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  1. Dont even need an alt, just a friendly clan on the enemy side. You meet up somewhere and start capturing each other until all of you are max level. Its too much abuse possible with this...
  2. Instead of judging a person you havent even spoken to you could answer my question, but I guess you just have no argument. I bought this game to be a trader btw...
  3. Hey, ist das auf den Crewschaden bezogen (Kugeln können durch mehrere Wände schlagen und machen deshalb mehr Schaden) oder heißt es, dass Schiffe unten schwerer zu penetrieren sind als weiter oben am Rumpf?
  4. Но нет водки
  5. Nope, when you can cap your alt or enemy friend over and over again and get XP for it the system is useless, people will be max level in 2 days with all ships while others need months.
  6. Ships have still the same crafting costs as if they were multi-dura. I hope thats not intended, otherwise people will shit their pants again and dont fight at all because its too expensive if they lose (like fine wood patch).
  7. Nah man, I can see that story missions or some knd of exploration (treasures and stuff) would be benefical for the game, but not packed as another AFK mode... Might aswell look out of the window for half an hour, more action there^^ What happened to your other acc btw?
  8. So you basically afk for half an hour at an unpopular (=safe) place to get some items. Where is the gameplay?
  9. Blackwake is an arcade game, with very little content (2 ships, 1 map on release) and no depth gameplaywise. You cant even aim your guns and every activity (like reloading) is just point and click. Its a good game and was fun for 15 hours, but after that its just not interesting anymore. So I guess CSGO will die soon?
  10. I hope I can get rich through killing enemy warships too if Im good at it. Traders are boring for me, they just run and dont want to fight.
  11. Its not equal, but majority from France, Spain, Denmark and Sweden (all big clans) will switch to EU. I also know of a new big German clan in GB. Only 2 nations that probably will have trouble getting enough players to be somewhat competitive are VP and US.
  12. The goal is to fix inflation. Getting money is easy, if we dont have enough they will increase kill reward or give AI traders more goods or something else. Yeah, I agree. But it doesnt need to be some useless fake resources. NPCs could produce some useful goods instead, depending on the playernumbers. The delivery mission system could identify shortages in some nations and put more contracts to bring needed goods to a specific port/nation. Voila you have a dynamic economy with constantly changing trading routes and goods depending on who owns which port and not some boring and never changing singleplayer trading game.
  13. Why do we still have national goods in the game? All they do is printing money and taking up all the time of the traders. Traders could transport liveoak from A to B and selling it to players who dont have access to it but nope trading with national goods is more lucrative. End of story: less trading between players, if nation B wants liveoak they have to get it themselves because noone sells it
  14. I think you dont get XP or gold from free for all pirate fights.
  15. Cannons will be valueable now, that means its worth it to store them in the warehouse. Problem is all those cannons will take a lot of spaces and the warehouse was full before already. Will the crafting costs be lowered? Frigates for example still need the same amount of materials as if they were 5 dura ships... On a sidenote: These changes are so massive, please take your time to do all this. At this point it doesnt really matter if it takes a week longer, but if there are massive exploits/bugs post wipe it will be really bad.