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  1. patch

    Content patch: January - February (Work in Progress) UI visuals improvements Localization preparations Pacific coast opens (potentially removed) Preparation for the release Wenn der Weihnachtsmann gut gegessen hat vll. Ich erinnere daran das es schon vor 2 wochen mit dem letzten großen Patch gedacht war Land in Portbattle , Raids und RvR fixes einzuführen. 1 Woche Später nach dem Großen Patch: (wie von devs angekündigt "nächste woche nach dem Großen Patch soll mit hofix der rest kommen") = keine Land in Portbattles und Raids und RvR fixes. 2 Wochen Später nach dem Großen Patch (Aktueller Stand): "I see nothing mate.
  2. "The patch bring people back They say" "Fine wood it the problem They say" "We fix important thinks They say"
  3. I miss the time with 25 -30 ships infront of Gustavia vs. 25+ Pirats. Every Day fast OW Pvp in Sweden Nation. And now......nothing....Patch update -> nothing... max. player 500 + -. .... Thats Sad....just Sad.
  4. go home your drunk. PvE is important...
  5. removal of player? I think the real reason is the OW PvP....
  6. o0 ehm What is with the 2 circle OW pvp? what is with the ***** instant battle open and close thing??
  7. @admin RvR fix? OW Pvp? its a small joke right?
  8. PvE is Awesome, also on the PVP Servers. But it needs more PvE content, much more. I think most player dont like a "Arena PVP NA Game" just PvP content like World of Warships ect. This game have much more Potential... This is my greatest fear...dont make it only for PvP kids -.-