't get me wrong, it is not an insult and I love your work but I am amazed at how restricing the unity engine seems to be regarding many different things (not only storms) that aren't possible or hard coded or whatever. Looks like a massive design flaw.
  3. For me it wouldn't be the end of the world if the tp to friendly port feature gets removed but yet I can't see how you can pre-plan the movements of all enemies/hostile ships in OW, while you fight for 60 min in the instance The pre-planning before we were forced into the OW after 5 min was staying in battle screen, which pissed off players in the same way as the camping of battle instances did.
  4. Well, if it would be totally authentic than the admiralty would get nothing if I sink the ship but in the case of a surrender, they would actually get the ship if I sail it home as a prize. And that's the part where I get rewarded for doing so. I understand your point and intention but think about that. Maybe keep the option to send a ship to admiralty but only after you sailed it home to a port and only at your first docking, you have the one time option to either keep the ship with no rewards or send it to the admiralty for rewards (make them randomly less or totally different than the rewards for sinking. Maybe a new to introduce reward). That would be a crime and dishonourable. You say that there is no crew on his ship anymore. Where are they? Can I get some of the rest of his crew or take them captive as prisoners of war and sell them to the admiralty for rewards (Or even sell them back to the previous owner - maybe if loss of full crew will be associated with loss of some ship experience)? Or will they just disappear? Can I scuttle the ship or burn it to save the time of shooting broadsides and wasting ammo (I know, ammo is not limited, just a reminder of the pointless procedure)?
  5. They weren't noobs, they just didn't have our mobility (tacking wasn't that easy) or the turrets we have and with which we can adjust our aim with almost no interference of wave height, movement of the ship or the time you actually need to adjust heavy cannons. That's mostly why we can snipe or at least still hit the enemy with our cannons, regardless of the fact that we ride the waves or are in a tight turn at the moment of shooting. To make this more authentic would mean to slow the game down significantly (even if you could support this with more accurate hull and mast thickness and additional rigging damage mechanics). I would like it but I don't think that the majority would support this.
  6. I really like the changes to the repair mechanics. Makes it a bit more authentic to actually need to carry the parts for it (If I undestood that right).
  7. With no battle instances but realistic sailing speeds we would actually have the same like now with insta closed battles. You will fight what you see and every tiny little sail at the horizon will never reach you until the fight is over. Ganks would be stopped by just turning around I think, you already see them from very far and with realistic speeds you will have much more time to react to this. At least we would get real long, somehow authentic, chases this way, but I doubt this would be fun for most of the players. Fair points. I still think the circle is too small so we get the problem that people who are more spread out but still can see each other can possibly not join a started battle. A 2 min timer could solve this. A 5 min timer is maybe a bit too long but now we will get it so just let us test it (again). Maybe it could be possible to allow all ships who saw the battle starting or just saw any of the ships which were dragged into the battle, to join for 2 minutes (at the edge of the outer circle). For this you just have to stay in vision distance and don't need to sail extremely close together. But first of all: #nofleets
  8. Maybe because it is 3:37 am in Ukraine.
  9. yeah, that's the "not much fun" part.
  10. I don't know if we shouldn't test the PVE challenges but you should really reconsider the ship pairings in these. The demasting challenge is cutter vs. Snow. Almost every broadside of the snow at almost every angle sends you into reloadshock. In the time challenge you are in a snow against two mercuries who shred right through you. It is challenging, but not much fun
  11. Again, this is a big hello kitty you to all privateers or solo hunters. If I can catch a solo warship or trader in enemy waters without anyone in sight, then he has to deal with this. He was sailing alone and must know that this can be very risky but he can go for the signaling perk. On the other hand I am also sailing alone and as a brit near the french or swedish capital it is an even bigger risk. If your presence becomes news in nation chat, you often won't get your chance because of other players actually protecting their waters and trying to look for you. But I am ok with that. I can live with the current ROE and an additional return of the 2 minute timer (maybe even 3), if late joiners also join far away in the instance. But 10 - 15 min is just way to long. It will ruin the experience for many other players, who apparently play different than you. I know and understand that you like big battles and want them to be more frequent but right now we lack the playerbase for it to have them whenever you sail out. Back at the start of the EA the ocean was full of ships. We had no alliances and many players and nations fought over the regions of Haiti, southeast Cuba and Jamaica. OF course it was easy to find others and engage in bigger battles. If we had the same numbers today, it would also be easy. But we don't have the numbers and as you will certainly say it and we had this discussion many times before, I will beat you to it. No, the changed ROE isn't the main reason, that many players left.
  12. I agree in a way, that autosurrender would be bad game design. The decision should always be made by the captain. But that also means, that you as the captain only give the orders which your crew executes. I think it was discussed very often before, that a connection between crew morale and crew effectivness could be tested. So that if you are losing significantly you will get into trouble because of low crew morale (even longer reload than just due to low crew, way slower sailing maneuvers, lower morale before a boarding action even if you are at 100% boarding prep etc.) Better surrender options is a good idea imho. Ransom money for crew and cargo sounds good (My dream would be that we get rid of perks and modules and only connect their present effects to crew experience, which will be persistent until they die. That way ransom money in case of a capture would make even more sense and surrender will be more common, since you don't care about the cost for new crew but about their gained battle and sailing experience).
  13. The Essex in the dismasting challenge seems to be out of fir. The AI Belle Poule rips right through you with a few broadsides. And the structure bar is still somehow artificial. After you lost your hull hp every random shot to this side will decrease it very fast and then you sink like a stone in a minute. I still would like structure be hitbox based on very vital structural ship parts which you actually have to hit (so it will become kinda random cause you can't effectively aim for them but larger broadsides of bigger ships and guns will have an extremely increased chance to do massive structure damage to smaller ships. E.g. a SoL against a frigate).
  14. If you really don't know what the pray button does, it might be better to remove it! Who knows, maybe a kitten dies every time someone clicks on it. Just to be safe. Get rid of it!
  15. Right, that would be great for me. If it would work is another thing. Right now we have to either board or sink a ship to end a battle. Many players simply don't surrender even if they absolutely lose a battle without any chance to survive or gain the upper hand again. And that's where gameplay comes into the mix and current sinking mechanics make some sense to lower potential of griefing. At the moment the structure is somehow just another bar which increases your hp pool. It is not really connected to hitboxes (at least that's what I figured until now) and simply further broadsides will lower it very fast. But it gives a player a last chance to think about surrendering and like you said lowers the effectivness of tanking with zero armor and forces you to use your repair earlier.