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  1. lol Sapphire bad Asus bad? Good trolling.
  2. Ok thanks! Then might i'm gonna buy an Asus card np.
  3. What graphics card should i buy? RX580 or RX570 Are 8gb ram more worth? coz iam wanns stick to 1080p gaming.
  4. Thanks
  5. The wood types are to complicated make some tooltip for wood type effects.
  6. Ok danke!
  7. Der funzt nicht.
  8. Challenging content is PvP, PvE is for grinding money or for xp. Let the player decide if he wish challenging PvE, so player have to chose ship type. Restriction isn't needed, another useless change. My rating for patch: 0/5 stars.
  9. LGV Rattlesnake Trinco 3rd rate
  10. Soweit ich weis, hat man mehrere Hölzer nach Bedarf kombiniert.
  11. Ye try this without alts in one week impossible. I bought some ships in WoWs so i don't care about this game anymore i won't start after wipe only stupid changes no thx lol. Have fun with dev rigged poll about Dura.