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  1. Did I miss something? Was there a post about rolling back of the OW speed thing? Or was it fixed and not rolled back
  2. Seems they have fixed them. I have tested sailing a Connie and trinc and guys in global have tried a LGV and all are good
  3. Yes, over the last 24 hours I have spent around 4 hours sailing around the windwards and have not found 1 fleet. The only thing other than GB trader Brigs I have found was at curriocou and both times they didn't go into the circumference of the county. Please fix.
  4. @admin, not kissing ass, but stick to your guns. I really feel like you all are steering the ship in the right direction. Good on ya
  5. Your so politically correct 😘
  6. @admin, @Ink is there going to be a fix for this soon? It really is making the testing of 4th rate regions difficult
  7. @admin Did a fix for the 4th rate regions not getting the proper spawn rate get implemented?
  8. Oh, yeah, that could be
  9. @Sir Texas Sir This is what i was referring to. They didn't actually say "wipe" but giving new xp and gold im assuming will involve a wipe
  10. this is changing today, with a wipe
  11. @admin Any idea how soon the TB patch will be implemented?
  12. I do have buildings, and as far as pvp goes, im french, so pvp is slim right now unless i go to the other side of the map. I do hear what your saying, but i just feel that 20 slots is enough, and by the time you need 20 you should have the extra monies. That being said, i do think rewards for PvP should be greater, otherwise the 6mil will be a stretch for those that solely PvP.
  13. Seems like your arguing a nonissue. 20 ship slots is plenty and 6 mil isn't that much money. I went through between 10 and 15 mil since the TB wipe.
  14. I think if you allowed clans to control regions, then allowed those clans to set who has access to the regions, that may be one possible idea. I feel that the existing alliance system is flawed at its core and should be reworked.