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  1. I would since I noticed a few graphical bugs but i cant move any of my ships lol
  2. @admin. Been looking at the resources on the map, woods in particular. There does need to be better distribution of these resources. Most seem to be very cluttered together or in just one part of the map. Now I am not suggesting adding more of these resources into the game but rather shift their location so that they are better distributed across the map. PS For Example, only closes source of Mahogany wood for Danmark, Sweden, Dutch, and France is in Chiriqui and Pendernales. Granted France has a close source near Texas but that is only if they go out of their way to defend those American region. At least one of those sources of Mahogany should be moved to one point in those small little island chains.
  3. the graphic designer in me looking at OP
  4. Will you be lowering the cost of cannons at some point? Currently they are too expensive.
  5. recruiting

    Yes. Were mainly all from US, Canada, and Australia. We have on Dutch guy living in the Antilles Islands as well.
  6. Reichsflotte PvP Global Dutch Community/Clan Short Summary: Reichsflotte, Imperial Fleet in German, is more of a community than a clan. We are a friendly group of individuals. We are a flexible clan who encourages others to share their opinion if they so desire. We are very friendly when concerning new players and wish to help them get off on the right sail. Goals: Our goal is to create an active group of like minded individuals from all aspects of the game not just PvP or PvE focused. If you just want to trade and want to be left alone yet still have that community environment and access to occasional other aspects of the game quickly we are the clan for you. If you are just a casual gamer that is hopping from one game to the next yet still wants to have that community aspect to Naval Action, Reichsflotte is for you. Focus: Reichsflotte has only a few focuses. The first of which as expected for any new organization is to grow. Reichsflotte does not aim to become a dominant or large community, but rather one that is manageable and can be maintained reasonably. Secondly, to maintain its casual atmosphere and not become a community focused on only one aspect of the game. A major goal is for everyone to have fun and to have easy access to members of the Reichsflotte, be it their knowledge of the game or ability within the game. That means if you are someone that enjoys being a lone wolf or someone that enjoys group gameplay we do not mind either. The final goal is to maintain a balance on the server so that everyone can enjoy the game fully, be that having a consistent opponent in the open world PvP or to have access to resources needed to build top end ships. Code of Conduct: Members of the Reichsflotte will not steal from another player and honour any clan agreements made. We also use Discord and use the Teamspeak of all Dutch players. Do plan to have our own Teamspeak once we grow again in size. Interested or would like to know more: Please dont be afraid to hit me up below or privately if you are wanting to join or want to know more about Reichsflotte. In game my username is Davos Seasworth so if you want to private message me or drop me some mail I would not mind either. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.
  7. Agreed 100% SOL should definitely be expensive to run but i do not think that should be said for frigates should be the backbone of the nation.
  8. Not sure if this was asked but with the introduction of purchasing individual cannons will there be a removal or significant reduction of cost for crew? Right now the cost just seems a bit steep especially with one dura ships and attempting to balance personal time between pvp/pve and trade is just off. I would be spending a bit too much time earning gold to arm and crew a ship that i could lose quickly. Not suggesting significant changes but does feel like it needs a good tweak.
  9. This is old news. Its a game to sit and wait for a full release. It was originally a bunch of ideas smashed together and was greenlight almost instantly when submitted. Their Devs seem a bit surprised and now seem unsure on how to proceed.
  10. That is why you prepare with the information at hand.
  11. No its not. Much of this was decided before alliances was announced or confirmed. Much of pvp2 are the ones switching around to smaller factions along with a small few in sweden and france from pvp1. Complain about the devs all you want. Nothing will come from it. We are going to need to deal with the hand dealt. Either pick up a hammer and be constructive in the development or sit on the sides pouting watching it all fall apart. Now no one should be forced to move out of the faction they wish to be in. They should however consider the long term effects of their decisions rather than just looking at the now. We can have what we had before which was just a simple neglectful carebear or we can build towards a competitive server which is not impossible or difficult just based on the estimated numbers provided in the original post.
  12. Combination of the flag of Dutch "Prince's Flag" and the head of the Prussian Eagle.
  13. According to the spread sheet created from the last meeting and has been built upon here GB has 50 rvr players more than the next largest faction with is the US at 44. GB has enough people for rvr according to this spreadsheet to form a strong foundation for another faction and to contribute to another faction slightly as well. Granted the information provided is loose but it does if anything provide a glimpse of the potential situation. The server will suffer unless clans from GB decide to become constructive members of the server rather than partaking to the largest faction.
  14. Any faction can have a competitive population, but because of ego, stubborness, short sighted views, etc. It is preventing any chance of such a thing. You stick with it and develop a factions growth. GB, US, and Pirates do not have to concern with growth on the basis their population does get a steady flow of new players. That is why I have a lot of respect for the Swedish and French players decision to merge. Now France can be a competitive force. Also why my comrades plan to stay as Dutch. For how long? Surely you are not foolish to believe that the proposed tussle with the US and GB will last. It will revert back to a previous state and because of the lack of a spread population the server will fall again. Not saying EU will be anywhere close to being better off.
  15. Yeah I quit for a while soon after the last two other individuals quit after being aggravaited with GB leadership moves that were idiotically costly and the failure of fine woods. I continued to pop in off and on but mostly to maintain my bank. Loved not having grid or coordinates. Head to Bonacca ended up in gulf of mexico.