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  1. I wonder what ship they used for this drawing.
  2. Outpost to outpost transport is now only available between national towns. Not sure about this - any kind of invisible (unsinkable) transport of goods is non realistic Here is a simple fix how you can make it fun while 'passively' delivering goods. Introduce Citations (call them whatever) , Each auto delivery will require the max of 15 Citations to ensure 100% to success and safety. Ex. I want to send my goods from Point A to Point B. I load the shipment and it shows me that I invested 0 Citations and that will equal to only 50% success chance. I start adding Citations and my % goes up and can be maxed out at 100% by using all 15 Citations. What it means to players? Players still have the ability to auto deliver goods, but at 50/50 risk if no Citations were used. How to get citation? Citations are earned while Trading and Physically sailing on OS. ex. earn 1 Citation for every 20 days at sea while in a Trader Boat. Delivery missions can reward Citations. What will happen if my delivery fails? You will loose 50% of your goods and your ship will be damaged and will need to be repaired. If you invested let's say 10 Citations and your success % is now let's say 75% you will only loose 25% of your cargo in case you fail. What do you think Devs?
  3. Prices will come down for Cannons when players start to establish their businesses and undercut listings. This will force traders to sail on OS without any doubt. God forbid regions are taken and no more guns can be produced.
  4. You can't just make ship sail 15 knots without any penalties. I think it's too magical. Previous games show us that if you are building a gank boat you will loose armor and make it paper thin. This way it's well balanced. They will be able to catch you, but can they stay and fight for long? If I am fitting 1st rate for 15 knots, it will be weak in armor (-50%) compared to same one who is sailing at base speed. You are about to release a deadly 'gank zerg' virus on your test server without any penalties when fitting for speed. Research 'same item stacking penalties'.
  5. This would be awesome if they could add 'Shipwright's Overhaul' to restore guns that were lost. Same as mast braces players would need to purchase and carry these packs on their ships. Consumable ammo that would work exactly like 'New Gun System' would be amazing. Simply have 'Basic unlimited ammo' + let players craft slightly better consumable ammo for pvp needs. If they can do these, player econ is 50% boosted and more popular just like that.
  6. Guns are now sold in units (not in decks). Finally fixed. Medium guns will be available from NPCs by capture, long and carronades will be only player crafted. Love it! Admin can you guys add consumable ammo? Since you are on the right path right now. Multiple suggestions were posted in past. Thank you.
  7. Instead of writing list of questions I will simply ask all players a one simple question. What would you do if you were offered a Naval Action Refund? Would you take it or would you keep investing more money into it's development. Answer with Refund or Investment. I myself would choose Investment Thank you. *This post should boost Developer morale in case for some reason it is depleted.
  8. many did leave and now we have 50 people on testbed. The Future of this game is now in hands of Developers who still can't decide what they want. Next few months will be critical and will show if NA lives or Dies.
  9. Perfect example of why NA will not be able to grow player numbers.
  10. It doesn't mean it has to be pvp mark, but reward for participation must be present in any case. No reward = no interest. Also, Group leader is responsible who is accepted in the group (allowed rewards). This means if I just added a player in my battle he will receive participation reward, but if he was in the group before we hit an enemy he will receive minimal reward or 1 pvp mark. If he did kill someone in battle then he will get more marks. Removing player from the group will still grant him rewards that he earned because he was in the group when battle started, but if he joined as reinforcement he will only get participation reward if no one accepted him in a group. If group leader accepted him then if he kills a ship he will get marks. Participation reward could mean - Gold, XP based on battle size. ---------- Это не означает, что он должен быть знаком pvp, но вознаграждение за участие должно присутствовать в любом случае. Нет вознаграждения = нет интереса. Также ответственен руководитель группы, который принят в группу (допускается вознаграждение). Это означает, что если я только добавлю игрока в свою битву, он получит награду за участие, но если он был в группе до того, как мы поразим врага, он получит минимальное вознаграждение или 1 пвп. Если он кого-то убил в бою, он получит больше очков. Удаление игрока из группы все равно даст ему награды, которые он заработал, потому что он был в группе, когда началось сражение, но если он присоединится к подкреплению, он получит награду за участие, если никто не примет его в группе. Если лидер группы принял его, то если он убьет корабль, он получит отметки. Награда за участие может означать - Золото, XP, основанное на размере battle.
  11. Let me tell you one thing, This game does not have enough content. I am willing to sail and Play Trader for hours only if: -I can clearly see materials/resources prices, history and stock in all ports. -Possibility to 'Auto sail' afk with risk -While sailing be able to find a spawned ship wreck. If you are not quick enough another player will explore it. These will spawn missions or drop Maps. -While sailing with my cargo my spotters warn me with shouts like 'Sail ho'! (Only for enemy player ships) -Floating debris similar to Assassin Black Flag -NPC Traders that I can click and ask to trade my goods while on OS. (Similar to ESO). Good for selling fish on the go or any unwanted cargo that was found floating. -OS Friendly Player Trade (except enemy) -Keys&Chests. Reward players with Locked Chests and make Keys Rare item that can be listen on AH. Treasure chests as rewards for completing missions or deliveries will increase popularity among traders. All items can be listed on AH. -Reputation System that will reward players for their Trade runs and unlock new Features. I can keep going , but just by adding these they will secure their player numbers and even grow them after a while. Admiralty store is a good start ,but it's just a scratch in the right area. Until I see proper tools integrated, I won't even touch trading because it is simply a waste of time and is boring.
  12. It's been like that for quite awhile now. We desperately need more content on OS. I hope Devs read your post and take note. There are hundreds of players who will support your concern.
  13. Many will wait until release as we all know there will be more wipes in the future. Whatever numbers we have now is what we are going to have until release. The only thing that can increase numbers is Patch Content. Begging players to come back sounds terrible imho.
  14. I can use Google translator as well, but what I am trying to say is someone should update Wiki details about this ship. Guns ,crew, weight etc...
  15. Thanks. So, no English translation yet? Almost no armament details. Can someone update this? Such a beautiful ship with no detailed information.