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  1. I think its not based on luck anymore, more like "win 5 PBs to unlock lOcean BP" quests. Dont ask me where I read that tho, somewhere in the russian forum section^^
  2. small battles is every day at 19 servertime btw, in case you want to burn some ships
  3. Yeah this works, but I dont like it. New players shouldnt start from 0 everytime they make a mistake and lose their new ship or rely on begging and gifts from other players. And just to put that in perspective: Doing a trade run between Gustavia and Christansted gives you 2 million gold. Doing a mission in contrast brings you maybe 50k? What do you do in Naval Action with 50 million? You sit on it, because there is nothing worth buying.
  4. How should a new or bad player, who will probably lose his ship even in PvE missions sometimes, will ever get some money? How can they pay monthly salary if they have no money? Do they go bankrupt and cant play the game anymore? Imo the economy has 2 big flaws: 1. NPCs producing too much goods = free money through afk sailing. That + fine wood is where the inflation comes from I think. 2. No moneysink. Most games have stuff like horses or armor which are very expensive and hard to get (mostly through RNG dropchance with different attributes). Will probably be even worse after the durability changes.
  5. Numbers dont lie, buddy. Why do you believe people who join Brits in the starting screen are more prone to avoid RvR then in other nations?
  6. You saw the numbers right? 55% Brits + US + VP vs 30% FR + SW + SP + DN On top of that pirates (15%) are also screening for you. But hey, I guess we just have to organize better even with half of your numbers and the fact that 5 random ships can tag the whole pb fleet.
  7. Maybe we get a full wipe and dont have to worry about this anymore
  8. Why would you believe players switch nations to balance things out when they prefer to stay allied with their strongest opponents? It makes no sense.
  9. PvE will be your only option if you arent looking for new enemies because all the log out abusers are switching the server.
  10. And thats fine man, you can still do some PvE missions together. But if you want PvP you actually need enemies.
  11. Fixed rules are boring, lets just play against each other with respect and if theres a problem we always can talk and fix it.
  12. Well you obviously cant leave it to the players to choose alliances. Maybe something like this?
  13. Maybe thats why they are so upset about EU players leaving the global server. They are scared that there is noone left to fight against. At least the players from the PvE server will get a big new shiny PvE global server