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  1. I am going to tell you no. You chose to read into that what you wanted. And you read no further as expected.
  2. ......... I got nothing nice to say..... So I will say this. R U high?!? Or just special? Fact is no one will buy it because no one is around TO buy it. Then there is the fact that EVEN if you capture a ship, player or AI, it does not give XP AT ALL! So if I wanted to grief everyone in a battle I could get a rage boarding ship and just board everything everyone shoots at and deny everyone XP. Not to mention REAL LIFE, yeah that shit this game is based on, REAL privateers, pirates, and frigate captains made a SHIT ton of money and experience off of capturing ships of hostile nations. SO you are telling me that it is worth more sinking the ship, than capturing it. Because your payouts are all screwed up. I can sink a Trader Brig and make 7.9K. If I capture the SAME trader brig, and sell the cargo I am at best going to make 5k+ ship... which is worth 1. If I break it down it is worth maybe 1k. So I am still in at a loss here. So Riddle me this Batman, how is a Privateer, or a Pirate to make a living AND get higher in ranks while capturing ships, player or otherwise?
  3. LOL who would buy it currently? It is an issue but that is not the way to handle it. The fix is simple, remove the open world speed buff that trade ships had been given. Leave the battle speeds alone. Adjust the acceleration and handling of every ship based on its cargo load and gun load vs its maximum "sea worthy" load. A captain can throw 24lb guns on the weather deck of a 4th rate but nothing on the gun deck and the ship will become top heavy and heel WAY more when under full sail.
  4. He is pointing out the stupidity in the recent patch about the trade ship and warship cargo load effecting speed. The only thing the cargo load should effect is the heel of the ship, and the agility of the ship, not the top speed.
  5. Not to the NPC trader. And how often in a game with a population of 90 do you see people capturing other peoples ships when you ONLY get marks for sinking.
  6. No offense but Empyrion is not a MMO, but is a survival server instanced game. Kind of like Ark and Age of Conan:whatever the new one is called.
  7. The problem is ships are worth NOTHING right now. Are you even on the test server? Have you even captured a ship and tried to sell it. A Navy Brig is 24k on the market, sell it and it is worth 1. Hmm.. see a problem.
  8. This is idiotic and narrow minded thinking. Not to mention ahistoric. Do you HONESTLY think that Black Bart didnt get any better after capturing ships, and only learned from sinking them? Do you think that Sir Francis Drake a RENOWNED Privateer didnt get any better capturing ships? You should get SOME XP for capture, even if it is a NPC ship. After all you are having to deal with the boarding of it, or killing the crew. Both of which take time and skill. Sinking a Trade Brig is not even a challenge and yet I get more XP and money from that than I do from capturing the damned thing. So either make the goods in the holds of NPC ships worth something OR give half the XP for the ship capture.
  9. My gunnery crew is already blind.... At least I think they are.
  10. No offense but the Santa Cicilia is not the end all be all of 5th rates, it is nice but not that nice. And it is the developers game to do with as they please. Remember some people who pre-ordered this game have yachts and others dont, and I dont find that a bad thing. If you want one, find someone who has one and take it from them.
  11. So what you are telling me is the southern tip of Florida would be the most sought after region in the game because it has both Mahogany and Live Oak? And I stand by my statement that Bermuda Cedar does not need more regions as it is ONLY found in Bermuda naturally.
  12. The live Oak increase to regions where it ACTUALLY grows I have no problem with it. But throwing it out in the Virgin Islands because they need a port with it, well that is stupid. And the Cedar issue isnt just Cedar, because Cedar is pretty common in the US. Bermuda Cedar is a different type of Cedar all together. And is VERY much limited to Bermuda, it is a preserved tree there now.
  13. Exactly. We dont need "new" meta guns that were used maybe a half dozen times over the span of 100 years. How about we get the things we have now working, and the ammunition stores we were told may come. There is an idea for ya! Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  14. There doesnt need to be more ports that produce live oak, mahogany, gold or silver. They arent real common in the Caribbean to start with.
  15. LOL threatening to post the steam charts. HILARIOUS! Sorry but they already gave an ETA... about 3-4 weeks from 2 weeks ago.