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  1. 3rd option is a pirate style more likely.
  2. Trashlone? No idea what's that, but it's sad that there is no encryption.
  3. How players without Live Oak can be competitive in PB? Please, don't give such answers like: use Mahogany instead capture PB ships smuggle / buy / hunt traders Often we get to the point when if someone loses certain state, he can never get back to it.
  4. It's all confusing and hard to comment, not even sure what kind of questions I should ask. Anyway, I got a feeling that such big plans will cause a delay on wipe and main patch.
  5. Passwords are not covered and secured more or less.
  6. You mean 15-20 PvE Kills? Look who we got here, a carebear! GG, you just won a t-shirt:
  7. My safe place is right on top of your shipwreck
  8. I love the fact of calling me a carebear Almost like calling everyone liberals no matter what their opinions are! Damn libtards be everywhere, everyone who disagrees with me haha Hell, I love the fact of koltes and other BLACK calling @TommyShelby carebear It's all about friendship and love <3
  9. I was studying calculus, but I might not understand something. For me that looks like a 3v4. If you wanna see real 1v4 or 1v3, ask Liquicity or Zooloo for some screenshots Also by the way, I find using AI fleets as a very cowardlish strategy. Meatshields that are supposed to tank, chain spam, increase the BR or help you evade the fight, escape.
  10. "you should stop reading if you disagree with anything I have said so far" Are you trolling here, right? This seem just like trolling. Looks like you just want here a group of people that would agree with you and give positive feedback / opinion. Kinda "Anyone who disagrees, go home. I don't give a damn about your point of view" selfish way of thinking. Many bad suggestions and arguments, but some might be good. What hurts my eyes the most is the fact of "more players = victory" The bigger number of players needed / that could be used means the lesser experience required. Let's change Port Battles into 100 vs 100 instead, first team to get full 100 players or just basically more will more likely win. You try to make this game look like a Soviet / Chinese tactic of huge manpower / meatshields / cannon fodders leading to win. Also you seem to be very narrow-minded, especially when fully excluding solo playing. Lonely wolves, privateers, hunters. You try to call for realism, but yet you fail on bunch of other fields with that. Solo hunting is very accurate for Age of Sail game, big pirate fleets above 10 ships is very unrealistic. Hell, any pirate sailing ships bigger than 4th rates sounds super unrealistic. You also want to turn Nation vs Nation kind of RvR into Clan vs Clan, which would only fit the Pirates way of playing (Outlaws, Republic of Pirates etc.). That way of thinking is probably affected by the fact that you only / mostly play as a pirate. Also you criticize again realism and "Star Trek teleports" while you ignore the facts of Teamspeak communication Star Trek Technology and Star Trek Chat Technology Yes, let's turn this game into talking to nearby characters and ship contacting via flags / signals / heiling. "If I keep attacking over and over.I am faster than you.You are just lucky because you have a 20 sec timer that allows you to get into a great position at start of battle. If your timing is good." Or... Your OW is loading faster because you have SSD, or... there is no speed difference at certain point of sail. (Sailing profiles). Or... You are just faster raising sails by spamming W in OW. Better time reaction. Or... and so on, so on... Dumping cargo would be very good mechanic combined with and option, that hunter can pick up the dumped cargo, unless it's something that quickly drowns (higher density then water, poor physics) Yet again about solo playing, you are very ignorant about that. Some players don't have the time to get involved into clan life / playstyle. Some players don't like sailing in groups. "There is No such thing as a Gank Squad, it is just a group of players(friends) looking to get bested by another group of friends in an epic battle. " By epic battles you mean 20vs1? Jajajajaja
  11. @koltes Then I will just store the gold in other ways, like buy contracts, resources... People will find 1000x ways to hide the gold just same as hiding it from "Inventory of property" to pay lower taxes.
  12. Not aware of who's the author, but editing was done by Woodenfish. If you got any better quality, I will gladly take it
  13. I don't know much about that particular Spanish drama thingy between clans, but I know one thing for sure... lobogris is the most childish person over here.
  14. 1. Enemy surrenders in boarding with 0 morale only on attack. 2. 41:00 you could just easly brake and reverse. 3. I think you shoot too much anything you can, without value. shooting sails, bad angles etc. with the idea "shoot just anything, anytime". A good broadside can cause more destruction and several badly aimed / used. 4. During boarding Mutant, he was terrible in boarding, but if you wanna disangage, go for defend option before and don't mess too much with muskets / deck guns / grenades. During disangaging I would only recommend Brace / Defend to limit the casualties. 5. After boarding (47:00) you forget to turn on sailing Hope this helps you o7
  15. No esperaba la Inquisición Española!