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  1. The XP you grind on the free Basic Cutter doesn't count on the regular Cutter?!?
  2. It was possible on testbed but does not seem available on the current PVP servers. Am I missing something? By the way, a lack of PVE for PVP exchange is going to be possibly an insurmountable setback for nations that can't find PVP near their home waters because by the time we (the Dutch and others) are able to build up enough wealth to support long range PVP patrols or buy PVP marks (if anyone actually sells them) we'll be waaaaaay behind.
  3. It was working about 12 hours ago.
  4. roleplay

    Bump because I think this site could be more useful than ever... I made a bulletin board where Captains can share information, list items for sale or trade, tips, and rumors. Please check it out and participate. If there's interest, I can set up private nation or clan sections as well. I'd also appreciate feedback if you think such a site is useless because if it is ultimately deemed unnecessary, I won't bother with it.
  5. Thanks, I was unable to switch to my fleet ship twice yesterday. I think I F11 but will make sure to do it today if it still doesn't work.
  6. @admin has the ability to switch from your ship to your fleet ship while in a battle been removed?
  7. Has the ability to switch command over to your fleet ship during combat been removed? I've tried it twice now: Order fleet ship to stop. Sail over to it and stop. Get the X but it only allows me to inspect the hold and transfer cargo, not switch ships.
  8. Very. I haven't had one disconnect in many hours today and ping on all servers better.
  9. I don't remember reading that thiese things were leaving the game: 1. Friendly forts/towers no longer fire on enemy? 2. Friendly fleets no longer drawn in if they are in the circles? Neither seems to be happening.
  10. Yes. Woe to the newbie who doesn't get outfitted by a clan and isn't willing to do a long, dangerous grind in his basic cutter. And he'll still be screwed if he can't find a trader and better guns to buy. Heck, we're all going to have trouble with no redeemable gold.
  11. So crafting all long cannons still requires coal as does cannonades 32lb and larger plus the mortars. Iron ingots use charcoal while the precious metal coins require coal. Confusing and unnecessarily complicated. My feedback is choose one way of making the fire.
  12. I wonder if one of the things being tested was how many people would be like me and build a few coal mines before reading about it here.
  13. One of us should F11. I got the redeemables. Same redeemables as last wipe: XP, 1,000,000 and same ships. Clan warehouse intact.
  14. I'm not sure the original poster has played on testbed where you'll get a better picture of how the economy "functions". In the future. If it is ultimately too easy, I'd rather restrictions on buildings come because of gameplay such as the results of war or successful raids rather than just arbitrary nerfs from Devs.
  15. They're testing patience levels of people who were willing to do testbed.