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  1. hehe
  2. ok. balance with history. pirates didnt have line ships.
  3. one word: balance
  4. thats cute, the dutch still have to travel two ports away to get our coal, and its a spanish port either a 30 minute sail away or an hour away. XD I find it funny how its called "hard" to play the pirates yet you have some splendid resource distribution, think its time to label them as easy up there in the middle of everything, 2 trade nodes and the resources, But on that note, is there any way we could get our coal moved to somewhere in like caracas, seeing how the French start with coal, the Danes have coal 5 minutes away from their capital as do the swedes, 10 minutes away, and we (dutch) are bordering all of them, so we need to be able to compete with 3 nations that pretty much have instant access to coal. Such as what ships here? Because i hate to break it to you, but captain generally had eyes, and at least one crew member would, i could see a snow being mistaken for like a pickle. But like other than that, yea there would be no mistaking, especially with the ships we have in game, perhaps an LGV with a frigate from the rear or front. The best way to go about that would be to put extra cannons on trader ships in return for less cargo space.
  5. Thank the idiots that want to be "hardasses" and pretend they are so good. they are not,. they suck and they ruin the games chance of success
  6. To all you saying server split will solve everything. Tell me the games population please. Also, aren't our servers already split? I think you mean narrowing down the times allowed for when port battles can be set. I'll just laugh and cry when the new rage will be flipping ports while we are at work/school. The narrowing of the set times, combined with the much higher demand in grind time wise, combined with small numbers with a server split is the perfect storm. It's funny the same people proposing this split are often the same people that proposed the fine woods and other interesting ideas that failed horribly. We need to design a game around our CURRENT population. Not some hopeful large population that we may or may not get in the future. If you keep making a system for a large population while the population is small, it will only get smaller @admin. Once the population grows then start implementing features that accommodate larger populations, because with the tanking in player base and reviews, this game will not be popular on launch. Especially when 18/20 first negative reviews mention the devs and player base in a negative light. Don't believe me? I emplor you to go read them.
  7. I know down south anyways, you wouldn't be able to do this around our capital. It's too large and the fleets that sail by are not noob friendly. Maybe 1/40 is.
  8. also known before and after pvp2 had a decent population hello kitty you guys from the bottom of my heart. Must say, that when you guys were that active there were a lot of good battles to be had.
  9. Obviously. Like I said. Just an idea on how to progress this game because how it's been hasn't been ideal
  10. I remember leaving the game for a couple days after i missed Cuba from willemstad on my way to help the brits attack the americans and ended up sailing for about 6 hours trying to find land...
  11. In short mass scale interaction on an accessible level that everyone can do is the key to success and retention. Also the idea that the player is ultimately in total control over everything, UI, unit names, tactics, strategies, etc. This can be translated to Naval Action in ways such as Naming of your own Ships Better UI (it actually does have a huge impact on retention as shown with Paradox's development focuses and successes) Dynamic Trading on a more predictable and accurate system More chaos in general in battle, excitement. More fires, less masts staying on ships Deeper RVR on a whole National level, such as the reputation system, a deeper, but still understandable political system, etc. End game needs more development. Rear admiral is not the final rank in any navy. could add more ranks, basically to expand your ai fleet enable a system to where a later rank player can actually tell its own AI trader ships for example to go to a port, buy a certain item with a limit on gold, sail back, but actually exists on open world and might be attacked, especially if not supported with war ships. The lord protector system could be expanded upon, such as actually controlling a ports fleet path and if AI ever do attack players again, how they decide to do that Building up of these Ports fleets through gold, influence, whatever
  12. Yes, a completely different game, however how they implement their steam workshop community (noting it makes the game grow massively) and how they release DLCs to generate revenue is very interesting and could be nice in Naval Action. Also the idea of balancing, understanding, and recognition that less people that play their game play for historical accuracy despite initial thoughts and ideas. Hopefully this brings some ideas to the playerbase of this game and developers of this game on how to balance and to create a more playable gameplay.
  13. Id also just like to note, especially to you Europeans complaining about night flipping, that US players couldnt flip your guys ports to be in our actual prime since that was when the devs had their no flip times. Really though while we didnt like that, we still dealt with it and very few quit due to the night flips, most people that i know are taking a break are due to devs (just being honest) and long sailing times compared to their reward. Thats from pvp1 anyways. As einstein said, doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is insanity. And for those of you that want to keep the servers separate with some supposed time rule on them, I dont think you are going to get the result you thought you were going to get. Its the same thing, separating a game with a playerbase possibly sub 1000, and expecting it to be tested well and not lose players when this game relies on high population to be enjoyable. Splitting these servers is literally the only thing that has remained the same since the population started tanking btw.
  14. Solely contributing loss of population to one thing is quite ignorant. There are many things that has contributed to loss of population.