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  1. Depending what happens with the map, you may not want the clan warehouse in the same place. I'm assuming clans go away and we have to reestablish them. There are too many leaderless clans today - and with players changing servers and nations, it makes sense to wipe them as well.
  2. Well, the impending ship total resource wipe and server changes is going to cause players to consider what nation they plan on playing for on the PvP2/Global server. I am already hearing rumblings and rumors of players switching - and that is good. Providing we can balance the nations a little. Currently on PvP2 we have the following approximate split of players. Mega alliance (55%) USA 30% GB 20% Dutch 5% Independent (20%) Pirate 20% Small Nations who typically ally (25%) Dane 10% Spain 5% France 5% Swede 5% Many of the players on PvP1 who are going to switch to PvP2/Global are currently playing USA, and some are GB or Pirate. From what I am reading (and hearing), most of the French and Dane PvP1 players are going to the Euro server. If the players coming from PvP1 don't join the smaller nations, there will be a huge imbalance of players across the nations. I know a few of the PvP2 players are considering nation changes too - but what I am hearing is fairly small scale moves that will help, but not really address the overall imbalance. Selfishly I would like to see many more players come to France, but the key is to get as many players move to the small nations during this switch. We all want PvP (except for a few care bears). I would like to get a feel for who is going where. If you are willing to publicly declare... let's hear. I will post the combined information here. If you don't want to post publicly, send me a message and I will just use numbers, no names.
  3. Resetting ships and modules helps level the game out. Currently you have more experienced players with perfect ships and almost mythical gold mods (Gold Marines, Carpenters, Powder Monkeys and more) going against lesser players with inferior ships and green/blue mods. Another part of the issue is the distribution of Blue Prints - it is very uneven - some nations/clans have all the BP's many times over, others are missing critical BP's to be able to compete. The game has become very unbalanced and needs to be reset. Personally I am perfectly OK with the ship wipe - and would even prefer a full reset - although we'll have to wait for that.
  4. Part of the issue today is everyone has TOO MANY ships and a surplus of redeemable notes to cash out. The shipbuilding economy really has not been tested for months. Once the PvP and PvE events came out, it's been possible to use redeemable ships most of the time. I've only been building the occasional 2nd rate ship for missions, and a few smaller ships for clan members. I haven't needed to craft that many ships - that will change very soon.
  5. right - while there is always some variation from day to day and week to week, I've long believed the numbers were in this rough range.
  6. There are times I think the Alts outnumber the 'real' players...
  7. It is PvP2 according to Admin. Those numbers are not unreasonable. France sees 15-20 during a day, but only 5 or 6 on at the same time - that's just what I see online - I'm not on for 20+ hours each day (although my wife thinks I am...)
  8. bottom of this page
  9. From admin - posted in another thread. USA is huge, GB is large as are Pirates - 25% spread across the small nations...
  10. PvP2 data would be nice to see, and a combined PvP1/2 to better understand total population - especially with the looming Euro / Global Server changes. Certainly if more players come over to what was PvP2 server (soon to be global), it will change the dynamic here - as will the percentages on the Euro server. Declarations about all the French PvP1 players moving to the Euro server could mean France on PvP2/Global will see very few players coming over whereas the USA and GB nations could grow massively and unbalance the PvP2/Global server even more than it already is.
  11. They are not PvP1 players, but some tenured PvP2 players starting to play again after not playing for 6+ months... We have seen 3-4 coming back in the last few days.
  12. I didn't like port timers, but I prefer them to the current approach. With port timers you knew when to be online - you could reserve a 2 hour window and be prepared to play. Now if I want to attack or defend ports, the times are NOT when I prefer to play. I log in each morning and wince at the PB times.
  13. You pound on the side of a ship and it sinks - even without getting any leaks. You pound on the stern, hit after hit after hit, the enemy ship never sinks... why? I would have thought once you have trashed the structure of the stern, you should eventually get enough hits to sink the enemy ship. Similar thing on the bow of the ship. I seem to remember sinking from bow leaks in the distant past when towers nailed my boarding ships, but in recent months I have not had any ships where bow leaks cause me to start taking on water. Am I missing anything here? Did the mechanic change?