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  1. Seriously ? 3 hours a day ?
  2. Cool, my huge stock is now worthless, lot of hours and money collecting them for an hypothetical Ocean blueprint.....for what ? Renaming a resource ? I don't see the point, you could have simply renamed the French wine, no need to create a new one and let players in their shit. Or you could have deleted it and redeemed players. With the last patch the enjoyment/frustration ratio is not very good, at least in my point of view. Since he came out I play less.
  3. I know a lot of players that won't consider restart from the beginning and will simply leave the game (already poor on players....). A wipe happening after a one or two month beta is understandable, but after a one year availability on Steam and hundreds or thousands hours spent crafting, trading and transporting countless resources all over the map.....that would be a huge mistake and a pure lake of respect. Early access program is not an excuse to be rude with people who invested so much of IRL time playing the game.
  4. I'd prefer 1000 fine woods of each type
  5. The same for me, seems a global problem
  6. Perhaps because some fishes have a better gameplay compared to some people...
  7. The peace treaty defines a no pvp zone in French waters for the nations that signed that treaty. You can do PVP, you'll just have to assume consequences for you and for your nation, simple. "but yes, you care a lot for beginners taking the "action" away from them... " Beginners start doing PVE missions, so stop saying bullshit, being attacked all day long in a basic cutter or a snow (if you survive a couple days) by trinco, frigates and rattlesnake is not fun at all. You want war, you want blood, you want action....but you have no long term vision, sorry to be rude.
  8. I see a lot of people chatting everyday in English in the France channel, and there is no major communication problem as far as I'm concerned. When I sail to Spanish coasts (good cigars, good rhum and pretty girls in taverns) I try to speak Spanish or English with the captain I met, and it was always a pleasure.
  9. Oui, un très beau texte, rempli d'air frais et plein d'espoir
  10. I would like to see RSS FEEDS, so we can know what's happening in the game when we are not connected: -Conquest and Port Battle -Own contracts / Economy news -Diplomacy news (when avalaible)
  11. I was victime of this technique twice today. You see one ship on your way, she disappear so you feel safe and suddenly multiple ships appear and tag you.....very annoying.
  12. Gracias por estos videos es muy informativo !!!
  13. There are clearly two differents groups on PVP1 and no discussion will make us agree with each other. When I read that some people want to eradicate 3 others nations because they are friendly with Pirates.....well.... This is not their backyard, this is OUR territory, and we won't accept to be reduced to 6 or 7 ports. That is unacceptable offer, dot. Now you are threatened by Pirates, well, deal with it and assume YOUR diplomacy, we'll do the same. We are in war because we had to defend our Danish allies, they are friends, you are clearly not. We will not surrender and you can't "win", no one can with the actual gameplay, that are facts. If you don't accept to leave OUR ports, I suppose French Council (not speaking in their names, just a personnal opinion) won't accept peace, we are not your slaves.
  14. Bienvenue, rejoins nous sur le PvP tu pourras aussi y faire du pve.
  15. Love the idea !