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  1. It seems you like historical quotes, I have one for you: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." Albert Einstein.
  2. So you're justifying a way of play that allows players to cause heavy damages in the enemy fleet while they risk nothing because they're on free ships. I hope you aren't saying that
  3. pvp eu

    He´s just explaining why the british are heretics that should be persecuted by the Holy Inquisition
  4. pvp eu

    Exactly, that´s why we have a good advantage over them
  5. pvp eu

    You know what, british, there´s a thing called "organization", it will resolve all your problems and will make your life easier.
  6. pvp eu

    Brits, the casus belli is that se don't like you, which i think it's enough ti declare war on you.
  7. Hey, @Ink we have a PB in 1h 30 min, if server stays down for some more time most of our people won´t be able to attend (they have to sail on the ships to the port where the PB is going to be fought) . What would happen if we lost that port due to server issues? Thank you.
  8. Less demasting less fun
  9. Si te dignas a entrar en alguna....
  10. Tenemos al gran Patógeno de vuelta, jugando de español con un nuevo nombre, El Grumete Manolo. Mirad los nombres antiguos de esta cuenta
  11. Lobo, esto de crearte cuentas alters en el foro , no merece la pena.
  12. Te recomiendo que empieces a ver vídeos de alguien que sepa jugar, que eso sí te va a ayudar
  13. I think that's the funniest diplomatic position for sure
  14. Quiero elevar una queja al administrador del TS, alias Siegfried, por desahuciar al Lobo. Tienes al Seprona en la puerta de tu casa, echa piernas #StopDesahucios