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  1. i dont disagree would be nice to play a game as such but it wont work ......people will get frustrated and quit playing .there is a balance somewhere but again I believe the devs are going from one extreme to another is a hard chamge ....the final nail in the coffin wil be ...if ships become too valuable no one will want to riisk using them in a battle there will be no pvp amd no rvr and the game will become pretty much what it has been since the patch announcemenr ,,,,a nice game with good scenery and nice ships to sail in ...but no pone playing it
  2. if you want something thats not available locally and no one is selling it you will have to ... ie you want the speed bonus blue prints your going to have to travel to bermuda to craft them .. i dont know what you mean by be creative ...the last time someone couldnt get something locally was creatiive they duplicated ships to get live oak
  3. its easy to say focus on one region and if nothing happening move on to the next where the action is actually do it in game and the time involved is a different matter ..there are limited number of outposts which you need for resources cant just upsticks and move around the map the proposed ingame logistics ie no delivery system wil prevent it ...the game will just become a great big time sink ...just sailing between ports moving your stuff with no action however my opinions and your imagination mean nothing ...the test will be how many players are playing a month after the patch drops... without a delivery system limited slots in ports reduced rewrds ..lomnger sailing time ...i know where i would be placing my money
  4. and how are you going to find them the map is massive can sail for hours and not see another player even when there were 1500 players online ... what about newbieas or people that dont want to be in a clan ..what do they do? Illl answer for you ..the same way we have always found traders ,,,, hang around nation capitals and ports you know have high value goods such as live oak or silver and wait for them to come to you ... if your sailing anywhere the most dangerous time is the 10 mins of sail as you leave port and the ten mins of sailing before you enter port once your out sight of the coast your reasonably safe all the sailing outside the first 10 mins and last 10 mins of a trade trip is a time sink that makes the game boring .... at least with deliveries to freeports you coulld get reasonably close to your destination wasnt good that you could actually craft ships in a freeport .but thats been taken away with the need for a shipyard
  5. if they implement all this into the patch its going to be the end of ship fighting pvp or pve just looks too expensive in terms of time spent gathering resources and too expensive in terms of game hours played to risk a ship in combat
  6. enlighten us with your superior skills how did you transport bermuda cedar wood from bermuda to anywhere without making a 2-3 hour sail ?? i bet you wish you had the insight or forethought to be able to back up your BS claims before you posted them
  7. i expect after the patch the pattern will remain the same but the popuation figures will equalise the green line will move up the blue line down
  8. lol we know you have a ping rate of about 30 only use the high ping rate excuse for poor shooting
  9. in my 2-3 hours Ive sailed carrying resources for crafting or trade ...ive completed some crafting ...taken part in a port battle or screened ..raised hostility in a region .. sailed around french and spanish waters looking for traders ..or just a fight ,,.done some pve to raise cash ....taken part in the events to try and get paints or Bps ... you think it will be more fun to stop this and sail a trader for 3 hours with an escort hoping that i meet someon else doing the same ..and after a whole week of this I may have enough materials to craft a ship that I then have to sail for 3 hours to get to a port thats been attacked or we are staging a port battle from to have 90 mins of fun .. so a week of boredom to have 90 mins of action .. if thats what the game becomes im out change the games name to naval death by boredom ..
  10. the tp to freeport and delivery system made the whole map available to people who didnt have all day to play ..I dont see how sailing a trader in ow the middle of ocean somewhere between Flatts and KPR an hours sail from the nearest land ..benefits me as a player or anyone else in game no one will know where I am will be able to find me or have the time to search the 60 or 70 possible squares on the map however making 4 -5 trips a day between freeports carrying goods gives other players 4-5 chances to intercept me and take my cargo ..surely thats more fun ? more fun brings more players i know some players want realism in the game but is adding the boredom factor of been at sea with nothing to do really an attaractive proposition ...
  11. i was using bermuda as an example .... live oak is a 2-3 hour sail away ...god /silver 2 hours sail ..even mahogany wood is a 45mins sail if wind is kind ... which other crafting port would you suggest thats closer ,,kpr is pretty central ...remove tp to freeports and the french swedes and danes will find it impossible too I dont mind transporting goods but when irt becomes a chore i stop playing ,,,and go play another game thats more fun than sailing in a straight line for hours on end ... would prefer 600- 800 people in game doing something ...rather than no one in game ... because they dont want the grind of sailing 6 hours a day just to get resources if your saying that NA action isnt really a game playable for people with 2-3 hours spare a day ...i will move on and find other games to play
  12. which freeport do use to transport bermuda cedar from flatts maybe i have a bug in game because thats always a 2 hr sail to little river freeport tp to cayman brac or la navasse still another 30 mims sail to kpr ypui want to get gold or slilver into kpr ....which freeport on jamaica do you use ? i always thought the transport to freeport was a good idea made freeports natural bottlenecks so i play british after the wipe there is no Teleport and i want to craft a ship with a speed bonus since i need to have a shipyard i choose kpr... its a 4 hour sail to bermuda to craft the speed bonus blue print and a 4 hour sail back ... im unlikely to encounter any other player due to the sq milage of ocean ....maybe at mortimer if i go the quickest route the most dangerous part of the voyage will be within 10 minutes of entering or leaving kpr ..... so eight hours sailing for 20 mins of danger ... and if i do get attacked i have to do it all over again .. same thing with gold and silver but good news its only a 2 hour sailing each way thats assuming playing as a brit we can even get gold or silver as there is currently none of these will be available if resource locations stay the same with the port wipe time saving are you serious ..... i see a full time job not a game that you can spend an evening enjoying
  13. slowly but surely falling out with the game .... when the wipe was first announced ... i still played the game as normal ..checked the forums everyday got to the stage where i pop into game once every 4-5 days its empty ...cant be bothered to check the forum.... other games that i had not played for a year or so have become interesting again .. when i do check the forums the stuff i read isnt inspiring .... no global chat ...alliances gone more transporting of ships or been able to jump between outposts .. hours to be spent sailing to get anywhere crafting becoming more tedious ..freeports meaningless ... hours to be spent either grinding pve or looking for pvp to get enough admiralty points or whatever they are to enable you to craft something worth while some of that may be wrong ..but i get bored reading the forums most of it seems to be short statements that dont seem to tell the whole story followed by 3-4 pages of unanswered questions or uneducated guesses while powderhorns intentions are good ... i get the feeling the game will be unrecognisable from the one i loved playing im starting to think that devs are actually using this wipe as an exit strategy ...once they reduce the game to a minimum level of players they can shut the servers down as it wont be viable anymore
  14. btw the buc is a 2nd rate and a bellona is a third rate .....and 1v1 i would back the buc against a bellona .especially if the buc had bow chasers maybe they should buff the sailing qualities of the ships without bow chasers such as a better turn rate or better trim .
  15. troll