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  1. Can I use my forged papers to join the US and stop the British, then when the British give up, can I rejoin Pirates again ???
  2. That does not even come close to answering the question...
  3. Completely blown out of proportion
  4. 500 PvE for 10 only now...
  5. Thanks for the clarification
  6. You know exactly what I mean. Fine then the buff in prices. It still means the war supplies are nerfed lol because the cost to effect ratio is now blown way out of proportion...
  7. Why are they being nerfed ? Do you have any idea how difficult it actually was to bring down hostility via war supplies ? Of course it will run out, just because Christendom's awesome plan failed on day 1, and Im sure if he kept at it he would maybe pull off two PB's at the same time. It is a part of the game, they need to try harder.
  8. Yeah, good luck with that


  9. USA have given up and have lost Round 1: Round 1 - Jean Pual Vilvenue Round 2 - TBD
  10. Bruh, we are protecting against 1 of 2 PB's
  11. We're trying to meet you for a single port battle at marsh harbour, but you won't let us.
  12. Carebear. But beside that, we have had over 50 mort rats grinding PvE marks to stop this double PB flip. Looks like our efforts seem to be equal and very well balanced.
  13. Not true, we have an invisible 1st rate fleet grinding down below the 50%... So yeah,,,,,,,,,..................
  14. HAHAHAHAHA. I get 500 PvE marks per day, I have 2,000 left.... Can happily spend it ... Jean Pual Vilvenue > US nation