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  1. the Naval Action Guy is back again sorry… another question… well two… So, earlier in this thread I asked what one thing do you think led to the North’s victory. Great feedback and nothing surprising. The above link I wouldn’t think many of you hardcore Civil War guys would rate. More for mainstream audience obviously. One thing, am starting to pick up on my initial studies is a recurring theme. Even then before and during the War, the North was expected to Win and win quite quickly because of its railways and industrial superiority over the South. And yet it didn’t, it took time… Why I mention the tv series is because it actually conveys this really well. It did bring out the frustration and Lincoln having to hotfoot around changing the whole reason for the war. This actually leading to some even switching sides. "The Civil War - with maps" M. David Detweiler The book I finished reading. Here left me thinking the Southern Land mass was enormous is size and scale. This was I think why it took so long for the North to win. Finally leads to my Question… The Question. Did General Lee effectively use the South’s Land mass? My impression is he didn’t. I’m thinking along the lines of the “Russian” defense of drawing in over stretching with a shock counter offensive. Instead he adopted a quick offensive stance. Lee's thinking I understand was the South can only win if it’s a short engagement… Last Question. Is there any scenario in which Lee could have won the war? Thank you for a great thread, Norfolk nChance.
  2. You’ve being shown the Problem, and even given the solution. Not listening has led to this SORRY state of affairs. Now, the inevitable migration begins. ADMIN failing to provide EU with any Skill Book that would show you how to add at least one vertebra to your ship. It’s his fault… This problem of a lacking backbone now missing in a EU Captain as given rise to a symptom left now untreated. @Lord Vicious and his [SORRY] state run riot across the board. But don’t despair help is at hand… Captain, You Sir, are positively drowning in offers from some wonderful clans and long-standing names you are spoilt for choice on the GLOBAL server. I am way out classed by my fellow peers here, but will try. I'm the worst kind of salesman. But I apologize in advance for my poorly worded script... [ELITE] are GB Nation, PvP Global, all the mod cons including some old old cons... frequently described [ELITE]? stay away, they are more Cult than Clan. Follow both light and dark paths at times... You want to test the skills you have gained in Naval Action? Working with a team, goes without saying... you will need to work alone and accept as normal a fight BR and numbers against. I eat egos for breakfast and have no time for them, it’s not a democracy (Cults never are). That doesn't mean this Despot Clan Leader doesn't listen. No boast, One or Two [ELITE] turn up to a theatre situation or port battle you feel at ease or more confident even with over whelming odds... Not many can claim this. You want a test? Find out just where the edge of your envelope lays? Drop me a line, or my XO Drufus Kent Norfolk nChance. Ps Chaos and mayhem My Lord, chaos and mayhem…
  3. @Sansón Carrasco I've no idea how the bottle pick up rate works. However I've noticed I seem to pickup bottles more on less travelled routes. So, La Nav to Tortue I've never had one, or Atwood to Kidd Island. Go from Ponce to La Orchilla and I'll probably get at least 1 with sharks and manta rays. One area and don't ask me why, Jamaica. Saint Ann go to the mid point between there and Portillo. Head WEST just beyond Montego Bay then back again. Try it straight after Server RESTART.
  4. @Guruthos I think I understand the point you are putting across, and like the example. First things first though, as the title says “Player driven economy/trade”. I’m happy to argue with Dev or player alike if you think you can have a player only driven economy you are sadly miss-guided. You can have a highly driven player economy but that’s it. At some point, you will need the NPC Overlay to restrict or supply goods services or coin. A free market economy cannot and does not work in real life, at some point one needs Government overlays… Naval Action is just the same. With that said, look at @koltes idea on trade hubs. This I like as an idea on the whole. With Rum production in the OP, if you invested more effort and gold in the process the output in some way should be better. So, think along these lines… Imagine you produce the best quality barrels you can. You refine the highest quality sugars possible. When you come to craft (distil) the rum, you produce… Rum [XO]… this higher than normal rum when used produces +2 Crew repairs above the normal +1… Intern I would be willing to pay more for Rum [XO] than just Rum… if its less than double the normal price the buyer has got a bargain… This a more complex process, but much more interesting than just a bulk discount If you OWNED the port or region to build better quality forests or whatever down the line process, the idea I think you have would make for a much richer game… Norfolk.
  5. @Ink am sure you are aware and is a known issue... PvP Global, K/PR pre-server shut down top middle of image AI fleet cutting through land mass... Did not [F11] apologies Norfolk.
  6. Quick question, Was boarding an LGV and I noticed my deck guns remained greyed out the entire action of boarding. Does anyone know why? I haven't included details to see what the mechanic is? We did a good few rounds more than the 3x it says to reload. With the boarding action my gun crew was under crewed and switch off (greyed) out
  7. Devil in the detail Captains.... still less grind...
  8. love the work as usual fella.... well done... Norfolk nChance (VLOOKUP at best)
  9. Money is a fluid term, a means to an end in real life as well as Naval Action. Keeping the NPC overlay means the one constant is the Gold (currency not ORE). Koltes plan is logical and is a good solution for going forward. For the structure to be rigid and at the same time easy enough for the Dev’s to Tweak I suggest five currencies. All local regional transactions will be in that NPC overlays currency. At the four-local trade hubs the local currency is Aztec Gold. And again, all transaction is in Aztec gold. At each Local Trade Hub (LTH) you will be offered the cross rates on all four currencies against Aztec Gold ONLY. This is important. Different areas of the map will give different cross rates. The Trader, he travelling across the map to sell some high-priced textile machines may want to hedge himself before arriving at the LTH or regional port and lock in an fx rate. Likewise, the crafter will need to collect regional currencies to buy the local goods rather than wait for the LTH where the fx rate may make the goods expensive. The OFFSET is tweaking becomes much easier for the Dev’s here, and their influence is not so heavy handed with less visibility… 1 at 365 type prices shown is a current example that would disappear. The smaller Nations can be given a boost also. Encouraging more players to a smaller a Nation by given that Nation Better Buying Power. If we return to massive super Nations the OFFSET is to dilute its buying power. You get the picture. It’s (the FX effect) across the board, Oak Logs to Iron Ingots to War Supplies all products goods change from an outsider looking in. @koltes plan alone stands up well and makes sense without my sloppy scribbles thrown into the mix. My idea makes this plan rigid, and tweaking won’t feel as in your face as at the moment. Yes, this is missing details and examples, but I think I’ve bored enough and don’t want to detract from the OP. If you want to know more than shout…. Oh, and it would mean you’d need to carry part of your wealth around with you obviously… Norfolk nDough (Brexit in the AoS)
  10. Another improvement, and better with Shadow Play. for nVidia GPUs ONLY. N-Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> Program Setting Find you Naval Action client.exe file. Press [Restore] then [Add]. If you've done any form of tweaking previously this interferes with the ReShade
  11. @King of Crowns I'd prefer less time wasting, merge all three servers. PvE core wrapped in PvP like suggested at the start of the year. Open up the Panama Canal and extend the PvE zone NW towards the Japans with its own entrance. We Carebear or Ganker alike should all play in a world on one server... it could be the eve of a new dawn...!!!
  12. if I answer this how am I going to sell my delivery BOT for Naval Action...
  13. You will never stop P2W nor should you in fact. The issue is someone bending a game mechanic, this is the point that needs the focus. The mechanic is what needs the tweak probably in this case
  14. Dev’s If it’s too hard work then I understand. I s there any chance of putting the PvE encased around the PvP environment suggested at the start of the year? Just wanted to see how it would look Norfolk.
  15. This is my general guide to ALTs in NA. Its two main points are why they won't be banned and two the need for a rule book prior to launch... With the rule book I can see some real problems round the counter... Not far off is the delivery bot... OP is why we need the rule book as a case in point Norfolk.