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  1. That's why i mentioned it with an example when you pointed out other Stats might have 20% cap aswell.
  2. I think there's no 20% Speed cap. I've got Gazelle, Bovenwinds, Copper, Opt. Ballast, Art of Cargo Dist. on my Surprise (Bermuda/Bermuda) and it is 19% from bonuses and 10% from woods used, and every item/skill added increased speed, finally reaching 15knts cap. (drops below the cap, only when above 215 tons in hold with full set of long cannons - 4/9/6/4 pdrs).
  3. Simply prevent leaving SOL in "Free Town Outpost" , when you would like to teleport out of Free port a message stating: "Your Warship of the Line will be confiscated, are you sure you wan't to proceed?"
  4. Damn it... Kinda hard to come by then.
  5. So does "Art of Ship Handling" require some randomly dropped recipe first or it just needs two items that can be merged into one somehow?
  6. M&C Fleet mission in Indefatigable grants like 6-10 Marks. Takes 30 minutes. So if we count someone can spend 3 hrs a day in game. (not so much a hardcore player) It would give us arround 42 Marks doing missions, so in a week (5 days, excluding weekend for real life if someone have one ) we could get 2 x 100 Mark books. While doing PvP the same person for the same ammount of Marks would have to sink (not capture) 20 Indefatigables (10 marks reach), all alone (kill stealing / sharing) and don't get sunk, which is kinda not possible, while spending a lot of time just searching for players (especially when we can't teleport to Free Town outposts). I would increase the Mark prices like 50% so PvE progression would be slower for a PvP server. But meanwhile would increase PvP drop to 4:1 or even 5:1.
  7. It should actually be like 5:1 not 2:1.
  8. Unless you bring 20+ Basic Cutters like yesterday near Belize on PvP Eu.
  9. Or you can have separate "Experience like" bar/level that would be raised by hostility/pvp activity. And those points would be used to Rent / Maintain SOL (daily / hourly upkeep). The SOL would be locked out in dock if you run out off points, and ship stats would drop gradually over time if you would stay in OW (without points). This way you would be able to personalize it with upgrades, but use it only if you prove to be active/succesful player against enemies. Smaller SOLs would use up less points.
  10. 1. You take Basic Cutter, put open magazine access 2. Group up with several friends 3. Sail to enemy port where you can find many players 4. Attack AI ship pulling Enemy players aswell 5. You use fire tactic to destroy bigger ships 6. Win
  11. Yay... GB nation on PvP EU got Hostility zerged in George Town by 20 Pirates today sailing Agamemnons+. Tomorrow GB is gonna lose George Town and basicly will be cornered and later razed to the ground. And before i hear it's our own fault that we didnt instigate PB's... we tried, Dutch didnt gave hello kittys, Spanish & Pirates are enemies.. French & US basicly do not exist anymore.. only Danes agreed to some form of help (after receiving own grind in 3 ports). So yeah, GG Devs, you hello kittyed up gameplay for whole GB nation with your bull crap Pension system.
  12. We wan't realistic OW speed!
  13. If it would be a solo player or group of players it does not matter. There should be no option for anyone to sail near a capital, or major city attack someone (jump into a Mission for example), kill or capture this guys ship and get out freely, either it is teleport to nearest port or boost for speed. I can understand they might have option to choose location they want to spawn in OW in some vicinity of Battles location, but cmon... immunity?
  14. That port has ID:1 probably in the games database?
  15. I would quit instantly.... there's already enough sailing time to get anywhere in this game.