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  1. If you are ganking lone ships "near enemy ports" from which they can call for help.. so what do you expect? Free teleport to friendly port after reaping the rewards?
  2. Ok. I just wonder how it wil work after updates (wipe/new crafting/skills). Cause there will be no difference between the ships in the fleet (if they are the same, have the same refit and build). Basicly only distinction will be on Sailing Skill's assigned to ship you are using... which might cause other fleet ships to slow you down (as they don't benefit from the skills).
  3. The Knights who say Ni! demand a sacrifice!
  4. #freeSruPl
  5. Few Problems: 1. There are lists of players created to organise PBs attacks, your idea will completely disorganise attacks as even newbie players will swarm battles in a need of materials, 2. You will limit creation of strategic materials like 'silver', 'gold', 'copper', 'compass wood', 'live oak' which will cause prices to sky-rocket, and some more organised groups could create complete monopoly of those materials. Not to mention Shipyards will need to be aquired aswell.
  6. There will be no way to organise coordinated attack on any Port... because every PB will be swarmed by material hungry zombie players.
  7. "Typing bad Game Review Mode On"
  8. So i assume that PvE area won't produce any materials? Or we won't be able to transfer materials between PvE and PvP zones? Cause without it you will create a lot of carebears trading only in PvE area and sending mats to Free town's by delivery system.
  9. If you have fleet active (1-2 ships) what is the Open Waters speed calculation? 1. Is it speed of the slowest ship in the whole fleet? 2. Or is it some average of all ships in the fleet? D.
  10. So why don't we make it in old style: based on a game i very liked on my first PC: "High Seas Trader" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High_Seas_Trader Crew: To gain crew (marines, sailors) you had to visit ports and recruit them from a tavern, so it took atleast several ports to visit if you lost most of your crew. Of course there was no teleport between outposts, so new crew members could be available only when sailing into port with a ship (disabled for outposts). Game currently remembers when last time you have visited the port, based on this value the system would offer certain ammount of new crew members to recruit (marines, sailors separately?). Provisions: Each having consumption rate set separately affecting crew morale, and/or ship handling - mostly on longer voyages 1. Rum - only purchasable at ports 2. Fruit - purchasable at ports / collectible near coast 3. Water - replenished automatically at ports / collectible at certain areas near coast In addition it had nice leveling system that required traveling (visiting certain number of ports), level of wealth aquired since previous level up, battle experience aquired - a rank up required all of those at a certain level, at mid rank it required 'estate' and later few treasures found.
  11. and do nothing from a far (hull thickness - yes penetration is completely fucked up now).
  12. Feature works well... with one exception: You cannot send a ship which is currently "selected" (cant right click it), so if you want to send it you either need to: - select other ship first (if you have it in this port) - buy basic cutter and "select it" - or teleport to other outpost and back again so the ship you want to "Tow" is not "selected" All of the above options suck...
  13. Map overview of Ports show hostility in the bottom part, but if few nations raise hostility at the same time you can see only one or two. You can't see the third value. Not mentioning that it does not update properly, often people do not know what's the current value of hostility.
  14. Ok. So 'Pirate Refit' bonus would be useless on small ships like Cutter, Lynx, Privateer ? As it is applying 'Main Sail' bonus (in this meaning a square sail).
  15. Simply: More Outposts available (10 to 16). Currently it is highly limited: - One for Capital - One for Clan Outpost (if it's outside Capital) - often they are placed near rare resources (Mahogany/Live Oak) or at Regions with certain Trims - Three for crafting of high demand materials (buildings: silver, copper, mahogany, bermuda cedar etc..) or crafting ships (outpost needed in specific region for a Trim) Which leaves only 3 Outposts free for handling transports, PvP (free ports like La Navasse, Las Tortugas, La Desirade) or RvR (to hold ships needed for Port Battles near 'contested' ports) - which sadly is not enough to have fun cause either you wan't to have more options for crafting of materials / ships or more options for PvP and RvR - you can't have both.