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  1. If you're in need of anything Budgie don't hesitate to ask. If these guys don't get you your clan mates will.
  2. And what happens after banning someone for these weak reasons. Gotta stop treating this like a propaganda machine and more like an open forum.
  3. I hadn't seen that. Thanks for the link. That's probably the best idea I've seen for coming up with a time zone fix. There will be a lot of hardcore clans that would go out of their time zone. Although this is just something that came to mind and I haven't put much thought into it. But other avenues of multiple port battles spread out over time have left me at a dead end.
  4. Why have I not seen this. I thought you knew nothing Jon Snow.
  5. Ehh, my bad. Just been trying to think of a way to conquer time zone issues. On global it will be more of a problem than ever. EU no problem. You guys just wage your battles with each other and I'm sure this will be the end of all time zone issues there. And you guys will never come to the forums crying about night flipping again. It will be magical for you guys. Nothing but rainbows in EU's future.
  6. I was just thinking. The bulk of the fights over in the Antilles area are European time zones. The Brits are centralized and cover both time zones. The US have their time zone as do the pirates. The Spanish seem kinda screwed though. But what if the map was split into time zones with port battle windows reflecting that. You have a whole section of this large map catered to a Euro timezone and another section catered to US timezone. Crossing to the other area you know the times that you'll have to fight in before you make that choice.
  7. Just make sure to check "only playing EU" for the Global option. Need a vote in all 3 unfortunately.
  8. I don't know about that. There was a ton of salt about this not that long ago. It wasn't from pvp2. I'm sure getting rid of most of the US from pvp1 will help your dilemma, but then you'll have a weak Britain and non-existent US. Might as well cut you map in half to have a fun game then.
  9. You using my system yet? I know you saw it and you love it
  10. I fixed it right after. You're just too quick
  11. That could be done. I'm definitely bored enough. And done.
  12. Currently there's nothing listed in the EU registration. Something tells me if there was and we added them with Global pop it would be a lot more balanced. I know there's time zone problems, but a good alliance system could help that. If pirates could be in alliance we could definitely even some odds. Would be nice to see a lot of EU players give global a chance.
  13. You're absolutely correct Rediii. I think the person who called the meeting had that intention. It turned into complaining about the game and so much more. This was based on the sheet from that meeting that has minor updates to it. I was disappointing to see this many clans wanting to go Brit and US. My hope here is there will be some good clans that don't want to go with the flow will swap over to some small nations. Maybe a decent amount of guys from EU server that want to play both servers can help out with this too. Again, most of these pop numbers are outdated. All it takes is one decent size clan to split off from a major nation and go to a smaller nation to make it a force to be reckoned with. Still plenty of time and only a few people have updated this sheet. PS-Thanks to whomever put the nation totals at the bottom. I was thinking of doing it, got distracted, and it was done when I came back.
  14. Thanks for the update. I'm sure Elric will be back. He's one of the most dedicated guys I've seen. My enthusiasm is about the same. I'm hoping this patch isn't as bad as testbed is. Even if it is they'll be working to fix it soon after. We just need the wipe to happen so that player base will come back.
  15. That's the original. Awesome. I'll put em in. Thanks Davos.