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  1. @admin I agree with you. I just feel that having the dev team involved in it can leave a bad taste in peoples mouth. The best thing you (the dev team) can do to address the issues is to continue work on improving the game. Remember a lot of reviews call you out by name for being aggressive toward players. Don't give them fuel for the fire. It may be a US thing, but when I see things like this on reviews, I tend to trust the reviewer more. Why would the developer need to call out for community justice on a bad review if they have a solid game?
  2. So that means adjustments need to be made to the XP/Coin/Marks of PVP. However I stand by my remarks that capping AI ships should not be the primary source of income. You have yet to tell me why you believe it should be.
  3. Probably not a good way to get new players. If a new player comes to the forums as see one of the top topics is the admin calling for street justice on a review, well it just don't look good.
  4. If thats the case, it has nothing to do with the reward from AI fleets and has everything to do with PVP. But that is not the argument you took to.
  5. But it is, you get a better ship/goods for capping and better XP and Coin for killing. Yes, it may need to be tweaked, but saying PVE should be just as good doesn't help at all.
  6. Wait, they made a game about the golden age of sail, with warring nations, and yet they made it worse by saying the only way to get anything is by killing? I'm not seeing the problem here.
  7. Exactly my point, just don't think everyone wants it that way... PVP should be worth it. Making PVE gain you the same amount of cash and XP as PVP means it is not worth the risk. Now if your talking PVP vs PVE servers then scaling and tweaking will need to be done.
  8. The thing is this is a game, you have players and AI ships. If they are treated the same, players will attack AI ships for the easy money, once that happens everyone is rich beyond their wildest dreams. So the devs set the AI ships to grey, great you should get the money for a grey ship. If you attack a player and get a blue ship, you should get the money for a blue ship. If capping the ship is costing you more coin then you gain from it then just don't do it. I'm sick of seeing players running AI missions all day just to get money to by the next ship. Doing that means no PVP, and makes the game boring as hello kitty.
  9. So by that theory you shouldn't get XP, or Money from any interaction with another player as it could be abused or miss used. All while allowing users to cap AI ships for max level and a ton of cash in two days? I thought you wanted PVP? With the changes to Teleport you would have to spend the time to sail out each time you died. At what point do we just report it verse have the devs wast time trying to find a fun and engaging way to stop players from using every possible way to exploit something? Ohh I agree, just don't think players primary source of income should be caping AI ships. If you want to encourage players to PVP, you got to make the reward worth the risk.
  10. Ohh I agree you should get XP for it, especially with players. Just don't think that should be able to use capping AI ships as your main source of income. I think we (the playerbase) is on the same page here and who knows, maybe the devs will change it. This is testing after all.
  11. I think thats fair, you should get something for it. I agree that it shouldn't be the primary source of income. However at the lest you should get some XP, cash or marks. Maybe just a bit of tweaking is needed to ensure balance. To be clear, if you sink or take a ship, you should get XP, however capping an AI ship should not be the main source of income.... well at lest not from the ship, good may be different.
  12. Wow, I totally missed that one, it completely changes the econ. Traders and producers now can make money and PVPers will have something to hunt! Awesome work. @admin, got to say the new direction is a very fresh change of pace.
  13. Some good stuff in here, keep it coming.
  14. Pirate Carronades 6-9-12 LB Role - Sail and rigging dmg. Low damage but high rate of fire and arc, designed to help Pirates desail their pray. Penetration - Extremely low Distance and trajectory - Short Range high arc Damage - Low Splinter damage - 0 Fire chance - low Weight - Extremely Low Cost - Low to mid Crew per gun - Less then standard Carronades of = size Reload - Very Fast Breakage chance (strength of carriage) - Standard Special Resource requirements? - Player must be a Pirate or BP dropped by sinking pirates The Meat Grinder 6-9 LB Role - Anti Crew cannon - Lower damage but high rate of fire, pre-boarding cannon Penetration - Low Distance and trajectory - Short Range flat trajectory Damage - Low Splinter damage - 3 out of 10 Fire chance - low Weight - Low Cost - Low to mid Crew per gun - Less then standard Carronades of = size Reload - Fast Breakage chance (strength of carriage) - Standard Special Resource requirements? - BP drop English Bombard 18+ lb Role - High damage bombard with very slow reload. Think ship to ship mortar. Penetration - Extremely High Distance and trajectory - Short-Mid Range, high arc trajectory. Damage - Extremely Highw Splinter damage - 9 out of 10 Fire chance - High Weight - Extremely high Cost - High Crew per gun - Considerably higher standard Carronades of = size Reload - Very slow Breakage chance (strength of carriage) - weak Special Resource requirements? - Lancashire Iron, Sussex Oak, BP Drop