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  1. 7am eastern during the week works for me as I can get into the PB, finish up and still start work at a decent time. On a weekend I like 7am as I can get the PB done and have the rest of the day for other things. Yes, the Aussie players can usually make the 7am eastern time battles - in fact three of the swedes players are Aussie and made that battle.
  2. The latest of a series of one sided PB's. Savannah la mar
  3. a shortage of GB/USA/Dutch - 7am eastern USA. Port-au-Prince. The silver mines go to the Danes...
  4. Sant Lago. The odds were a little one-sided - but I have to thank the enemy captain for allowing me to cap his ship and even the odds a little.
  5. I'm OK with the current penetration - but.... the stern raking shouldn't be so uncontested from close range - musket fire and deck gun fire would threaten small ships up close.
  6. France has had roughly 18-20 players active over the past week. But only 5 or 6 at any one time. Plus more than half are rookies who can only crew 250/350 or less. There are 5 'veteran' players who can crew 1100 that have been active this week (that I've seen). There were 10 Dutch in the Windward PB - with several notables missing (Q, oneeye, van decken, Vincent, davos, and others). I would think the Dutch can field 15+-20 players in a PB - still more than the French and Swedes combined can muster.
  7. Yes there was - although I would have preferred it to not be at 5:30am Eastern Time. 16 vs 15 was a good battle.
  8. Windwards - a great brawl - the defenders did a good job holding the circles. For a while it looked like they might get to 1000, but we continued to pound ships and the attrition took its toll... With the defenders split, we focused on killing rather than capping circles... it paid off. Good fight
  9. Players leaving PB's early are a huge issue. It happens all the time. The points system helps and hurts. The PB's are over mercifully quick when the odds are very skewed. One of the reasons I fight in all PB's when I'm outnumbered, I'm really battling to stay alive until the 1000 is reached. I know I can get into a decent brawl and still survive... I would prefer more points for sinking ships - and an escaped enemy SHOULD count as a sinking from a score perspective. Plus when players leave repeatedly, there should be a reputation factor that prohibits them from joining future battles - this would put paid to some of the alt grieving issues where alts occupy slots and then leave the battle. If the towers covered the majority of each circle, it would force the enemy to destroy the towers to win. At the moment the enemy can cruise into 2 or 3 of the circles and not take damage. To me, that is wrong. If the main capture zone was the one in front of the port, then all tower covering that zone have to be destroyed. If we stick with zones, then the one in front of the port should count for more points than the ones out to each side.
  10. Ah... Pike - a good running fish.... I've seen it run many a time... I thought Pike were supposed to be feisty. Seems this one has no teeth - must be a genetic defect that Darwin will take care of... IGG = I Gotta Go....
  11. I had a game lockup yesterday as well. PvP2 PB at Cap-Francais. There were only 20 players total in the PB. I had just joined the PB, it was incredibly slow getting in - taking over 2 minutes to get into the battle,. Once I set sail, I hit the Tab key to view participants and the game just froze - I had to quickly kill the game, restart and join several minutes into the battle. My ping numbers were showing around 40 - so it didn't appear to be connection related.
  12. Assuming we go back to port battle timers, I would like to propose we have timers for each day of the week. The issue today, you play on a weekend in the morning or during the day, you can end up scheduling a port battle during the week when many people cannot attend. A 10am PB on a weekend is OK for me, but 10am on a weekday, I'm working. I would propose each region have timers by day of the week, rather than a single time slot for all days. With a total number of hours allowed for attackers being assigned to different days. In the example below - having 8 x 2 hour time slots that have to be assigned by the lord protector - one for each weekday, three over the weekends - with the weekend day time slots spread a minimum of 6 hours apart. For example - using eastern USA time Monday - 8pm-10pm Tuesday- 8pm-10pm Wednesday- 8pm-10pm Thursday- 8pm-10pm Friday- 8pm-10pm Saturday - 8am-10am, 6pm-8pm Sunday - 10am-12noon Then when the attacker buys the flag from the admiralty, the flag is purchased for 2-3 days into the future. When you convert these times to Australian or Chinese times, there is always at least 1 day of the week were each port can be attacked in a players primetime. The reason for only one extra slot on the weekend, Sunday night in the USA, is Monday morning in Australia or China. Thoughts?
  13. The latest in a series of GB/USA/Dutch versus Dane/Swedes/French battles - this one at Cap-Francais. A little one sided. The port goes back to GB for the next few days... I hope they don't glue the GB name on too tight.... It will be coming off soon enough.
  14. The USA/GB chose to bring a knife to a gun fight.... duh... You had 4 rookies in the battle - yet you had top admirals crewing mortar brigs? You SHOULD have had a considerable advantage. Why not bring first-rates? You can't craft them? You don't know how to sail them? You are scared of losing them? Hmm... I think I know which... The GB/USA team can only blame themselves - yet you make excuses...
  15. Not much to report on this mornings PB at Puerto Plata - the two players who showed for GB/USA didn't stick around long..