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  1. @Jean Ribault You don't understand the problem, do you? Yet again I will ask a few questions to let you think: 1. How can they fix leaks if ship has about 80-90% water? 2. The more water, the more leaks, the harder it is to work on fixing them. It's not like other teams are worse or idiots... I didn't say that to fix first leak, they do it fast. It is about number of leaks at the same time... Chaos, quick water gain, much harder to solve than 1 leak easy peasy, piece of cake... @Havelock Ships can easly avoid getting leaks by using Battle Sails or manual sails avoiding heeling. Optimized Ballast too, Trimming Expert, Stiffness. I would also add a factor, that if the ship stops, then they gain less water, but first need to do some research if that's accurate or opposite. But basically make a difference on water gaining based on speed of the ship. Remember guys that only leaks under the waterline are dangerous, other have no general effect at all and it is only captains fault for getting leaks (exposing ships to leaks). Same with boarding often.
  2. Napoleon? Tfuu! He's French ffs
  3. I think that 24 is a number of leaks limited by game, but explain me please, why all leaks need same amount of time to be fixed? No mater if I get 50 leaks or 1, they all will be fixed in the same amount of time? Then also explain me, how I can fix leaks if my ship has 90% water?
  4. In past... leaks used to be dangerous. Now? Now a ship can get 20+ leaks and still be fine. Maybe if your pump is red or you're already sinking... but other than that? Recently: on a Victory (big guns) I put 19 leaks into the Pavel (AI in mission) and my friend 10 seconds later put another 5 leaks into it. Result? Pavel maybe ended with 30-40% water (hard to estimate by the look) and then he was fine. Another example with Trincomalee, 24 leaks and just 30-40% water after leaks are fixed: Also most players don't understand the leaks menu (I suspect: left / right side and leaks above / under the water. Pretty simple, but the majority of experienced players that I asked were not sure what that all means). What do I suggest? The more leaks, the harder make it to fix. So far all leaks takes x time to fix. - Currently if I have 1 leak, it will be fixed after maybe 1 minute. If I have 24 leaks, it will be fixed after 1 minute if enough people on survival as well. My suggestion - make a curve, the more leaks, the longer it takes to fix them and the harder it is.
  5. Just limit alts to 1 nation and most problems will be solved.
  6. It's a bug. I heard that relog helps.
  7. Touchè
  8. Dude, Christmas Truce is over and lately Pirates got rekt at Purto Plata and Port-au-Prince. Bring in some of your X guys, grab in RUBLI and roll for action.
  9. Port Battles are for elite players and not for sru? @elite92 @EliteDelta @eliteking5000
  10. Have you ever got problem of finding your upgrades that you put somewhere on one of your 40 ships or left in one of the 8 warehouses? We need a new upgrades menu that would fix that problem.
  11. Permanent upgrades like Studding Sails / Extra Staysails would be rather visible in OW, right? Then Extra Planking / Barricades / Copper Plating / Reinforced Masts probably too? I would actually love to make them visible rather than text information.
  12. Very nice idea, I like it - especially the informatio about permanent upgrades and distance. Check out also this old suggestion by me about similar idea with spyglass:
  13. Polityka jest jaka jest, ale Port Bitewki dobrze im wyszły i w czasie ważnych dni z PB populacja dochodzi do 650+ Do tego wielu graczy właśnie wraca do gry (co chwile ktoś pisze, że wrócił dopiero i sprawdza co nowego) i jest nareszcie tendencja rosnąca graczy: