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  1. sounds like the PVE server
  2. We are still keeping up our side of the deal. Flip the gulf take the gulf, but now maybe we get to sink some yanks as well.
  3. I believe the Rats should have some underhanded method that benefits the Pirate way, however stop complaining about being outnumbered and ganged up on that's the virtue of going Pirate you can't have both. That being said should you be able to completely negate hostility without armed conflict? Sir Texas Sir you mention only bombing the one county, but the other was only allowed to raise for your potential gains. Had you wanted; it too would have been pacified without a single player battle. Please do not hide behind the use of game mechanics then blame others when they do the same(ours at least having historical relevance). In conclusion neither side should WIN this debate. I do believe a compromise and adjustment of game mechanics is in order.
  4. Can you elaborate on what was wrong with the original system? Perhaps there is a better solution besides waiting for another game in order to learn how to play the current one. Please excuse my ignorance on the state of the game.
  5. This game has a learning curve and most new players find it difficult to jump into PVP or Port battles. The issue is lack experience. When they attempt to change that by entering port battles and PVP fights the fight often ends with new players being chastised by the "Ancients". After some time has passed these more seasoned players usually stop blaming the "NOOB" and will then offer constructive advice, however this negative experience with the expense of loss keeps new players from growing. My suggestion is a dueling station at each Nation Capital. Able to accommodate enough players for Fleet vs Fleet action. In order to build doctrine, test mechanics, and settle disputes. No Rewards for battle(in game experience of any kind, gold, marks, loot ) No Loss for battle(The instance does not affect the game world in any way. ie I've just got a new Victory never sailed it. I dual my friend he sinks me. when returning from the instance I have my ship, crew, rum,cargo, hull, and rig repairs) I would have liked for this to be a feature we could use anywhere but it would be exploited to avoid battles. Most will say "Go do fleet missions and learn." I believe that is a great start but this would be a far better training and teaching tool.