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  1. [RVPN] - The Royal Dutch Navy is recruiting. We will do pve pvp trading screening pb's and crafting. For communication our Primary is Dutch and our secondary is English. Greetings D4mi4nNL leader of RVPN
  2. thx
  3. hi devs somehow i cant log into naval action i get this when i try to log in https://gyazo.com/5a75c35e0ae490156178ab459dea57a4 Regards D4mi4nNL
  4. if you going to remove nightflips than the usa player base will be dead cuz 99% of their playerbase is coming from usa time zone Edit: is this just because of the danes whining, you can't command usa to not do nightflips cuz they have no other choice cuz when danes timezone is on than alot of usa is working
  5. dont send it to me im gone from ausez Edit: just send a pm to john quilliam, zealicus or fasti
  6. you was gonna look if you can join in a 1st rate so you could do by a 4th rate pb 25 1st rates ships into it were not THAT STUPID!
  7. haha we said danes will get a payback and there you have it
  8. dont think we care as brits
  9. if danes do something like a bug abuse than we dont whine and usa do 2 night flips and the hole danes nation are whining so if you dont like it stop than doing the same thing!
  10. i agree with loku. always the whining if it isnt good for your side but when you do it than it is the future, and the night flips are paybacks for your deeds Danes. because you do pb's against them when they are going to work.
  11. kind of a good idea but what will it do to nations? that want to do pb's in non weekends?
  12. kind of like it it might be balanced but what will that mean for the britsplayer base because than brits cant make good ships
  13. be scared we will all of your jajajajajaja spain