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  1. This is pretty much what I would expect to happen and given we are talking about test bed with max 80 online. This problem will be even more severe on live with a few 100 online. there has to be some stop gap between an instance and OW there just simply has to be.
  2. Maybe this is planned for when UI gets updated I dont know. But its really needed for quality of life for anyone playing the game on high resolution screen. My current resolution is 3840x2160 and this makes the majority of the UI text unbearable small to read even given the fact the screen is 52 inch! The main areas I have issue are the ship info box top right on OW, the ship condition top left and the sailing info bottom right, I can barely read anything here. The text in the chatbox is just about acceptable on large font. another place this is problematic is the text for example the trader tool in the map window. the trade items and ports text is just painfully small. a basic slider in the graphics menu to scale the UI to your screen is all I see being required to fix this, but the solution is yours to decide if you can do something about it.
  3. Ok, but the effects of this cant be truly seen until implemented on live either way so I'll hold judgement till then.
  4. But bumping into an organised fleet in OW is not the same as coming out of an instance to a retaliation is it?
  5. Not sure what you're trying to get at but no, no spots were hit.
  6. I am not new. 1500 hrs and max rank on pvp1 for some time. but when i do get time to play which generally is not long stretches (1-3hrs maybe) I head out solo for whatever content I can find. I have had no reason for a guild up to this point and don't see why i should need someone holding my hand to continue to play the game?
  7. or just avoid the game at this stage.
  8. as liquicity says this would basically just cause a camp in the reverse order now. people will gladly wait outside battle knowing there is no hiding for those within. more so now with capture changes and the likelyhood that ships will cost a fair whack if crafted.
  9. what was wrong with battle screen that saw its removal? Im not entirely sure the removal was the right direction it seemed quite ok as it was?
  10. maybe make it so NPC ships have less or none? perks or maybe no permanent upgrade slots?
  11. would it be possible to have a single fleet ship availble by default so capturing ships doesnt require a perk? increase perk amount required for additional ship from that point onward i think would be better? also for UI is it possible to get keyboard shortcuts for splitting item quantity and ability to input quanitity by keypad number not slider
  12. need room in fleet to cap ships? lose out on potential loot failing this? few ships been boarded now and dont appear in battle screen with any loot.
  13. I find this a huge problem still.. 52'' screen and Im sat maybe 6 foot away yet cant read alot of text UI is painfully small and its not my eyes
  14. I always thought the test bed was a strange set up, how will the changes implemented be fully tested if they don't get "used and abused" in mass by a lot of people. which I expect is not the case for the non existent test bed population. Given the current state the game is still at Alpha these changes should be getting implemented to the main servers and if there is issues with them its no big deal to hotfix as has been the case up to this. The only place I see a testbed useful is for testing of changes or large patches prior to implementation when the game is officially release. Its unnecessary currently IMHO
  15. What about allowing entry to battle remain open just for people in each sides fleet? have this only apply to fleets of attacker and defender ship.