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  1. Protractor looks great! This is a system that I think I will enjoy very much. =)
  2. Fresh clans, fresh servers... Exciting times! Fair seas.
  3. Oops, wish I had read this - want to send me some doubloons to help with the forests I moved around? =) Hope it's resolved quickly!
  4. Little changes like this are easy and make the game higher quality.
  5. Awesome! Was just going to suggest this.
  6. Don't know if it's something in the version we're running or just better hardware / hosting, but it feels good so far. No complaints here.
  7. I'm still seeing AI ships sail through sandbars and sometimes full islands. Reporting them as often as I see them. Overall, the new way bots move around the world is really good (other than going in the sandbars). It looks a lot more organic, nice work. =)
  8. i've played more Dark Souls than most. It's a game series where even the hardest bosses can be beaten with bare fists so long as the player wants to train that hard - this is because of the important reason that with enough skill, you can completely avoid almost all damage in Dark Souls games. I like to think of myself as a decently capable sailor. But if you asked me, I still couldn't tell you what maneuver allows me to completely avoid damage in Naval Action. If you know of any, please let me know. =) Hmm, this got me thinking - a good Dark Souls player can reliably beat the boss in the video. Can a good Naval Action player reliably beat a Rattlesnake in a Basic Cutter?
  9. Tried a few missions today and eventually got one of the Rattlesnakes. That was the end of my new Privateer. =) I would love to be able to sail in shallow regions while leveling up my small ships, but if sunk in such a region you are taken far, far away to the closest deep-water port.
  10. Looks to me that as of today's patch/wipe on the Testbed server, the wood values are different. Live Oak / Crew Space ships are showing a 10% increase to thickness. Looking forward to seeing the updated numbers! Thanks for all the hard work. =)
  11. I think we are! I can feel it. Developers - I just noticed that the 500 Charcoal that is made from 200 Oak Logs is heavier than the original logs.
  12. Aye, there have been 2 builds now with no patch notes. I think the changes to cannon crafting is interesting (medium cannons and small carros take charcoal, large carros and longs take coal). Also, I hear there are Refit blueprints in the game now. =)
  13. That makes 2 of us. I heard about it while sailing away from the coal port! =)
  14. I'm always amazed that the traders have gunners of such exceptional skill, and it's being squandered on an empty Trade Brig!
  15. Also in the new version today, there were some changes to skills. Specifically, could we get a developer comment on what CANNON_MIN_ANGLE, CANNON_MAX_ANGLE stat affects? I am dying to know. =)