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  1. Diese "anderen" werden allerdings so wenig .. wie will man mit Ihnen solch ein Spiel unterhalten ;).. Es gehört eine gewisse Anzahl an Casual Spielern einfach dazu..
  2. Yeah.. that was the problem.. and after that my Graphic Card was going crazy.. up to 80° Celsius and 100 % Fan Speed.. .. now.. it all work fine.. damned shorts at the description of Mistakes ..
  3. Ressource Demanding Game.. for example? I dont know which game is "eating" ressources ;). The Flow is good.. 1 Fan in Front to put Air in and 1 to put out.. .. CPU Fan are cleaned up yesterday.. new Cool Paste on.. RAM is checked out, no mistakes .. but i try with less Graphics.. but.. the whole year before .. i've played.. it works without this Problem.. Medium / Low Graphics.. the same.. not so much.. but the Fan is powering up and the Temperatur (CPU) is going up more Grapic / movement Probs.. its lagging while i look around with right mouse.. sometimes it dont work Ok seems it is a System Problem .. ARK powers also the CPU and the Fan up.. thx
  4. Das erkärt warum er kaum da ist (sry Offtopic) aber der Grundstimmung schliesse ich mich durchaus an.. das etwas .. nicht gut verläuft
  5. Technical Problem: System: Windows 10 64 Bit CPU I7 - 2600 4 core 8 Gig Ram (DDR3) Geforce GTX 970 If i play on Open World or Battle, my CPU Fan starts his work so fast and loud as he can.. he went up about more than 2500 RPM, the Temperatur goes up to 98 °C .. and.. only in NA.. I*'ve tested it in WoWs, in Armored Warfare and in War Thunder.. there the CPU works "normal" It isnt the GPU Fan.. because a Programm running which the Fan RPG shows.. Can you help?
  6. Nunja.. ich empfinde das als .. ungewöhnlich.. zumal fast jede Kugel traf.. klar.. mit DS oder DC .. ist es möglich.. aber so genau.. bei m vorbeifahren.. schräg.. nicht mal Bow oder Stern.. will mir nicht in den Kopp.. und so schnell dürften masten nicht knicken.. es macht somit auch wenig Spaß und.. jeden Tag neue Schiffe kaufen.. machen die wenigsten mit (Wenn die Masten so schnell knicken)
  7. EIn ungefährer Zeitrahmen wäre da hilfreich.. Grund: 2 Salven nach 4 Minuten erscheint mir etwas "aussergewöhnlich" vor allem wenn jede weitere Salve je 1 Mast war..Anmerkung.. die Segel waren wieder repariert, also volle manövrierfähigkeit
  8. Wie schnell demastet ihr mit der Surprise eine andere "Spieler" Surprise.. 1 Salve (Nicht einzelfeuer) 2 Salven oder mehr?
  9. thats not right.. all clans.. will give Beginner a good start.. if they are in their own clan or not (Nation) ... they only have to ask..
  10. Crafting Notes Blueprints? Which are that?
  11. Turn it back to Dropchance and they will be still rare. and only some have it.. and it will be an enourmes win.. if someone can cap this ship(s)
  12. But for Gameplay it was better.. Player based and make "Trading Contracts" between Nations / Clans.. so. everone can get everythink.. vs your strategy to pout Trading into Players Hand.. and it will be less PvP.. now..(PB and so on, Raids where good for this, not more Coal Towns)
  13. But this was in interisting Feature.. like long Time ago.. the same if you craft a ship.. and it can be 2/5 or 3/4.. Luck is needed everywhere.. Who was whining that this gave not the same chances to everyone.. and.. is this necessary that some Refits must be get at Admiralty.. the chance to get them if you fight vs a Battleship was an nice Feature..and know? Pay with PvP marks .. and again less PvE? Many dont want WOT with Sailing Ship slice yes.. all
  14. use it
  15. But think.. on which server are more player? .. its a bad time . .. especially at week ends.. there was the time before better.. 9.00 o clock EU time