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  1. pve zone

    Why do you need Free Towns? The only thing that will be probably needed for ship builders is "Regional Bonus Blueprints" however it will be done. Crafted ships can be teleported to capital or towed Whole economy will be inside the PvE zone (most likely). Because I suppose Devs don't want to force PvE players to leave the zone in need to get some rare resources? PvE Zone might cause the problem of bringing all players (including PvP) to do their whole eco there. That removes the OW hunting traders, which is a big factor of privateers' life.
  2. Are you kidding me? You say 15% (Pirates) are screening for us... Majority of the pirates doesn't care about RvR. The only Pirates that I recall screening for us were - RUBLI / PAIN / 18BEK / M. Maybe some more, minor pirates or independent. That's just a small %. About the Dutch, you ignore the fact that Dutch nation has some big trading clans They don't join RvR at all. These data information does not represent the number of RvR players... It's not enough information to draw conclusions, to many unknowns, too many factors. Please, don't make it look silly.
  3. Ah ten sarkazm o bazach klanów... Region Belize / Black River miał bardzo dobrą ekonomię i produkcję w regionie... Teraz co nam pozostaje? Albo KPR albo okolica Concepcion... Co do tych przypuszczeń... Wiadomo, że strefa dostanie wszystkie surowce w PvE, bo chyba nie przypuszczasz, że Devsi zmuszą graczy PvE do opuszczania strefy w celu zdobycia surowców? Wtedy byłby płacz i zgrzytanie zębów.
  4. pve zone

    What about the provided safety for all crafting / trading / production / ship building? It's not going to be good...
  5. You mean events like in Europa Universalis IV? I would support such RNG factor. Or like "week of" on Heroes Might & Magic games.
  6. pve zone

    I don't know what's in EVE online, but I know lots of players that dislike PvE zone in EVE. Also EVE map is a bit different than NA, right? Also yes - when nations have their "PvE" zones, there is a chance of enemy group / fleet coming, joining PvE missions and boom! Surprise It's called RISK. PvE zone is 100% safety and no risk, like living in a protection bubble from brutal world.
  7. pve zone

    admin used to say "we can't sit on two chairs", but what's merging PvE & PvP and giving them special zone is? It's exactly sitting on 2 chairs at the same time... Nonetheless it limits us (PvP'ers) and it limits PvE'rs. We lose huge part of map for hunting / conquest / PvP and all PvE'rs lose full map and get part of map. Do you imagine how they must feel? Like an animal taken from freedom and closed into cage. It doesn't matter that the cage is "big" as admin says, it just totally takes away freedom from them that was granted for them in past with PvE Server. Also do you believe that PvE Zone will not get 100% full access to all resources? It would not make any sense to be honest. They will be closed in cage, but they will actually be provided with all needed water and food
  8. pve zone

    1. I never supported the merge of PvE / PvP 2. "You don't know" - sure, but we can agree that if Devs limit in any way gameplay of PvE players after they had full map with 100% access to all resources and then take it away, you will get bunch of PvE'ers super mad and angry cursing Devs and flaming and writing negative reviews.
  9. pve zone

    Having 1 server than 2 might make it cheaper which in the long term run is better. Server can be always adjusted for more players if needed. What am I talking about? I am talking that PvE players will have all resources guaranteed, otherwise the Devs will make them angry. Also all PvP players will have access to PvE zone, so basically everyone will craft / trade / build in PvE because it's 100% safe, no risk. Then they will just tow / teleport ships to capital ready for combat. Do you understand this simple statement?
  10. Regarding to all questions about blueprints, admin said somewhere that all the blueprint system will be reworked.
  11. No point? 1. You can improve your PvP / sailing / fighting skills without fear of losing your great ship. 2. You can improve your crafting lvl 3. You can have fun with other players in Small Battles for example, as you don't mind losing ships now.
  12. Next question that comes to my mind - what will be the location of Global server? Considering the fact that it should decent enough for Americans and Australians to be playable at all. Network optimizations, new server location other than Germany most likely, connection improvements etc.
  13. The real question is what about maps after servers merge? At this point the activity before the wipe will drastically fall and the regions / ports will be easy chance to grab for the greedy group of players that want to have a head start on the new server. Using "mirror" option for the servers is not the best idea especially considering the full assets wipe. Maps on 2 different servers should not be linked to each other in any way.
  14. That's exactly what I said
  15. "Bad News" sound actually like a Good News instead. Big +++ for the "start up" pack in the beginning for players, starting from scratch would be harsh and make lots of players quit.