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  1. @adminWith the wipe/changes to the servers. Can you commit to fixing/changing the lock out timer to allow the US based players to participate in PBs during their prime time 9pm - 1am EST (1am - 5am GMT). If not can you please elaborate?
  2. "Face Palm" Henry, dude, no disrespect, but did you even read the first post on this page? The one you replied to? I stopped playing NA back in Jan for one reason and one reason only. I'm not able to log into game till around 9:30 EST, 2:30-3:30 GMT. This means, due to a game mechanic, I am locked out of PBs. I have a two year old and a two week old, I can't play till everyone is asleep. So normally around 9:30 to 10 pm est.
  3. wait, the server, with current times and rules, will stay just as it is.??? Really? this does NOTHING to fix the issue I have. So after all this crap I still cant join PBs?
  4. I would be ok with just about anything that allowed everyone to join PBs and kept us all on one server. As a mater of fact I suggested something similar to what you are talking about.
  5. @Henry d'Esterre Darby I can tell by your response that you all still don't understand or just care to understand why so many people are pissed off. So I'm going to tell you my little bit in hopes that you and Admin can learn from all this. I stopped playing NA back in Jan for one reason and one reason only. I'm not able to log into game till around 9:30 EST, 2:30-3:30 GMT. This means, due to a game mechanic, I am locked out of PBs. So when the hostility patch hit and for a few months leading up to Jan, I posted on the forums to make sure it was brought to the dev teams attention (obviously they didn't get the memo). I made suggestions on changes that would help, I believe even you and I discussed some. So after months of not being able to join PBs and pleading on the forums, in late Jan, I reached out to Admin a PM. I clearly and respectfully explained the issue, I made it clear that this is a major impact to the US based players, I included a heat map of player prime times showing that only 1 hour of US player prime was with in the window. Yet after all this NOTHING HAPPENED, the devs knew they had an issue that was impacting all of their player base negatively and FLAT OUT PREVENTED SOME US BASED PLAYERS FROM JOINING PBs. After all that, would you not feel like a bit of a bias has formed? I can't play the full game for MONTHS, I heave reached out to the "Lead Producer" and yet nothing has happen. What mind set should I have? I vested money, and time in to helping this game succeed. I encouraged new players and helped them when I could so they would not leave the game. I provided constructive, thought out feed back and suggestions. I get this is just a game, and a game in beta, there are going to be bugs. And yes I'm just one of many players, and maybe my contributions didn't count to much. But I still poured my heart and soul in helping make things better, because I WANT NA to succeed. Now after all that, the months of playing, the months of trying to get the devs to see the issue. I get told I'm being ridiculous? Again, I can't join PBs due to the timers, and I'm being called ridiculous cause I think that's a problem, cause I think other players should suck it up if they lose a digital port just so I can play the game? Really think about that... who is being ridiculous? The guy that can't play or the guy that doesn't want the world to go round when he's a sleep? Now admin can blame all this on framing or a language issue or what ever. But again, it just points to the fact he not learned from his mistakes. He knew this was a HOT topic, he know people where headed and opinionated, he had issues with framing and language in the past. So why the hell would he post something so sensitive WITHOUT first having you read it? Either, he doesn't learn, or he doesn't care. Whell all know he can learn something, so it must be he just doesn't care about the impact it has. I don't know where NA is headed from hear but I can tell you, you lost a lot of US support. I'm sure a lot of people are happy for that... I'm sure they will continue to play the game, I'm sure you will continue to develop the game. But remember, this is a business, money needs to be made some how. You just pissed off your largest market share (Admin said US had some 40% of the copes of the game), and whats worst, you can't even come to understand it or admit it. I truly wish you all luck, and hope you can see the errors of your way.
  6. yep thats exactly what happened today.
  7. Well we will see, it's worth a test.
  8. No I did, just don't care. Sail from the port that has the resources the pve boarder in your indy, then sail two more ports over to the Freeport
  9. That's fine, but you got to understand context. You said you ARE doing good, as in currently. Then post that and then remove it. Seems bit braggadocious. Add in the salt already flowing on the forums and you get a powder keg.
  10. Time doesn't pervert exploits, two accounts, one sailing in pve, and you won't be attacked. Then sail two ports down to the free town. Other account can play as normal.
  11. FF Please. But also, think about this? Smuggler tag is automatically removed when docking at a port. You must re-select smuggler each time. When selecting smuggler, all details about your nation/clan/name are removed from OW view. Clicking on a smuggler simply tells you the ship type and that they are a player. Once in battle, the smuggler's nation is relieved. (this is optional, my thought is players then can't lie about their nation). Once a smuggler is defeated in battle (capping/sinking), the good and the ship our transferred to the Admiralty. The smuggler loses the ship/good just like normal, no change here. the attack does NOT have the option to take the ship or the goods, but is rather rewarded by the Admiralty (marks of valor/Admiralty points/goal or what ever). Optional: defeating a smuggler of your own nations can cost you gold/Admiralty points/marks of valor. Ie. you get nothing for defeating your own nation. Pirates: Pirates have the options to attack smugglers of any nation including their own without repercussions. Pirates are able to keep all good/ships, however they are NOT able to take command of smuggler ships, till they return to port. (to prevent them from TPing) Add option for traders to drop good to pirates. Ie. If I'm in a LGV with smuggler and a pirate attacks me, I can drop goods in hopes that he will take what he can get and just let me go as he is unable salvage my entire hold full of goods. I understand this may not be easy to add to the game, however I do believe it is key to the success of pirates in game as histrionically this happened a lot.
  12. Will players be able to use resources from the pve zone in pvp? If so would this be an exploit? Also will there be a line in the sand like the newbe zone?
  13. Wow just wow. Ok so Admin, you do understand that the only info on this tell now is that you would be moving the timer to 10 hours that is all!!! So yeah that kind is an attack on the US playerbase as we are the only ones impacted. The US looks ridiculous, you want to know what is ridiculous? I haven't been able to join PBs seance you changed to the new system due to the lock timer. let me say that again. The lock out timer prevented US players from playing in port battles! You knew this cause I sent you a PM that responded to. But we are ridiculous cuse EU players didn't like the game continuing once they logged off for the day. This right here shows your bias, you are willing to let an issue that locked players out of your game go one for months, then have the nerve to call them ridiculous. Several players, including my self have submitted very solid ideas for fixing this issue and yet leaving the game at a globe server. Have these been explored? If so can we get some details, cause you may not believe it but we got some really smart guys on these forums. You are killing your game, you know your OW is to big for the 1200~ as is, splinting it will mean even less players in OW. Go look at your steam reviews... your biggest issue is empty OW. But hey why not clear it out some more. I love the game and want it to success, but you all are making it very hard on your self. and whats worst, you don't even see it.