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  1. The missions are meant for new players. The game is meant to be played hunting on the OW, whether for bots or players.
  2. It's a damn sight more realistic than most of the physical mods...
  3. Is coal no longer needed for iron ingots?
  4. Yeah, the AI likes sending shot into waves even more nowadays.
  5. There was no problem fighting AI in storms during Sea Trials.
  6. They couldn't find longitude with a sextant without a chronometer. Crack a book. Greenwich Mean Time = time = chrono = chronometer Wikipedia does not write for an 18th Century audience.
  7. RTFT A sextant doesn't get you longitude. The British lost an entire fleet of lineships by piling onto shoals in the Scilly isles. The Spanish sailed all the way across the Pacific across a single line of latitude, so as not to get lost. Everyone is entitled to an opinion on features in a videogame, but can we stop the flood of historical ignorance?
  8. Right, it can describe locations. But it doesn't help you get to Bermuda or find anything out of sight of land.
  9. So you're saying that in-game ships need to pay extra for standards equipment and this is somehow an argument in favor of everyone having chronometers? I said naval ships. Not small vessels operated on a lake by a Third Rate naval power. By the 1790s the major power plated the bottoms of essentially all their rated vessels. I'm confused. You appear to be the only person treating the lines as a non-cosmetic feature. If you are sailing north to Bermuda from Hispaniola, the existence of a latitude line without GPS does exactly nothing to help you.
  10. The devs decide when things should be realistic, or not. The game's timeframe spans a period that had no chronometers 50% of the time, and very rare chronometers restricted to large indiamen and a small minority of naval vessels for 30-40% of the time. Around the turn of the century the French and British navies had only a few dozen chronometers, and each ship required three. All naval ships did carry extra staysails, studdingsails, copper plating and surgeons by the 1790s.
  11. Chronometers were not widely available in this period.
  12. Enough. Your attempts to somehow tie this to hours played are very weak. The ships go the same speed whether you have GPS or not. This vaunted "navigation" that supposedly makes me a super l33t grognard no-lifer is as simple as looking at the map, estimating the bearing of my destination, and then sailing there AFK. Anyone with a Middle School education can do this and do it well. Even by eyeballing the compass bearing and setting the course with the sticky laggy OW controls, your margin of error is small enough to cross the whole Gulf and hit your destination within visual range. Which is much better than most historical captains did, even with sextants. They had to account for highly variable speed, currents, leeway, helmsman error, magnetic variation, different courses, a 'world' that was ten times larger... Even with no GPS and no in-game map we have it a lot easier.
  13. lawl I guess Admiral Anson and Sir Frances Drake were just a pair of lubbers, then. Because they found longitude by dead reckoning.
  14. That would require actual trigonometry. Given that reading a compass is beyond them...