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  1. ive been playing patch since it went live ...are you playing same game . are you sure coal is on all borders it doesnt seem that way to me ? Alvarado is on the border of which nations ?? Carupano is on the border with who ? cartegena ??? . once danes take road town its a ten min sail away .. whos going to contest that port battle are you really suggesting that someone has to purchase the game a 2nd time so they can make an alt to just get coal ??? how do i produce my stuff nearer to coal producing ports when we dont have any ...?? think you need to look at map again im playing the game ....enjoying it so far ...the coal issue was only an example i used to illustrate how the lack of a resource .has caused nightflipping to be a major problem and has led to the server split
  2. the actual problem is the way the game has changed .. night flips were not a problem a year ago ...why ..because all you were fighting for was red dots on a map ... now due to rarity of some commodities ..its important that you keep certain regions because without the resources in thos regions you cannot craft certain items and puts you at a disadvantage ... the game then is no longer fun when there was plenty of resources were around it didnt matter if someone pulled a flag and and took a port becuse you just pulled a flag and took it back the whole complexity of the game now ...has forced the server split rather than night flips take the issue of coal its on everyones doorstep except for the brits .... yes we have road town i expect that wont last longer than tomorrow ... and even so are they really expecting us to set up an outpost there ????? so Brits dont have any access to coal ..we have to take a region to get it .... the longer we go without the weaker we get the weaker we get the more people will quit ,,its a downward spiral ..thats killing the game ...mainly because the devs seem to think lack of resources force RVR ... it makes people quit .... game players will create their own RVR content without been forced into it .. there were more port battles and port changes ie fun .,,, before the current RVR system and the resource changes
  3. funny how you forget when the US were virtually one ported ..due to flips during their night or work time ....i dont remember many people calling for restraint or offering a solution to the US .... I am based in UK so have no agenda .. due to the server spilt many players who played for Brits but lived on east coast of US have choice of playing global or quit ... so while you have many friends returning to NA we have many friends leaving ... and your happy about this ??? that makes you no better than KOC and screen shots .... i can play on either server so that dig ..falls flat on its face as long as you have fun hello kitty eveyone else is definate your agenda
  4. so the french have access to coal do the spanish and the Danes ... Im kind of seeing a pattern here was same for silver and gold before patch ... brits nearest coal is om south of cuba and its in a spanish region even if we take the port its a fair sail back to KPR .. you didnt even have the decency to make the danes sail more than ten minutes for it so its in a safe area so i can accept the concept that coal is a conquest item ...and you would never make things intentionally unbalanced what essential component for crafting do the Brits and US have that makes the danes french and spanish have to go without ..unless they conquer a brit or US region ??
  5. where is the global server based ?
  6. When people start gloating over the population of one server over the other ...they dont have the good of the game at heart they have an agenda ..
  7. which shows that either the server split wasnt necassary ..plenty of eu players omline at US primetime ..or the current numbers are skewed due to patch release some posters comments on this thread gloating over server populations that their arguments in the past have never been about " for the good of the game " as they claimed just for their own personal agenda
  8. Unfortunatley we havent al been blessed with natural talent you must have .... i feel as though i dont belong in game ..when folk such as you make it look so easy
  9. its good ..should have an in game version with a 15 min cool down after youve used it
  10. see it in plenty of games ...people seem to think the more hardcore their suggestion is the more skilled other players will think they are ..
  11. as per usual with naval action there is no middle ground .. weve gone from knowing your actual position to gps accuracy and nerfed it to no idea where you are a map and a compass are indeed all you need to navigate if you know where you are and have visual reference this doesnt work at sea where there are no visual references once you leave the sight of land the gps system was not realistic for the games time period ..but neither is the current system .... any 18th century navigator could plot there position and be reasonably accurate .. no 18th century ship left port and just headed off in the rough direction of their destination . there needs to be some compomise between the two systems .. how about return the grids to the map and your ships position in the form of cordinates is displayed only every 15 minutes
  12. what do you have against 1st to 3rd rates ??? why do they need to be less important ..whats wrong with them
  13. of course silly of me
  14. im getting bored of this conversation now ... you obviously dont understand what im saying ,, thanks for your time ps did you know you spelled your name wrong on your banner .... you dropped an e ....
  15. more hostility maybe you should work less so why dont they wait until they do know ... whats wrong with the Devs saying ...its all done we are ready to drop the patch in 48 hours time it will be launched at so and so time on so and so date .. its not hard to do ..far better than it will be launched at some time .. in the future .. maybe .. if its done ..unless something goes wrong ..etc etc its not a demand .. its not something anyone has to bend over for .. it would just be helpfull ... thanks again for informing me it wont kill me ... i kind of knew that anyway .. more useless info ..but it was a timely reminder