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  1. Dear @admin and devs, I didn't know anywhere else this should be posted, but here seemed fine. I know the devs have had a difficult time making the flags a proper model with structure and preventing them from flapping through themselves and the ships. So, I've found a modder from another steam game who does some great work. If you watch the vid you will see the flag in action and how it wraps around solid objects (bumper) rather than flapping through them like the NA flags do. Video Link of ATS from Trayscapes of flag mod by Harven. Perhaps you could contact Harven for help with the flag model? Cheers.
  2. Are there any other Dutch or other nationals considering a switch to Dutch on this forum? So far only 40 have responded and it seems almost an even split on both answers. I was truly hoping for about 40 regularly active Dutchmates on the Global Server, tbh.
  3. Flags should be used for the supporting ports in each region. That would build hostility toward the regional capital. Once a majority of the ports in a region are captured, then the regional capital would pop 46 hours after. Maybe also the flags should be bought for a time in the future; say 6 or 12 hours to give defense time to prep so there won't be surprised empty PBs. Also, there should only be allowed 2 flags bought within a 12 hour time frame. Just mho
  4. Delivery Missions should still be able to be done in parts, no? TO make some money, we should be able to do missions of cap traders, then sell, then buy more resources to fill the rest of the mission? To Jeheil's #9 "9) If we manually asign repairs, then perhaps we could be able to choose which bit of our ship gets repaired...I don't need the 90% ok side getting any...what captain would order that....a daft one...thats who" Yes please, I've been asking for this since I can remember....
  5. Something to ponder: The Mongols declared to invade Japan, but Japan did not know they were about to be invaded and therefore did not know they were at war. Storms wrecked the landing fleet of the Mongols and only about 100 of the landing party reached land, only to be crushed. Can Japan call it a victory against the Mongols? Or do they also have to consider it a failure of the Mongols? I personally do not consider it "splitting hairs". Both are correct and both are indeed different, IMHO.
  6. We are still in testing. If you don't believe wood type matters, join a duel and go broadside to broadside mahogany vs live oak. Tactics can help, but once a brawl happens, no matter the number of ships, live oak will always win.
  7. Can you please make it so that nation transfer has two options? 1. Buy a transfer if you want to keep your crafting and rank XP 2. Free transfer would lose half or 2/3 of your crafting and rank XP (or even all of it, just saying to give us a free option)
  8. Jeheil mentioned the point would be to prevent our enemy from having such resources
  9. Make this post HOT! And please use the Star voting in the upper right corner!
  10. Bump
  11. This game is still quite fun! Please understand that most of the negative reviews currently being posted are simply because some current players have settled themselves into a groove and do not like change. Most of them do not understand that this game is EA/Alpha/Beta, whatever they wish to call it. It will undergo many changes, and most people are uncomfortable with change. I would suggest getting into the game now to learn basic gameplay, even if it will change. People need to consider themselves as a newb when each patch comes about and stop comparing the game to what it used to be. If they never knew what it was before a patch, they wouldn't be giving negative reviews. Another reason to join up now,.... you will meet some friends and build relationships now, as opposed to waiting. This will be quite useful when the next patch comes. To add, you will also get sweet gifts from being an EA supporter.
  12. Help get everyone to show support by clicking the Stars in the upper left corner of this thread. It will help make this topic Hot to the forum admins/devs. Agreed mate. I was just playing devil's advocate. Personally, I think if there was at least a simple design template in game that we can modify with shape, color, layout, and a library of emblems will provide me with enough to make my flag unique enough. But yes, I'd love to see our clan's Total Oblivion emblem on a flag. It's by far the best ever made! (Shameless plug)
  13. Thanks for the responses guys. Please share this poll link with everyone online, because as of now it seems only 29 ppl will join the Dutch nation split almost evenly between both servers. heh
  14. I'm still a bit confused. Are rats a "nation" able to conquer ports or not? And once they do release the "Outlaw Rats" patch, will that then allow the Faction Rats to be port conquerors and the Outlaw Rats will not be allowed to conquer ports? As I'm understanding it, this new rat mechanic coming in this next patch simply allows rats to attack each other, but will not allow them to use it as a hiding mechanic like they used to before? So that if we are chasing rats and they attack each other, any nation can join the battle and attack both sides because it's a Free For All? Or does it make it a FFA for everyone in the battle, allowing for players of the same nation to kill each other also?