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  1. I know for a fact I am not the best PVP captain on this server, BUT I have adapted my tactics and style. I took notes from watching Pagan Pete and his Banshee on PVP1, I would learn from his attacks on shipping, I would engage him and watch how he would time his movements to put me at a disadvantage before the timer ran down. So I then looked at the Privateer and the Lynx, studied their sailing profiles, tested against the AI... then took time hitting easy targets first, Player trader Brigs... then they armed them... that was a rude awakening for me. Still captured 2 trader lynxes but it was far from easy LOL. So I have adapted to the fact they are armed now.. I have learned how to mast snipe, and I have learned the weaknesses of each ship I may encounter. While I will make mistakes, I will often not let you know they happened.
  2. As an outside (not quite impartial) former GB, then US, now GB again, privateer... I can say that I have seen most of this "in fighting" in the US. It was mostly due to ego clashes. While I like the guys in TF and VCO, and barely know the guys in NPG, I can say that VCO and TF tried to work with NPG. Giving them all the rope they needed to hang themselves, and they did... not once, but several times. Florida Keys, West End, Grand Bahamas, and Sandy Cay/Crown. Yeah when people were telling them the tactic of giving up the wind is never a good one... nope ignored... when people told them to screen the port LONG before the battle, ignored... When people told them that trying a double flip wont work if you dont work fast, hit hard and do it as a team. I watched, TF and VCO tell the NPG leadership these exact things... and the response was simple, "we did it before the wipe its easy." NPG has made countless errors in under estimating their enemies and over estimating their own fighting prowess. Which are sure fire recipes for disaster. Then the other clans involved in this issues, IGG, while there are some good captains there, unfortunately they have some real children too. Like the guy who went off in Teamspeak because he brought a brig to the port battle, when it was made abundantly clear than only Mercuries and then Navy Brigs would be let in... Note I said a BRIG, not a Navy Brig. Then we had the famous IGG guy who sailed RIGHT under the forts guns and promptly got sunk by the square fort... Yeah... good move. Or the captain who was stuck in irons for 5min because he didnt know how to manual sail. Then from my personal encounters with all of them. When I went raiding the US coastline recently in a Lynx, they brought Indefatigables and Surprises to try and catch a Lynx... yeah that always works... LOL That is like bringing a bulldozer to deal with a humming bird. Not only was it a bad call but then I managed to get them spread out so far that if I had been inclined I could have began picking them off one at a time. There is a reason why so many pirates have great success against the US forces.. it isnt because they are carebears, it is because they lack experience and refuse to adapt.
  3. Its not there in the OW. And I dont think it is there in battle either.
  4. On my Lynx and my Privateer I run 6lb longs, I prefer a bit more firepower and I run double charge. Which is great for snapping off masts on ships that try to run or the careless frigate that thinks it can run me down. Never had an issue in taking down a LGV in a Privateer or Cutter.. the Lynx is a bit more challenging but still VERY possible.
  5. Sorry old post but deserves a reply. Marines are used as manual labor in game. When you are sailing in the open world marines are not counted against you for crew. BUT once your ship beats to quarters and goes to combat stations marines have postings that do not allow them to be extra sailors.
  6. A true rogue pirate wouldnt be able to build ships, guns, or operate out of any one port for a long period of time. Real rogue pirates wouldnt have a nation, or a place to call home. They would scramble from day to day just trying to make it. They would also be at risk of being voted out of the captains spot because of a bad voyage. Yep... you dont want that.
  7. I think Spain is the only player ships I wont attack currently. They are an endangered species.
  8. So something like out of a cartoon or a Disney movie? And I think the Devs have other plans for the figure head slot on the ships. If you noticed they have removed the Trincomalee and Essex figure heads from the ships.
  9. As good a reason as any. Well good luck, being pirate can be fun, but boring also. It may as well be a nation just with a black flag.
  10. Aren't they on the EU server not the Global Server?
  11. Spain, really? There is no Spain, only the Iroqoius Nation. And last I checked their not after land only scalps. So they are a minor threat at best. Pirates, well if it werent for BLACK they wouldnt be much of a threat either. Seeing as BLACK is the most organized of the bunch and the largest of any of the pirate clans.
  12. I dont know why you went pirate to raid traders. I do it and I am british, I did it while US. You use a ship you can afford to replace. The cheaper, fastest, best ship for the job is the one you can sail the best. I prefer the Lynx or the Privateer, Snow, and Rattlesnake. Others like the Surprise or Trincomalee.
  13. I think if the majority of the clans voted and it poled positively it doesnt matter if they are new or not. I know I had no vote so I dont care one way or another. I just do as the letter of marque tells me.
  14. Not meaning any offense by this, but the US doesnt leave the US east coast 90% of the time any way. The vast majority I have seen are either sailing into the Bahamas, or down to La Habana and Cayo Biscano. I think I have seen one or two brave American ships out around Northern Haiti and that is it.
  15. I didnt say I approved of the message over there either did I? No need to answer, it was rhetorical. Dont go away mad, dont go away angry, just go away.