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  1. It would be cool to be allowed to change your name, at a cost of some PVE marks for exemple.
  2. Has this been proven? I thought that misleading the forums on the actual use of the Pray button was a banable offense.
  3. You can unlock the first 3 upgrade slots, but you'll need to unlock earlier ships to unlock the last 4-5.
  4. You keep all your redeemables until you use them, You can thus create and delete as many character in as many different nations before using the redeemable and you'll be fine.
  5. Why not the good old Ducats?
  6. Any plan to allow the apostrophe to the the character name's creation in the near future? You already use it in ranks "chef d'escadre" and in some materials needed for trims "officier de l'école d'artillerie". Cheers
  7. France will surely lose it's gold port (in haiti) to Britain or pirates in the first few weeks.
  8. You can redeem once on each server you have a character on.
  9. People used to AFK fish in the protected area, which defeat the purpose of having more people out in the OW. I guess we could repeal that silly government regulation if we remove that silly government enforced protection you get
  10. I see it the other way around: Slower speed means even bigger time sink for a ''duty'' that is already dull, hence the AFK sailing 90% of the time except when approaching a town. There are even talks on the forum about screwing traders with the smuggler flags in the name of a "harbour master" that doesn't exist in game yet, just because "hardcore". Might as well ask them to surrender on sight, which might happen with a 20% speed penalty. We'll see about the ''cat and mouse'' play and escorts, etc. but at my playing time, I've barely seen more than 150 players online so I don't have high hopes in that regard.
  11. The first that comes to mind are all those ''hardcore 1337 privateers'' lobbying for slower speed for fully ladden traders, to make it easier to intercept them on the few occasion they meet, but at the cost of a longer time sink-AFK saling for traders all the time.
  12. Pandora will be given at game release only, not during EA.
  13. Wouldn't a slower hostility generation rate help in solving the dreaded nightflips? We got to seriously think about what is the lesser evil here Giving higher rewards as conquest or PVP marks for PVP battles in a region opened to hostility might encourage players to look for PVP. If RVR players would seriously avoid PVP, then we have a whole different problem, and it might not be the game I'd personally get rid of PB's to force defender to show up on the OW, instead of relying exclusively on a single battle to keep a region. Région flips by OW PVP could be made to simulate a land campaign supported by fleet action (blockade, ferrying supplies and troops, etc).
  14. LO and Bermuda are not the ultimate best woods now. Caguiaran is just as strong, if not better than LO, and a mahoganey framed ship speed bonus is just 1% less than bermuda or fir, but yet much stronger, for exemple.
  15. Small comment here: WIth the introduction of new woods and trims, NPC sold ships are now all using the crew space trim. They are now again of lesser quality than crafted ship. Is this a bug or intended? With 1 dura ship, store bought ship must be equal to crafted ships, IMO.