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  1. To be precise. Only on the first login of the day.
  2. It's not really a teleport between outposts imho and aims more at the casual player than clans and RvR. Like you have multiple outposts in free ports and national ports all over the map and you can choose everyday with your first login, where you want to spent your day.
  3. How about the opportunity to choose your starting outpost at the first login of the day (doesn't matter if free port or not)? Or once every 24 hours, maybe even every 12 hours. Otto's suggestion about only being able to dock ships up to 5th rate in free ports sounds also like a good compromise.
  4. I am actually surprised. I expected Friendship is magic or some other my little pony stuff.
  5. Like it. At least the loss of your whole crew should definitely result in negative ship xp.
  6. Change the fireship mod so that the ship which has it equipped becomes a real fireship and not an armed to the teeth and fully crewed potential bomb. It should serve only one purpose. Thus having a minimum of crew and no cannons (they are expensive, why waste them?) or only a fraction of the normal cannon count.
  7. Interesting proposal if it is possible. using the 3 - 4 closest mission locations to choose or random. Players don't spawn on battle location but also not to far away so that a real home defense fleet has to sail all over the place and back and forth if they want to engage or chase them away. One of the problems is the same as for the spawn zones idea. It can be possible that you spawn right on an unlucky player who can't do anything against you now. So maybe it is still good if the spawned players aren't able to attack for a longer time or if the invisibility works in both ways. You can't be seen and you also can't see.
  8. I bet some large groups who sail to capitals (like SORRY often did right in front of KPR) want that. But they really forced it and had the organisation and skill to win anyway. But if I am alone I don't want to always fear a way larger group waiting outside because I attacked a player somewehre in there waters or even somewhere else. His buddies have a lot of time to sail to where I attacked him. Players who like revenge fleets always say that it is somehow my fault and I wasn't careful enough. Well how the hello kitty am I supposed to see what goes on outside the instance for 60 minutes? It is not in my hands. I don't have a chance to avoid this or at least to try it. In the end I get punished for the "fault" of the lone player who didn't sailed with an escort, cause by your logic it is a fault to sail alone. Although I wouldn't call it a fault since it is perfectly fine to sail a trader or a warship alone if you take care. Everybody knows the risk. I do nothing else. And as you edited your first response to me: I don't want a tp to port too. That is too much safety. I just don't want too spawn where everybody knows I will spawn. And 30 sec invisibilty doesn't really help if your opponents are smart like you said.
  9. What exactly is smart about this? And the core problem isn't limited to home waters. Offensive gankers can abuse this mechanic too and always did.
  10. In my initial post about this idea I listed a few problems (there are certainly more) with this and you are right with your objection. A defense tag could be potentially to powerful. On one side there is still the instance where you first have to escape even if you defense tag and If you manage that it's ok, on the other side a bad loading time (like I often have for the first battle of the day) or a good defense tag can totally destroy your hunt. I thought about the possibility that the spawnzone(ring) is closer to the initial battle if you leave after five minutes and further away if you leave after 30 minutes. The distance increases with time. If it will be always the same large size you could also use it for save travel through the OW. And we don't want that too.
  11. @VlladSorry, but you just don't get it.
  12. This isn't a good example at all regarding the problem of revenge fleets. Your example is the equivalent of getting tagged by a larger fleet in OW. Everything fair with that. If you get ganked you get ganked. You have you chance to evade if it doesn't work, bad for you. At least you saw it coming. And please step back from your standpoint that NA is a RvR game only and solo players or small groups are to blame for making that "fault" to sail alone or not with 20 other guys. This wasn't the intention in the beginning of making the game. If the game will become only about who has the most buddies then I am done with it. Just chitchat about the ultimate age of sail experience etc (A bit of exaggeration ). It is also not a capital waters problem. This can happen anywhere on the map. Lets say I tag someone at Bridgetown (or a group tags another group). We both have a nice intense battle. Maybe one of us wins in a close match. Then it was fair and square. The winner earned it. We both sailed alone and knew the risk. One attacked the other because he saw nobody in the near vicinity. But now after 50 minutes of intense and athmospheric fighting the winner joins back into OW and sees himself surrounded by 20 other ships. They are there because they saw a call for help in nation chat and sailed all the way from Fort Royal and waited here, because they knew the almost exact location where the ship(s) would spawn again. Bravo, wonderfull. The game robbs the one player of his achieved success and leaves him with nothing. The same problem would come into play when we assume that nobody wins the fight and one player managed to escape. He successfully escaped due to his skill and a bit of luck but is now surrounded by 5 other brits, who came from carriacou, 40 min later (a few hours in OW time). Same shit but different victim. Don't say people are at fault if they sail close to a capital. This can happen and happens anywhere on the map, near every port. Even in the open sea if you are unlucky. It is simply a bad mechanic. Imagine a larger playerbase after release and it will definately happen way more. Your succes will be lost in an instant and you can't really do anything against it. The main problem is simply that you will always spawn where you started the battle as if you dropped your sails for hours after it ended and didn't continue your journey. We don't need a teleport back to outpost/port button. We need a mechanic that changes the spawnlocation in any form. A bit away from the initial battle but not in safety. The time difference betwenn instance and OW must get taken into account and players who leave a battle should have a chance. And last but not least. A "home defence fleet" would sail there before the trouble happens. I can use your logic too. Why didn't you look out for enemies and prevented the attack? You knew your traders are at risk. If your nation is so good and everybody cares for each other then protect your traders and actively patrol your waters. Right now there is almost no incentive to do so. Maybe we should have the possibility to hail AI ships and they will give informations about near enemy ships they "saw" or "heard from others" similar to the ship report letters we once had. Idk. But camping swords in OW and killing everybody who comes out will leave many frustrated. It already does
  13. That makes sense. I knew it for the rolled up sails but never noticed that other ships don't have their bow figure. Ok thanks Eleven and Peter, case closed. Now back to trolling and insulting please!
  14. Honest question and off topic. Only one L' Ocean has a bow figure. Is this somehow a new feature?
  15. Like you said, this circle is not big enough. A group of players wouldn't sail downwind in those 30 seconds and if they do, the players outside can position some ships in that direction. A trader who escapes will surely continue on his best point of sail so it is somehow very predictable. With this circle on the map, you can choose a position which puts you out of immediate danger (well if you are unlucky you will land right into another fleet) but not into the safety of a friendly port far away --> also this could be another frustrating thing for the poor guy who happens to be at the location, where suddenly an enemy fleet pops up. But I said just a first idea not perfect.