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  1. I play on EU, I am from EU, nice. Numbers are still low. I believe we can pretty safely say that time to remove that port timer, invent something better and merge Global.
  2. Pirates do not need line ships, but they have to be playable. They have to be able to craft ships like everyone else, and have a change to get refits etc. If you change the gameplay radically, you do not have to provide the same as for the rest. If they are able to teleport between Free Towns, sail 5th rates everywhere, that is totally different gameplay. They get basic ships to get forward, from their capital area. If they have smugglers flag, they have to go and buy stuff from other players in other nation. They can capture ships and materials to craft in any location, they just cannot produce anything in those locations. Nationals are able to attack them in 4th rates, they have only 5th rates -> Pirates would be always running. They capture your 4th rate, but cannot sail in Free Town nearby. Some carebear might cry that unfair that they are able to be everywhere, but I think disadvantages they would get would be so radical, that it wont make it easy to be a pyrate. I actually think many would leave pirate nation, if gameplay would be more pyrate like. The end game atm. is... 1. RvR 2. OW PvP + ? 3. trader&escort + pirate hunter VS pirates
  3. Constitution Checked module statistics and Hull module seems to be 700 hp weaker than in other 4th rates. (I am not speaking from side armor) So.. Why it is 700 hp weaker than in other 4th rates?
  4. 1. Pirate able to teleport from Free Town to Free Town outpost, not from National to National outpost 2. Up to 5th rates can sail in a Free Town 3. Pirate ships and refits to give them something special 4. Maybe smugglers flag as well
  5. Can you let us know the differences before the wipe?
  6. 1. Now they are not competitive vs other nations in RvR, which is a must for pirates as well. Or not? 2. Have a roe rule that is seen as a penalty as well. First steps for pirates to become pirates, but.. It is still a game, so what are the benefits?
  7. It is ok if it takes some time, nothing against that. Was it like 8 months? from the first time devs said that there is going to be a ship wipe. Players decided to take a break, as ship wipe was coming in 2-3 months or so. Basically informing all the time that a wipe is coming soon, makes people to stop playing. Which is a bit boring if you actually want to play. Someone bought the game in these months, logged on empty server... Maybe not the best marketing. Maybe we can agree that there is room for improvement?
  8. Espanja vois olla myös ok vaihtoehto. Espanjalaiset yllättävän vähän pelaavat, ymmärtääkseni.
  9. Think about it a bit more. edit... Think about Trafalgar, Victory raking Buc. Correct me please if I am wrong. It did not go like... "Oh, Bucs stern is here, good place to rake, so lets rake". Nelson actually planned his maneuver. Also, was there just a "standard" load in cannons or did Nelson ask something else to be loaded? Was it a multi-projectile round? Maybe a low velocity one because of that? Which ammunition type in NA would describe this the best, needs preplanning, has multiple projectiles and is low velocity? Check casualties. I think that in NA with standard ball you can cause equal or more casualties than Nelson was able to cause in this one. Planing, tactical gameplay, provides often depth more than direct reaction based games. Skill is different, as your have to think a bit more what you are going to do. You still have mechanical execution there in the end. The same reason why I do not like the current mast meta, as it is creating pretty simple gameplay. Lets see, the wipe is coming, and it can be that I am wrong.
  10. I believe so. This should be simulated. Chain shot should be always the 1st option to shoot rigging if asked from me. Current mast meta is making these, maybe not useless, but clearly not as useful as those could be. The game would be also better if grape rake would be the way to cause crew damage. Round shot rake damage should be nerfed to give room for grapes. The game has 3 ammunition types. Would be more interesting if we had to actively change ammunition type. Right now you can safely just sail with round shots, as that works for all. You get a good place to rake, you take it. You get a good place to shoot masts, you take it. You get a good place to shoot hull side, err, well, you skip it. But still, the point is, you can just sail with round shot. What if you get a good place to rake, you have balls loaded, you take it but you know the damage is not really that high. You would need to know beforehand that you are going to rake and load grapes. Skill cap would be higher. I like this as this asks you to see couple steps forward how things should develop. This is something that you cannot practice with bots, this is more than just a mechanical skill. To me personally, Naval Action combat at least was awesome. The depth came from wind, positioning, maneuvering, and then there was a short moment to use mechanical skill. It created good amount of depth, better than in any game that I have been playing so far. So in one way yes, I am here after something that I liked. Now I am just afraid that the game is going to burger game category. Lets make a scenario... We remove everything else except side hull damage. I am not really asking this, but for this scenario. We come to system that is just hull bashing, right? But how you define who is going to win? You have to be able to cause damage without taking damage. This is something far more complicated than just "Hull bashing". Could it be more difficult than mast sniping? So now one guy is better than you with wind, positioning and maneuvering. It is actually hard to get damage because he always seems to know how to position and maneuver. So how do we make it easy for you? We provide you mast raking and sniping. If enemy is positioning and maneuvering well, estimating his position well -> Who cares as you can always shoot masts! So forget the rest, just learn some mast sniping. Lets then make those masts to be toothpicks so everyone has to do it, so that now the game is just about mechanical skill. Yes, this sucks.
  11. It can be that I will be personally sniping if they do not change this. edit. Oh, and I am pretty sure I am not going to be the only one.
  12. Ok, then I am probably wrong. Just one question.. Then why did they invent chain shots? Sniping, as done in Naval Action. You do not fire your broadside to ships hull for example, as you know it is better to fire one shot at time to a mast.
  13. From early evening to next morning, continuous OW PvP at Jamaica. Lot of fun and good memories from these battles. One of the best parts of OW PvP is that you always get a different kind of battle, different odds, different ships, different scenario.
  14. I did not say it was not a tactic. And you telling me that I said something like that, made me to think this is waste of time + we were and probably will be stuck in our conversation again, so no reason to continue. I said it is hard for me to believe that they were sniping masts and firing full broadsides of balls to masts. I believe tho, that there could have been some cannons that were used for sniping. Sniping was not a norm if I have understood this correctly. Were they btw. shooting chains instead of balls to rigging? I could imagine them shooting chains to rigging. Also like mentioned earlier, ship could lose it masts because its hull got in a bad shape. You know, your Agamemnon sniping Santisima example does not take on account that there were plenty of other ships shooting Santisima. So it can be that the reason why Santisima lost its masts was something totally different than that Agamemnon in the end. You also say that hull sides are now a very good target, when everything else I read says that mast sniping is the game. So I do not know who to believe here. Not maybe worth our time to figure that out. btw. Hull bashing is bashing only because people do not understand that it is not just bashing. Ships are slow and if you want that someone is not bashing your hull, how do you do that? Even if you were super good at this, mast sniper wins. A good mast sniper basically wins every battle -> Skill cap going down, as the combat system could offer a lot more tools than 1. Which is relatively easy even.