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  1. We were told repeatedly to log into all servers for at least 1 battle over the past 3 months. Thats how xp was synced between all servers.. If you didnt log in at all for 3 months, your xp may not be synced.
  2. Text with a mate about Pirates in Naval Action: made me laugh....another one led to the Pirate gallows......via the "Headless Parrot" Mate: Hey Headless, How have you been brother? if you have a minute...... Thinking about downloading Naval Action since you said it was so much fun. You said you were playing as a Pirate right? Whats it like playing as a Pirate? Fun? - Easy/hard? Headless Parrot: Hey -------------, Good to hear from you................as a Pirate, you will be thrown into a world of turmoil and strife. The empty sea and a few gentleman Pirates will be your only friends...and most of the world will want you dead....including "The Man"...you may place whomever you wish into the roll of "The Man". You will scrape for resources and be burdened by law....but here's the thing.....You'll be Free to kill anyone you want and take whatever you need to survive. It will not be nice or easy..............but do it right.......and you'll become one of the most feared Captains in the world of Naval Action. You can actually do that mate. Mate: Ok. That sounds WAY wicked dude. You think there will there be a lot of Pirates after the wipe? Headless Parrot: Some will say Arrrgggg and set sail into the adventure, but there probably wont be a lot at the start. Most will take on different accents and shy away from the Arrgg side of life.. I get it, not everyone wants the difficult life of a Pirate. Some should stay near the fire at home. Only a few, the Black Flag legends will bring the fire wherever they sail. I choose to be a Pirate, a Pirate called "Headless Parrot"....(Dramatic music plays)...lol Mate: Lol. Dang son. You know I gotta bring the fire. Going Pirate! Im downloading it now. Let you know once Im done. Arrgg.... Headless Parrot: Ok. Holler at me. Later.
  3. To be determined based on the population of each.....
  4. In case you read my post and don't "get it" or comprehend lame humor - it is 99% a joke. The other 1% is the fact that I do like the Santa Cecilia.
  5. Yeah....I think I over did it on crackers and rum...
  6. Ill take one....could you deliver it right after the wipe?....lol
  7. well....lame humor is all i have so....bike, Santa Cecilia...either one works.
  8. Dear Devs, I know how grateful you all are for all the testers who got on the testbed and spent countless hours helping you to work out the bugs.....and I completely understand your desire to give each of them a Santa Cecilia as a special reward. Really, I totally understand how obsessed you are with giving this ship to us in response to and as a result of our herculean efforts on the testbed. However, I don't want you to feel bad if that doesn't work out. Sometimes, even though we have the best intentions, things don't always go your way. So, if it works out that you satisfy your desire and each tester receives a Santa Cecilia, then great. But please don't stay awake at night worrying about it and don't beat yourself up about it if it doesn't work out. We testers understand and care deeply about our intelligent and good looking Devs, and we don't want you to feel bad if a Santa Cecilia doesn't wind up in our ports after the wipe. Just keep doing the great work you're doing and we will keep putting our families on hold and staying up all hours to help you on the testbed. You Devs are worth it. In lamest of humor, Your humble servant Headless Parrot
  9. Ill be a shallow water bad guy when the time comes....sounds fun
  10. I think it should stay just as it is. I think the reason that this hasn't been talked about much is because 90% of the players are happy with it. Some struggle with it, for others, it is easy. Personally, I think it is just right. I can tell where I am at...or where I am going...relatively accurately with a little brain thought. I dont think it needs to be changed at all....no less...no more.
  11. I remember being a new player. In the beginning, it was fun learning the ropes of sailing and battle. Of course, the first time I sank an enemy vessel was quite a thrill. I wanted to tell everyone about the adventure I just had. After learning the basics of sailing, battle and yes, even crafting my own ship, I began to experience some of the real adventure and beauty of the game. I still remember how amazed I was at seeing my first OW sunset, the first time I found a sealed bottle (what a thrill that was picking it up) the first time I navigated accurately from one harbor to another - but I especially remember the suspense of not knowing who I might meet along the way...friend or enemy. It was and still is very exciting. Soon after, I began to make friends that turned into clan mates. It was then that I started to sail in groups and for the first time, engaging in large battles. The first port battle i was in was so exciting, I may have held my breath the entire time. The site of so many ships, cannon fire and twisting sails was stunning and something that I still enjoy to this day. What keeps me coming back to Naval Action is the ability to enjoy a beautiful long sail by myself or with friends, the possibility of finding treasure, the ability to engage in single combat, or if I choose....the ability to take on an entire fleet with friends. Its a game that allows you to be totally immersed in being a ship's Captain in the golden age of sail. Yes...I am the Captain known as "The Headless Parrot"
  12. Rakes should be effective....but not overly effective.
  13. Something tells me it was a glitch, or at least not the norm. I dont think it will be part of the server after the wipe.
  14. The initial posters situation has been discussed enough so I wont add to it. However, I would like to add...(at least presently on the test server)...You are able to be in a trader and fleet a warship - engage the smuggler flag and enter an enemy port. You can also then exit the port with no problem. I dont know if that is the case with everyone, but that was my experience. I was in an LGV and had a Pirate Frigate in Fleet. I put the smuggler flag on and went to a French held port. I exited with no problem. I dont know if this will transfer to the live server after the wipe.
  15. Thank you for all these posts......