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  1. That wouldn't change anything on the cutter since the boom is already free to clip through the backstays. It's only restrained by the shrouds (sort of), which can't be tightened and loosened on the fly. It would be nice if the backstays would deform automatically to avoid unsightly clipping errors on the cutter. But oh well. Also, if we can't change the angle of the boom, we won't be able to spill our wind in combat. (The way we do so is not very realistic, but a captain of a real gaffer could always just drop the peak halyards to depower the sail.)
  2. I'd like to meet the basic cutter newb who can capture a player-controlled trader of any kind. And people are only going to be running around in Trader's Cutters for the next few days. After that it will be Trinc with 3 LGV's in the fleet. I already see that plenty. But more importantly there are only 37 people online. So basically I'm experiencing an enforced PvE environment. And that means missions or else I'm wasting my time. Now that the PvE server isn't going away, and there's going to be an arena game, this is the place for PvE players, right? Edit: By the time you hit rank three, the crew costs are eating up 80% of profits from missions. I'd say that you have the inflation problem pretty well solved.
  3. So you view it as normal that a new player can't earn any money without grinding missions? I remember you agreeing that the missions are the worst kind of gameplay. A poor newb has to play 10 missions just to afford 12-pdr carronades for his basic cutter. He will need to break up dozens of captured brigs just to craft a single batch of repair kits, and you're worried about welfare? Just remove the Break Up button from the game. It is a fake feature now. Captured ships don't accumulate ship XP, meaning newbs need to buy from NPC shops. Meaning, again, that they need to run missions, and only missions. It is now impossible to make money by hunting on the open world. Before we were incentivized to grind missions. Now we are forced to. If we don't do missions, we can't even earn gold and XP at the same time!!! Fun and profit are now in inverse proportion. Everything (including missions) should be pushing people into OW hunting where there is high risk and (maybe) high reward. I don't see why newbs need depth and structure when everything is new and the steps of the ladder are so close together. Progression is the biggest motivator early on. I just wish I could progress doing things that were fun, and not the damn missions.
  4. And yet there are delivery missions with rewards of 400,000 and 400% profit. People are making millions just trading around Jamaica. This isn't inflation control. This is kleptocracy. Денег нет, но вы держитесь. Are missions still going to be limited? Because they have only increased in importance as the best form of grinding.
  5. Serious question: What's with all the deliberately killjoy decisions? Puny AI trader holds Comically small returns from breaking up vessels Captured vessels literally worthless for sale And now that XP for damage has been removed, I take it the devs are planning for no new players to buy the game ever? No one cares if a few people farm XP with alts. The devs should really play from scratch and not use their redeemables. Lots of great changes to the game, but you are separated from them by a wall of newbie-hating mission-grinding misery.
  6. Pretty sure 'Navy' means that they can't be crafted without the admiralty item.
  7. If Indiaman is not craftable we really need a Trader's Cerberus or something of that nature.
  8. Darn speed mods ruin everything
  9. Fantastic! Please allow us to arm trader vessels now, except that each pair of guns shrinks the hold space by the corresponding percentage. Every merchantmen without exception should carry at least a carronade or two.
  10. Surcouf gave French 80-gun ship (Sané design most probably) tacking times for comparison: Speed / head-sails aback / head to wind / full tack to tack 2.5 / 2'30" / 10' / 13' 3 / 1'52" / 9'22" / 12' 3.5 / 1'33" / 8'07" / 11' 4 / 1'30" / 7'30" / 10' 4.5 / 1'30" / 6'50" / 9'10" 5 / 1'20" / 6'15" / 8'30" 6 / 1'15" / 5' / 7' 7 / 1'15" / 5' / 6'30"
  12. This only applied to the Danish straits in the Baltic, and for a certain period that only partially overlaps with the game's timeline. The real reason ships were built with tumblehome (narrow upper corners) was to reduce weight high above the waterline and improve stability.
  13. I'm in favor of teleports that need to be scheduled 3, 8 or ever 12 hours in advance (surely it doesn't stress the server to just wait for the clock to strike?). Either that, or econ-only teleports where you can't sail at the destination.
  14. Allow ships of the line to enter free towns, but not dock there. You lose your SoL if you log off in a free town.
  15. In 1802 only 7 percent of British warships were equipped with a chronometer. Many of these were privately-purchased, and not issued by the Navy. That tells you that they would have been pretty much unheard-of in the privateer and merchant marine, probably with some technological lag in other nations' navies as well.* By that point there were lunar calculations that could be performed, but these required very complex calculations and were only available 20 days per month. merchantmen&f=false *The French Navy only had 34 chronometers in 1815. Bearing in mind that each ship needs about 3 of them for best reliability...