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  1. how nice is yours :with country and clan
  2. Dutch Clan [PPP] Pugno Pro Patria (we fight for our country) Pugno Pro Patria - ik strijd voor het vaderland - (ooit de embleemspreuk van de zeventiende-eeuwse Admiraliteiten en later van het Ministerie van Marine) Role :Screening / Hunters /and PVE as well players :classified
  3. 4 days or so
  4. i dont know for what kind of server you speak ....!! but for global it is just fine .....i agree on timers 5 minutes its oke could even be longer .. without the gps>>> it should even be 25 minutes
  5. perhaps we should read this link first in my opinion: no navigation in this game is not the way it should go
  6. i always thought " the customer is king " and ruled by demand or did we invent a new sort of "dictator" .....dictators let "disappear" stuff ....they always do,( they told me)(- like in EVE HS is nerved, to nothing in there, i told them > it killes the community, and it did ,whatever they do now to get it up again. a other example: "when you lost your way ,you lost your destiny" ( GPS for instance, a little mistake... in the fast open water for finding sealed bottles- shipwrecks-) game restrictions are game killers, unless there is some compromise we can live with...
  7. on global, there is a nation( i aint going to tell which one )who does not have access to coal, it cannot make ships or cannons or do anything .....There is no coal ..... there is coal 6000 miles further on,(if an ally is online;( ) perhaps you can look at it ... or is it intentional (-) EDIT : we found the solution never mind
  8. lol ,My wife is happy because , i don't bother her anymore , you took a wrong tactic
  9. yep it think so even at very young or old age's still a lot of excitement to handle in the link under this you can see where the servers are
  10. well i think immersion and frame rate should be important for the overall performance and therefore a priority persang
  11. it is bin asked so many times nobody seems to care