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  1. We are not able to capture AI ships to haul the loot to port. In case of AI traders wont that cause people being constantly unable to load the loot on their small ships?
  2. This server split is not a sollution like some of you are saying as devs already stated that after release they want servers to be joined together and with no time restrictions. You guys would better think how to make that work instead of loosing energy arguing again and again where the grass is greener.
  3. How sailing to the mission (especially without coords) is not counted as being in OW?
  4. My exact feelings. It's not about the fact that AI is less accurate than before plus hopeless but about the fact that new players are even worse in that regard plus they mostly dont know much about sailing. So in the first 1h of playtime the game need to do everything to keep them playing instead of telling them that they are terrible because most people will just quit.
  5. Okay, after playing for some time without reedeming anything i can tell you that newbies will have hard time playing against current AI. The only ship they will be able to sink will be probably traders brig due to only stern cannons. Increased damage and better AI accuracy will kill anyone new starting the game. I hope that AI improvements annouced will take that into account.
  6. I dont know if bottles were changed but since it will be much harder to find wrecks the loot from them should be also better now. Also bringing grid back wouldnt hurt.
  7. This was my first magic moment and the reason why i joined the game: I really liked to watch SideStrafes NA videos. Me at the very beginning joining in my basic cutter opened battle with huge back then Constis. At the end GB defeated France which was an epic feeling and this was only pve battle. Dawn and Sunset. Seeing in OW HMS Trincomalee player when BP for it was extremely rare. When i finnaly got to Belle Poule and i found out how great looking ship it is and the epic feeling of being able to fight constitution. Seeing first time Pavel under G'kar command (and also him being commodore) Epic battles around Tumbado againts Spain and France including 20 ish RGL group all in rate ships. Every Panama campaign. Sailing to south Panama channel
  8. So why removing capturing of everything alltogether instead of just line ships (hell even 4th rates) ? This wont promote PvP. Rather ships hugging.
  9. They could balance that in different way. For example lock captured AI for 1 perm and 2 normal upgrade slots regardless how many you already unlocked. They could do many things but as always from extreme into extreme. This can be huge!
  10. Yes, thats how it is now but dev team is already thinking about canceling PvE marks exchange for PvP from what i know. Soon that something will be only xp and gold
  11. I honestly cant understand why PvP players cant seem incomming fate of this game when limiting people only to PvP rewards. Why population declined lately? Devs started to toy with mechanic favouring more PvP players: - Crew mechanic implemented - Signaling perk added - Instant closed battles added - No capturable AI at some point - New ships given only to those excelling in skill and able to participate in server events People who played as casuals or were part of poulation that enjoyed both PvE and PvP stared leaving the game. OW ended up empty. PvP players ( who had best time for PvP with signaling, insta close instances, exit to port) started to complain about a lack of PvP and started leaving also. Game ended up with RvR crowd generating PB's as this was the only meaningfull and one that guaranteed PvP content left in the game. Again, I dont ask PvE to reward same amount as PvP but it has to reward something. Both player groups are needed for fully functional MMO game even on PvP server. Those groups are in game providing each other with fun. Sadly plenty of people including devs doesnt understand that.
  12. Simply because in current way of how the game will work, some people wont be able to afford next loss in their PvP match. They will somehow need to rebuild their assets to be able to compete in PvP. Its not black or white. Its a mix. Those people, you call them PvE grinders are also a part of OW sailing players which provide "PvP grinders" with targets. Isnt that providing as much motivation as possible too?
  13. Increase exp needed even for 1-3 slots but do not lock 4-5 slot behind advancement of previous ships. People will feel forced to sail those ships to unlock the one they really want to sail. So after they do that there wont be anything interesting for them when they decide again to sail ships they already got mastery ( more than that, as they were forced people will be less likely to sail them back again) and that will cut their interest in the game. Please consider this one if you plan to keep players longer in game.