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  1. Giving the BP to a few lucky guys is not a solution for balancing ships.
  2. I dont know what you want to test about it. Its literally just an annoying extra button you have to press before you leave the port. And its not like you get a feeling like "whoa, my food is empty, now I have to go back to a port again and afk sail for half an hour extra. Feels great." Thats just my opinion ofc, which you asked for in your poll: "No (if no, pls state why)".
  3. The hunger and anger striked upon withFor the vicious play of life All gone frenzy for the lust of power of ruling Lust so crave full One doesn't mind its own destruction for owning it
  4. No, because its fking boring and adds nothing to the game.
  5. But BR is not balanced, it wont take long until people figure out the best combination of ships (2 shiptypes) and then its the same stall meta again. Would be better if different ports have different slots, like lets say Puerto Plata has maximal 3x 1st rates, 5x 2nd rates .... But then again you would need a lobby system because otherwise you wouldnt get in a PB with a competitive fleet as attacker, because of screening.
  6. You can level them (max level is 10). For each level they get a point. And with those points you can choose perks, which give you some bonuses in battles and for crafting. You should buy one asap, because its not expensive (1k gold) and it takes some time to level him up.
  7. You could buy a fishing license for a specific area for an hour or so. Then bloody NPC pirates will come and try to steal your fish.
  8. Is that too much to expect?
  9. Never said that Just my opinon to that topic
  10. Dont like the PvE and PvP mix. AI is just predictable, annoying and boring for me.
  11. Tested it in a PvP FFA. I got an assist and sunk afterwards. Is it intended that I dont get any marks for assists? Dont like it, I feel towers were strong already vs 4th rates at least and a lot of players who direspected forts sunk to them in PBs. A general thickness nerf would be better imo. Can you give some more information about the structure changes? I tried shooting someone in the stern from a bad angle (see pic), but I did no damage to the structure even tho I hit 16 shots. How does that work? Is the hitbox of the structure located in the center of the ship? FFA is great btw
  12. Most PBs are with 4th rates. So it wouldnt fix the problem for the most part. Tell me a situation where the new system would restrict you, except for screening abuse close PBs.
  13. You are still be able to attack much bigger ships and fleets than what you have, except when the enemy has a very big fleet. I dont see how this does restrict you. Do you understand what a curve is? Did you even read the OP?
  14. But what if you have only 1 screening group, and the enemy has 5? How can you get a good fight in this situation with the current tagging system? So you think 10 guys in green ships wasting the time of 25 players without the intention to fight or win and keeping them hostage in a useless battle is an okay mechanic?