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  1. says a western alliance who cries about nightflipping
  2. alot of parts like the western alliance that is the problem
  3. same as me but that netherlands timezone
  4. um pubbies that hang aroud jamaica
  5. cuz france are unfair players that they didnt wanted a 10 vs 10 and we could get 25 so dayflipping
  6. than rus players also there own server
  7. Well if we start getting day flipped with no way to retaliate. I for one may consider quitting the game and also alot of other eu/us/aus time zone players
  8. what about the us timezone? aus timezone? they cant do a pb
  9. fix than also the day flipping and remove nightflipping will destroy alot of playerbases a dumb thing to do!
  10. idk
  11. by using it
  12. that's crap cuz it should be in a hotfix