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  1. Previously the devs introduced good patches up until they included double charge and double ball. I'm sorry, but every patch since has been 100% garbage. I am more frustrated with the devs now, at this point, than when I first purchased this game.
  2. Wait, you are telling me that you are not at all phased about how long development of this game and patches is taking not to mention how stupid some of these new implementations to the game they are introducing. Mate I purchased this game, and I have a right to be annoyed at the progress factor here, and if you can't handle my comment, perhaps you need to re-evaluate "some things" ...............
  3. Devs you do so much talking and no action. Hurry up and release these updates... rghhhhh
  4. This I agree with. However how can it be solved ? Not much can be done here unless ping is somewhat evenly distributed between all parts of the world depending on the server location for the new patch.
  5. Re-enforced masts will do the trick, rigging specialist and hell, even strong rig bonus is a direct counter to demasting. Put these upgrades on and you will sink the enemy ship well and truly before he can do much damage to your rigging. I dont see the problem ?
  6. Will the global server be a "US" based server for ping reasons ? In Australia we get 200-300 ping, if it is EU, it is unplayable.
  7. Anyone have a count on numbers when the patch comes out ? How many players can we expect in the US server. I have heard that over 75% of the current player base will be lost.
  8. Ultra settings @1440p 144hz, with a custom watercooled build and a GTX 1080 (EK) waterblock. If you are remotely thinking 25v25 is playable good for you. So you are denying the most commonly experienced problem of shots not appearing on screen, fps lag and stutters ? You are probably running on 60Hz too, try running 100fps in OW, then entering a PB and achieving 20fps, it feels like 5 and it makes you laugh at how pathetic the game is. OW GPU runs at 40C max load, enter a PB, usage drops to 25% and CPU usage just lingers and does jack all. 1400x900 = CPU bound you will get better FPS, but seriously, who runs games at poverty levels of resolution ?
  9. Delayed ? No way ??? Devs have you also optimized 25v25 for i7's and multi-core utilization for the CPU ? Or is this upcoming patch about "content" because seriously, you need to fix the terrible fps problems...
  10. Hunting: 1st Rate Ganking: 1st Rate Fighting Gankers: 1st Rate 4th rate Port battles: 1st Rate 1st Rate Port battles: 1st Rate
  11. Remove 1st rates ? So you want to wipe the server then strangle any incentive out of us to get back up to 1st rates to make some serious gold in missions and PvP ??? Hmmmmm
  12. We are absolutely overwhelmed with 5th rate ships. Please give more attention to ships of the line. I.e. 3rd rates, 2nd rates and 1st rates please !!! Reasons: There is essentially 1 3rd rate. The 3rd rate is a Bellona and a Bellona is a 3rd rate. Same ship essentially so we only really have 1 to choose from. No variation there. 2nd rates, let's face it almost everyone will choose the Buc over a pavel. Hardly any variation. 1st rates. Good variation in terms of ship characteristics across 3 ships, but just not enough choices to choose from. And this assumes you have the L'Ocean BP, so as a realistic case scenario you have the option for 2 ships to craft or sail.
  13. I will sail what I god damn want... How about we make... 1. 4th rates and below are no longer craftable (done) 2. 4th rates and below are no longer sold in shops, neither by NPC nor Players 3. 4th rates and below can not be capped. I prefer this idea. Point being the devs should not limit anything to the point where we cannot craft a ship that was once available in the game because people prefer sailing them. Some people always believe bigger is better and you cannot stamp that out of someone.
  14. CPU and multi-thread optimisation maybe ??? That would be great
  15. It annoys me that even with the bottles today, its impossible to get an MC or Gold mod, let alone one that is non-craftable. How does one realistically re-gain their mods for example if they risked it on a high tier ship and lose it??? Play the game for another 3000 hours to get 1 gold mod per 1000 hours? Very unlikely, and this is what I find to be very annoying and I am surprised the devs have not yet said anything about it.