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  1. recruiting

  2. Thank you for creating a topic on this matter. I have hardly delved deep into the forums these past few months so little information such as this tends to miss my sight.
  3. Agreed with #2
  4. Dutch and Danmark are neutral. Non-aggression pact. @Teutonic
  5. I would like to see clan banners. Doesnt have to be custom. If they do allow custom arma does a nice system for their unit emblems where people create custom emblems and it is then placed upon the shoulder like so: If naval action implements this for sails I think it would be awesome and easy for players to acess.
  6. This would be great for large factions or factions that are spread out.
  7. Be happy you are not starting when the rank experience requirements were double than what they are now. I agree with this. If you are not building ships you are not earning any experience towards crafting. These Changes have been presented and been up for testing for a couple of months before going live. Everything they have changed has been a nice transition from what was once a very mundane and gridlock game.
  8. yep, same results.
  9. The Dutch had a period of just going through variations of flags: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_the_Netherlands
  10. Or join the Reichsflotte (SMS) in the Dutch. Just saying. Not sure about all that adding red to that yellow stuff.
  11. Look at Great Britain. Largest faction in the game. No one man leading the nation. Everyone is in line give or take new players that might jump the gun but are later informed on their error. You have first get everyone on the same page and come to internal agreements.