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  1. Pewnie ze by pomogla. Ludzi by wiecej sciagnelo. Inna sprawa jest to ze wiekszosc graczy w grze uzywa angielskiego wiec kiedy rozmawiasz z nimi automatycznie musisz tak czy siak tlumaczyc na angielski. Odkrylem ten problem w Diablo 3 i musialem sie przerzucic na angielski. Natomiast jesli chodzi tylko i wylacznie o polska spolecznosc to by byla super sprawa mimo wszystko bo pokazalaby ze deweloperowi zalezy.
  2. Would he get anything if he would win this situation? I guess that he would have not enough crew to take that LGV so, lost time, no exp, no gold. Isnt that awkward? What if he would decide to leave the battle after killing that 213 crew ending the battle with a draw? He didnt lost. He fought, which you consider as sailing in a ship and working on your skills and still no unlocking mods exp. Isnt that awkward? How about finnaly implementing something like jewels as the loot? Why capped ships doesnt drop gold or silver coins/ingots more often? Why to craft a ship you need furnishing from admiralty store yet when deconstructing you cant even get 1 chair most of the time? This is weird gameplay.
  3. I meant that it should be great with everything except mastering other ships before you can master your favourite one. Playing with Rear Admiral skills and trying to be newcomer also wont work, so please do not judge me.
  4. How it is more lucrative? If there is no LO then you set up contract at the price you want to get and voila. You need to have some goods in game which you dont need to mine/cut or whatever else.
  5. Yes, ofc, but if there is a chance that players will plenty of times end up broke just because they wanted to equip their ship with cannons then I'm saying that the system is not working. As for the enemy, you got to remember clan groups for who solo players will be easy prey. They will have it easier in game and as much as people can be telling others, not everyone would want to join the clan. My post was exactly some form of whine, although its all speculation on my part as we cant really test it atm.
  6. Yes, thats true, but it all changes when PvP come in play. Doing PvE all day long with base crew is ok but only on basic cutter. As soon as you get bought/crafted ship (or even capped) and you fit a new set of guns loosing it can be very costly. I dont understand why cannons are so expensive (they cost more than ship itself - mods vol 2.0?). Add to that repair kits + 1 dura ship and a newbie will be in trouble.
  7. Agree, especially considering the fact that exp is awarded only for kill/assist.
  8. When they came up with the idea of alliances I said that it wont work this way unless its artificially controlled by devs. What that would do tough, is some players would certainly accuse them of sides picking.
  9. i would extend that to 4th rates too (except Indiaman)
  10. Np Team, La Hermione after wipe will be good as a reward for such a brilliant idea thx
  11. Searched a bit. So looks like its kill/assist that counts. Looks like there wont be any rewards for shooting sails (at least i didnt get any for shooting sails - do damage to sails counts towards kill/assist)? Do assist provide captain with marks? As for cappping wouldnt it be better to capture and then select option "send to admiralty" to get rewards instead of shooting to empty hulk? Some ships you would like to keep for their trim/wood type but that you can check only after battle ends.
  12. OK, at this point i need clarification from Admin as playing alone makes it hard to test. I seem to recieve exp for getting assist and a bit of gold. I didnt get any exp or gold for no assist/kill just shooting enemy sails. I didnt recieved any marks at all from those 2 fights. And i dont seem to get any mod unlock exp from those 2 encounters. How does it work?
  13. Guilty of taking the easy way but I definitely didnt get anything for capping.
  14. Thats how it works on testbed? Rank exp, mod unlock xp or both?