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  1. If not decreasing crew costs, maybe crew qualities. You need a well trained crew for a 1st rate, and not so well for a Cerberus. Or you can choose which crew you take, and veteran crew will be better in boarding and has shorter reload times, faster yards etc. Drunken bastards you just dragged to your ship from closest taverns could be ~free. Trained sailors could be 500. We could also introduce iron cannons. Cheap and not that good, but when you do not have gold, better than nothing. I think that I am probably the only guy on this forum who would like to make this game to work for those guys who played it 10 hours and left the game. Like all these changes devs introduced are definitely not for these guys. Admin, if you could, can you just say that you do not care S about these guys, so I can stop trying to think ways to make this playable for broader audience. I have to admit that I feel like Don Quijote here.
  2. The reason why this does not work btw. Home Front trading will be super easy with these AI ships. Bigger nations will benefit from this way too much.
  3. He means are pirates like every other nation, with an exception that they can go pirate vs pirate. Grasshopper sounds so negative. There could be a lot to offer in grasshopping, I recommend to think about it.
  4. LGV is probably the best trader in the game. Probably Indiaman would make more sense than LGV. If we were able to communicate with our enemy, say that you can keep the ship, I am just here for the cargo. Then your pray understands to wait in BRScreen to get the ship back. If we do not have global chat, we could raise some signaling flags. Signaling flags could be ok idea alone as well. Some way to communicate with your enemy. This actually could be a very interesting feature. They have to just fight with nations close to them. So if Spanish are removed from the area, they have still France and GB. Would they dare to fight with their extremely long term ally? Which would be an important feature to stop safe "home front" farming. Traders, escorts, pirates, pirate hunters. This has so much to give for this game.
  5. Multiple repair kits in general could be still a bad idea. Everyone who has been shot in a bad shape, can take distance and repair their ship. This is especially true if you have more ships than your enemy. "Mass > Skill", gets buffed. Ganking improved, zergs improved. Devs are leaving fair game for that new arena game. Still, this repair kit thing could be done differently, so that it would not "Mass > Skill". There are probably other things as well that are indirectly affecting to this. Liqus idea about 1vs2, demast one fast to be able to fight 1vs1 for a moment at least. I do not like this either too much. Masts are a shortcut to win 1vs2. Positioning yourself correctly should be the key to victory. More efficient mast sniping is, less important it is to position yourself right. For example that idea of 250m mast sniping distance. If you do not have the wind, but you are in 250m, it does not matter how your enemy positions herself, as you are still able to shoot her masts efficiently. I am not saying that having the wind would be useless, just saying that would have less meaning. Yes, I am simplifying here to make a point.
  6. Not everyone knows about your plans.
  7. I understand. If I see an Indiaman, I have no idea what it can do. It may have 8 speed upragrades or not. I cannot know how fast it can go. Endymion is a fast ship, I know that, but is that so? An indiaman can be as fast as Endymion, so actually Endymion is just as fast as Indiaman. No? So the question is in the end, which is the heaviest ship that can do 15kn?
  8. Upgrades will define more than ship types? It would be a nice if recognizing ship types and understanding what specific ship types can do would matter more than less. If upgrades can make any ship to go 15kn, ship knowledge is less important. You see a ship, but you still cannot know what it can do, as you cannot see the upgrades. All ships that can do that capped 15kn, are probably important ship types.
  9. Which ships can do 15kn ?
  10. Let me know if someone should have rights to edit.
  12. I tried to find the correct thread where someone mentioned that join PvP EU because it is more relaxed. I did not think that "that" much that time. Now that I check the clan list, and I try to remember more or less who are and in which clan, this guy actually could be right. Saltiest guys are actually, probably, listed here. There are also clans that are not listed yet, but who I have understood will be on this list. There is a chart like this for PvP EU as well?
  13. Only real negative thing is that 90 min pirate vs pirate timer.
  14. Lets hope zergs never understand to demast ships. Else that 60 min chaining will turn to 6min demast.
  15. I have understood that everyone goes for a demast atm.