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  1. With the latest patch ... is it now advisable to build artillery brigades larger than 12 guns? Many topics ago ... I read numerous posts that building anything larger than 12 guns was counter-productive and actually resulted in a negative effect in battle.
  2. What level were you playing? On Normal (BG) I'm sure the scaling was twice my army (44 vs 83)...
  3. I've played almost all the way through as both Union and CSA (Normal Level) and secured victories in all. However, it's still not clear to me if it is worth it to destroy the enemy or conserve my troops for the next battle. This assumes I've already secured the victory objectives. I remember playing as the Union in Chancellorsville and opted to see if I could destroy Jackson's entire force since I had it surrounded. I almost did and I practically wiped out the entire CSA army. Normally, this would be good strategy ... but I'm not sure in the game if it makes sense. I'm sure I captured a ton of equipment but I also lost a number of troops in the process even with a very lop-sided victory. Do the losses you inflict carry-over to succeeding battles?
  4. Here is my issue with scaling ... I've played both Union and CSA to Chickamauga ... in most strategy games you strive to build big, strong armies. However, from my favorable experience ... this game, as I've done, it is better to build a small Experienced army (Corp). My other corps, when I need them, are for the most part, cannon fodder. I usually disband my other Corp(s) between major battles with the exception of artillery units. I do this since I've heard scaling takes into consideration your total army size versus what you are employing in that battle. I usually go into the major battles with what I perceive to be the smallest army possible (experience versus size). This seems highly counter-intuitive. Nobody, in their right mind, would disband a significant part of their army in the middle of the war ... you'd want them to continue to be trained and gain experience. I agree with RoverGrover above, I understand the need for balance, but instead of matching/spamming your unit composition, the game instead should use a seasoned core composition and then a bunch of raw infantry recruits to create the required balance. It would be fun for example to create an entire division of cavalry as the CSA ... but if you are going to be matched it sort of takes the fun out of it (I have not tried this by the way).
  5. Are these points shown anywhere?
  6. In the multi-part, major battles there are objectives assigned but these objectives are often not part of the securing a victory (for example capturing a bridge/ford in Chickamauga). Is there any penalty for not securing the objective and conversely a bonus if you do? In many cases I'm inclined to preserve my forces for the next phase...
  7. Here is what I did as the CSA... 1. I was very aggressive up north. I had a sharpshooter brigade (with cav support) that decimated advancing units on the CSAs left flank. 2. I placed my arty right behind my infantry which were usually in the woods. Though I did have a few attacking brigades on the left. By the end of the first round I had caused a lot of hurt. 3. With the start of the second round ... I pulled back to the woods surrounding the church and once again placed my arty right behind my infantry. 4. The sharpshooter and cav watched my left flank. 5. I sent 2.5 brigades to the bridge along with 2 arty units ... once again placing the arty right behind the infantry. During this round it should be a massacre as the Union tries to cross the bridge. 6. Similarly, the northern units should be well concealed and inflicting a lot of damage on Union troops attacking in the open. 7. I move a few brigades from Sunken road to assist with the defense of the church. You should have a line connecting the church and the sunken road. 9. With the start of the final round ... I abandon the bridge and take up defensive positions at the top of the hill. It will take the Union a long time to move up that hill. 10. The Union doesn't appear to put much effort into taking Sharpsburg ... so I moved most of my final reinforcements to help defend Sunken road. 11. As long as you can keep the Union from breeching the crest of the hill (Sunken Road) you should be in good shape. 12. Defending Sunken Road was the hardest part of the battle. 13. When it was over ... I don't recall my starting numbers but my losses were around 10,000 and the Union was just shy of 30,000. Regarding withdrawing ... I found there were a couple of times (pulling back around the church and later up the hill to Sunken Road) where it helps to better concentrate your troops.
  8. I don't think I used them on Rio Hill ... that battle is best left to the infantry ... flank and slug..
  9. I know you can combine brigades during the battle phase ... but is there a way to combine beat-up brigades during the Army Organization phase?
  10. I'm a big, big fan of sharpshooters. Playing as CSA on normal (BG) ... I've had a sharpshooter unit that inflicted over 3000 kills at the 2nd Bull Run, 2000 kills at Fredericksburg, 1500 kills at Chancellersville. I even employed a smaller sharpshooter brigade at Chancellersville that had close to 900 kills. Admittingly, they are best used on defense where they can remain somewhat stationary and just shoot away. They also require a lot of micro-management.
  11. As I understand it ... enemy troop size is scaled to whatever size your army is (some hidden multiplier). Does this apply to both Union and CSA forces (depending on which side you choose)? Does is apply to all battles including the small ones? If this is true ... wouldn't it be best to develop a few corps with more veteran troops versus producing a ton of rookie brigades. This would also have the added benefit of having a pool of reserves available on those multiple battle days.
  12. In my most recent effort I had a total of 48 brigades ... I could probably go back and adjust my organization and create a few more. I'm guessing I could do a better job with my cavalry and skirmishers creating behind-enemy-line issues. This is certainly a hard one...
  13. I'm playing on the Normal level. Since this battle is scalable ... is there any point in fielding an especially large army?
  14. I'm playing as the CSA ... and in my most recent play through ... I was able to field an army of over 50k and did fine for a while ... but in the end I was over whelmed by a force of over 100k. Any thoughts as to how to win this as the CSA???