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  1. It was fun...OK it was epic especially for me We should run these Large Battles every day until the wipe!
  2. Make no mistake... I enjoy this game and I really want it to succeed. But if a game is in early Alpha..or even Beta release...then basically I would assume this alpha/Beta release IS the test bed.
  3. I personally did not understand why an 'Alpha' released game needed a testbed server. I recommend the Dev's do a HUGE steam release upon the wipe and hope to get the player base back.
  4. Except like I mentioned you are only getting about 30% of the actual server population responding on this forum. Thats no way to 'balance' a server. We need the devs to allow a 2 week gratis period where we can roll or re-roll our XP to allow proper balancing.
  5. Because the responses gotten on this forum really do not equate with the actual populations on the servers. There are many many many players that are apathetic to the mere existence of this forum. What I'm getting at is trying to balance the server population prior to the server even existing and projecting the nation #'s wont work. After it's up and running then you can do your re balancing if you'd like.
  6. it's really not practical to use the forum responses as validation to say 'GB' will be all powerful, or 'Sweden' will be non-existent. Asking clans or factions to leave their nation to populate what is projected to be non popular nations is really not going to help in anyway realistically. just my 2 cents... or 2 pounds as I'm not leaving GB
  7. Wow. That's one feature they should keep Not get rid of.
  8. according to the voting Chailang is going dutch
  9. AGW from PVP2 will be there. We're just 5 old f*ckers but we enjoy this game
  10. So from what I'm understanding we should: 1-destroy all of our ships we have, by either breaking them up or sinking them 2- destroy or break down all of the upgrades we have...both Permanent and non permanent 3- use up all of our Ship notes and paint notes This should all be done prior to the Wipe, which I'm hoping we shall be given notice of. Thanks!
  11. This is the main question I think we all want an answer for: So should scrap our ships and break down our upgrades prior to the 'Wipe'? Can we please give us a wipe date so we can do so? What about our redeemables from port battles and events? Will we still retain these?
  12. Make port battles a 3 part battle: take place 3 times.... every 8 hours. Some maniacs will make all 3...others 1 or 2. Have the results tabulated in a way that attendance...damage...circle capture are all tabulated. then add them up after a day.
  13. ^^^ Boom!
  14. you're 100% correct I do not know. sorry to have wasted anyone's time. just seemed a bit odd.
  15. I respectfully disagree: The Dutch are attacking Caracas...NO GB or US players are there...yet as we are allies it shows us at a %: