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  1. i know you want more pvp. but you will not be spreading lies through my post.
  2. ICS doesnt go anywhere near haiti. they dont want pvp. they are hiding in the bottom right corner of the map.
  3. ICS is French, and stands for I Cant Swim.
  4. Let it be known far and wide, that the trading company ICS has knowingly and willingly sold his Majesties King Louis land to foreign invaders in return for gold and mere baubles. We the Loyalist forces of France, do hereby declare our independence from the influence of outside forces. No longer will we be shackled to the yoke of traitorous upstarts! Due to the Danish vassalization of France through the diplomacy of ICS, the French are fed up with the constant terrible negotiations and backpedaling on finalized deals with our enemies. Due to the uproar and utter dis belief for the military coup that is ICS I and a select few other loyal French nation, bring you a fun and prize filled competition to eliminate and cripple our oppressive dictators. As of Monday the 19th of June, through the last day of July we will be accepting screenshots of the Sunk,Captured, or otherwise destroyed ICS members on this following Google Form. Post Kills Here The rules are simple. Sink or Capture ICS only. No arranged farming of ICS will be used for final result of Data (don't bother trying. Prizes will be given within a week of the final day of the competition, the prizes once posted will not be removed and more may be added any time before the end of July. The prizes are as follows. 1 Victory, Live Oak/White Oak
  5. i did not know a spyglass could see through hulls, that sounds like a pirate hack...
  6. If you are not contributing to the political situations in global, or informing people about port battles, then you do not post here. as the mods would say.... take this to pm
  7. Please keep drama and anything irrelevant out of this forum post, it is meant for port battle results, and updated diplomacy. not cars.
  8. Ill stand for alot of things. But i refuse to let you pull this crap on us right now. Im going to date this. 6/11/2017 sometime around 7:00 AM CST, we see our port being hit with hostility. We dont understand why or what is going on. Upon a quick chat with out mutual friends of the pirates and you all yourselves. we are given this screenshot. This is the FIRST TIME your guys were attacked. This is known because as soon as i posted that screen and my anger over discord i was given another screenshot. That was taken as soon as i posted on discord from Chet. Leader of BORK. at 7:44 AM. CST. Ive been told we were actively talking to you guys about fixing everything over the past 2-3 days after that had happened. and then a RANDOM seemingly non existent player attacks you guys again and you lost your minds..... just like the pirates we cannot control the entire population of misc. France. you also say a non clan attacked you. this leaves us with some mods, pirate alts (which wouldn't attack you.) and random new people or other nations alts. You ave an alliance with BLACK, who essentially runs Pirates, you have been told you cant really go to mort anymore since they cant control all the randos. SAME GOES WITH US. I dont understand how you can possibly think that this is remotely the way you can play this game. you cannot base an entire nation off of the randoms, in reality you can only based off the clans. Bork has come the the conclusion to not attack you, as the screenshot dates Alleman attacked you at least 3 days ago from 7:44AM CST, i can guarantee you no more of BORK attacked you since he did. ICS as i cant speak for them, have been saying they arnt attacking you either since then. Purge hasnt been up there since the focus on our southern border, and WO is Haiti. so your argument that France has attacked you is false. France didnt attack you, only trolls who wanted this exact response did. and they got it. So if 1 porting us or taking all our northern ports over a old screenshot, that you say was taken hours before, is proven false by our very own members last log in time, then your nation is pathetic sir. If you want war over something so stupid that we cant control, as the pirates cant control the same thing for them, then there's no stopping it i guess. If you want a war, then you will get it.