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  1. I lost two LGV's yes the bug still exist.
  2. I doubt players coming back while devs only invent "painfull" stuff.
  3. Ich glaub kaum das der Patch / Serverwipe vor dem 29.04. kommt, weil der Testerver ist voll von bugs.
  4. If you are a good crafter / hauler you know how to minimize risks like plotting course far away from any landmass and avoiding player peak times for hauling stuff, if you know how to do this i doubt you will be catch often.
  5. You don't need 7 accounts for an lineship and have fun managing 7 accounts on next patch without able to teleport.
  6. Did pirate vs pirate provide pvp marks too?
  7. @admin Do you plan to rework the resource locations?
  8. How can be 5 too much if we need eleven different resources to craft an frigate as example? Resource trading wouldn't work so one player are dragged to be in an clan to get these resources.
  9. My alt didn't get crafting xp redeemable
  10. changed my post No Dura ok but then make crafting cheaper and remove this marks .
  11. Don't like the patch, brings only pain but where is my fun? Forcing players to do pve for marks on a pvp game is wrong.