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  1. I think we maybe drifting off topic now. In late November I saw my clan and server slowly what I thought was dying. So I took a small band from PvE to PvP(2) US. The Clan were not sure at all. I said trust me, we stick together, we have a plan and work it. We have had so much fun and friend and foe alike they have made my sandbox a delight to play in. So I believe [ELITE] are the true Carebears who migrated. We fight. I cringed when people what I think mis-use the word Carebear. The people who Sir Texas, Lennes and Grungemonkey are talking about are really "Carebear Lite" The use of ALTs you will have to get over it. Its what keeps the game alive. If you use an ALT to farm as mention above while then having another PvP. You are indeed a Carebear Lite, but the game if you haven't noticed on the testbed, even with a large clan will require a farming ALT at least. I suggest you stop bickering and Hug a Carebear today. For tomorrow you will probably be one like it or not. Watch out for the ones with Teeth... Norfolk nChance
  2. Powderhorn, Good write up. I started a thread on STEAM what I thought NA would look like at launch. Take a look I use a similar idea you've expressed here as a starter vehicle Norfolk.
  3. Yep will do Main server then Testbed... its intermittent
  4. Ink, Thought I should post this here instead of TestBed Thread as it none gameplay issue. Specs. Intel i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00 GHz Kingston Hyper X 16.0 GB RAM 64bit OP Windows 10 Home GPU GeForce GTX 980 Ti v381.89 Average Ping from Hong Kong 260 On Test Bed in OW I noticed the graphics not quite as sharp and jerking somewhat. The speed counter starts to slow and then speed up to a very fast speed. Example doing 20knots that drops to 15 or 12 to then climb to 35 or 50knots. This to me looked like Packet Loss on my internet connection. I have wireShark and can't see an issue. Graphics setting is usually the first response but shouldn't be used as an excuse. VSync on, and FSXX on while anti aliasing is OFF. FPS 60-70. Turn VSync OFF 100+. I go into Battle option. All Starts off well. But after a time ... I'm guessing five to ten minutes. So Action as started to happen. Latency in firing guns. At first I thought it was a new mechanic because you need XP in a ship so crew not as sharp. But it doesn't happen all the time. Again this time worse latency on Picture. So the image will jump forward like fast forwarding a movie. Its not impossible to play, but something is amiss. I re-tested on the normal server PvP(2) US again all fine. Also I tried to isolate the game to see if Windows or some background interference was happening. I used Sandboxie and again got the same results. If its just because it is the TESTBED then fine. Just thought you should know. Norfolk nChance
  5. Rownd, Great work. All advice above totally agree with. Good to play in the other ships to see how different they all are. Get to know the Renomee and Surprise really well. Then Frigate as a base to compare the other ships. This turns better than the frigate... this delivers better fire power than the frigate, this looks better than the frigate... you get the idea. Like said above good sail management. Try this when you've time. Learn the ins and outs of a particular boat. Tag an AI Trade ship. Let it go it doesn't matter. After the ship has gone. you'll still be left in the Battle arena for a long time. So use this time to "Sea Trail" it. Challenge's youtube or others watch and try to copy. So How fast can you turn her through 360... whats her max speed? Max speed to depower etc etc Always put her into "Irons". Facing directly into the wind. Practice turning out from a standing start, sails up. Try and see if you can reverse your ship... YES that's correct, your ship as a reverse gear... a bit of practice and it could help you out of some sticky PvP situations... A new ship, like a new girlfriend... a bit of work.... no no no no I'll stop there... Norfolk.
  6. Like the video, eye tracker a must have. Great Dogfight I loved FSX years back, well ahead of its time. The PDMG 777 manuals alone ran into $200....
  7. Burn Jita...!!!!
  8. I tried ages ago to work out speed backwards with additional cannons. Will dig out some old numbers... Do we still calculate Gun Crew in calculations? So minimum is 168 crew less 240 gives you 72 to man all your guns.
  9. While we are on this subject... Admin Please can you change the text name of "Gold" the Resource to "Gold Ore". This I promise you will help when all the newbies start flooding in. That first few hours in the game can be daunting enough. This minor change will help them know the difference between my Gold and SirDanger's Gold Norfolk
  10. Sorry Elric, I will need to stay GB Nation, would love to join and help but I just simply can't turn and run as fast as the Swedes. But you'll be fine Sir Texas says he's behind your back. Comforting words from [BLACK] I guess. Good Luck and Vive La France from a CareBear who cares... o7
  11. ADD, [ELITE] to GB Nation Active Members 5 thanks
  12. well, we get to keep the Global Chat a little longer then.... oh sorry yesterday's news...
  13. Ha! this is why one shouldn't do a long drunken weekend in Macau, before testing the old virtual sea legs... many thanks Liquicity, I'm an idiot Norfolk.
  14. Dev's Might be me. Come back from 3 day break. Reloaded the Testbed up correct code etc. Can't login... Name Testbed Status Update Population [-] Ping [-] is it just me, Time UTC 15.54 Norfolk
  15. Testbed server I think down, Status LoginClosed Population - UTC 1539 april 18th Norfolk.