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  1. I mean what @Christendom said pretty much sums it all up. We are angry but we want to help. That is why we are still here.
  2. I tried looking for the thread of one that I thought was the best but I couldn't find it. Overall what it suggested though was making port battles multiple events throughout different times instead of one single battle
  3. I mean like I said earlier almost all of the crap and salt that's happened has been about port battles. I think the base problem is that it all revolves around a single event. I don't know. There are tons of solutions that are much better than what is currently in the game.
  4. I mean that statement just proves the ignorance of the eu only backers.
  5. and btw @admin the people not in eu timezones are not trolling. We genuinely want to like this game but we know a server with 350 peak just after a patch isn't going to survive for very long. We just want to play on a server with a decent population and that allows us to participate in all aspects of the game.
  6. The whole global vs eu argument, nightflips,workflips,churchflips, etc etc. That is all stemmed from a poor rvr system that isn't user friendly. In order to make global great you need to get rid of eu and global and call it PvP I absolutely care. This is the problem between reading and speaking. Maybe you should honestly get on a teamspeak on talk with the players. I'm sure a lot of us would rather literally voice our concerns instead of typing where things can be misinterpreted
  7. We want you to work on a fix to RvR and making one server. I will give you a cookie
  8. EU players didn't do shit. You did. You make the game!!! I started on pvp1 and was there for a good 7 or 8 months. That was the server I played on and you kicked me off due to timers that restricted me from participating in all aspects of the game. YOU'RE REASONING IS PATHETIC. You are so blind this whole bitching back and forth and shitty reviews is because of 1 damn thing in the game! Port Battles! Remember back when we had flags? There wasn't any bitching because people could do as they please. YOU NEED TO WORK ON THE SERVERS AND RVR IF YOU WANT THIS GAME TO BE APPEALING TO EVERYONE
  9. This is absolutely the problem. @admin post that you're working on a fix to this problem you will solve so much salt and shit that this forum has had. I think a majority of players want to be together and want to enjoy the game with everyone.
  10. Incorrect. We wanted one global server and we still do
  11. @Anolytic @Cornelis Tromp I mean you guys cry night flip but offer no ideas in return. If you have any other ideas that you've posted besides segregation please let me know.
  12. The devs are moving towards a more realistic game play experience. I would think if your fleet was badly beaten you wouldn't be able to recuperate very quickly so I don't think 5 days is excessive at all.
  13. So just to start out this would be an idea for a unified server. My idea is that when a region is taken it gives a buffer period of 5 days and sets a region to an exact time that it was taken or defended. After the buffer period at every server reset it would add 15 mins before and after the exact set time to run up hostility in a region. Example: GB starts out and runs up hostility in Les Cayes and a port battle gets scheduled at 19:30 UTC. The Port Battle takes place and the British win in exactly an hour at 20:30 UTC. So the British would have a 5 day buffer period on Les Cayes and no hostility could be driven up there until 20:30 UTC 5 days later. But at every server reset it would add 30 minutes for when it could be scheduled again. So on day 6 a pb could be scheduled for that port at 20:15-20:45, on day 7 20:00-21:00 etc... until the server reset times. So what this would do is allow nations to have a certain time period that they want and occasionally would have to fight outside their desired time. This is a compromise that I don't think would be too difficult to implement and I hope it will be considered because honestly we are better off together. And really this is genuine i'm not trying to troll or bash anyone's beliefs so please don't make this thread about previous issues. We don't need another thread like this: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/20247-global-or-european/ Thoughts?
  14. This was pointed out to them but was ignored. They should create a page for people who weren't on and wanted their previous ranks and crafting levels on the server of their choice