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  1. Take average time spent sinking, let's say about 15 mins. Knowing that we are making 24k / hour. That is nothing. Devs open your eyes please. Buff damage/kill reward and make mission pay 5k at least.
  2. Econ is messed up and that is why I will only try crafting after game release. Don't waste your time atm. Income is too low, craft is too pricey and risk is too great. Simple as that. I don't think this is the best way to keep people logged in and playing.
  3. Yeah they also drank much more beer compared to US. Really? Let's be honest Devs don't like Trump. End of Story.
  4. Never forget that those valuable ports with rare or needed resources will be camped day and night. Poor fellows will pay ransom money if they want to continue their business.
  5. I've made lots of guides that are obsolete now, so what? I will make new ones once I know everything is final. Doing something twice makes it better.
  6. That is why you only create those after game is released and not during development.
  7. Tutorial on how to loot NPC ships Once NPC structure (middle bar) is down (it is sinking now), slowly start following it. Drop speed to Battle (B) and hit T , once close enough go to Dead Slow with T enabled. Once you see Battle Over message stop your ship next to recently killed NPC and use your camera to search for X. Hit X, then drag and drop everything from NPC hold to yours. You must be quick. When boarding Repeat same procedure, but make sure to check 'sink ship' after you transferred all goods. It will get you the kill and xp. P.S. Maintain speed over 4-5 knots and don't get boarded. Enjoy.
  8. Awesome, Thank you. Here is quick tutorial on how to use Protractor with Compass:
  9. Game is a huge time sink now, you need at least 3 hours per day to get enough $, so you can maybe save for a ship and pvp. Long drag that will soon become boring. This is specifically connected to starting players. Instead of making it easier for them you make starting a hardcore experience that will bring only refunds. -Increase gold drop from 1st 2 rank missions, 1000 gold is a joke, make it 5k. This will help new players with guns and crew money and they can hop in something else than cutter. One dura ships is enough hardcore for this game, don't make it any more difficult for people. -Open Restrictions and let players help each other.
  10. Give us group search tool.
  11. cutter pvp is bs because it's free, let's see you sink in surprise
  12. Did you make 2 mil/day? That's what I thought. I am criticizing content based on my gameplay from New Player's point of view and not someone who spent 2 years playing. It will take new guys 2 months before they go into pvp at this rate. On the other hand it's very good for the game as we are always getting numbers online with this long grind. You will see 500 people online with only few actually pvping, sinking and returning to play more.
  13. You need 500k to get started and if you sink it will cost you even more. Yeah we will see tons of pvp. -Guns and Crew are overpriced. Missions don't give enough gold for starting lvls. Grind is too long, 1 dura risk is too high. All this simply means, 1st establish Econ that can make you at least 1mil a week. Once that done we can pvp, without heavy income it's pointless to even go past your region and pvp.
  14. Yes _Grid + Bring_Navigation_Tools _After_UI_Work P.S. Could you please increase Loot Timer (While ship is sinking) I feel it's too fast and there is not enough time to grab it most of the time. Or slow down ship submerging rate.
  15. oh damn, good to know. Thanks. Almost got a heart attack. That would be me.