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  1. A good game allows players to earn a fair amount of the main ingame currency in different ways, not only doing ONE thing (in this case sailing for hours trading exotic goods between ports). But this seems impossible in NA since Devs say that in "their" game - if you are not a 100% PVPer - you should be doing this and that, and cannot do nothing but they want (which - BTW - is just sailing in OS or doing other boring things until you get jumped and robbed by some ganker).
  2. I agree with OP, in general - if you want to help starting economy running up before a lot of players get bored and quit - you can either lower cost of harvesting OR increase income gold yeld from available solo missions (and/or allow solo missions up to post captain rank).
  3. just to know, what are you doing in the indefatigable to max out the skills?
  4. well, it seems you play a different game than mine. Happy for you.
  5. How many hours a day?
  6. I play just a couple hours a day and gold income is very slow, in two days of just low level missioning in basic cutter (so, newbie style) I built up three outposts and two buildings and did not start harvesting. In order to let people gain expertise for good all around ships I suggest to increase the missions available in solo up to 5th rates (post captain). I suggest also to make the expertise of basic cutter to count both for pickle AND privateer unlocks, so that one can choose both ships paths without having to grind regular cutter in order to shift to privateer.
  7. En cuanto a la falta de respeto, somos realistas en serio: en todo el mundo si alguien dice una cosa y no la cumple es el que falta de respeto. Y a mi me molestan mucho mas los que faltan de respectos con sus hechos que los que se lamentan. De todas formas el problema no es er retrazo, sino el resultado. Ahora esperamos que se acabe la euforia del "nuevo parche" y vemos de veras que tal con ese nuevo Naval Action sandbox (sin sand) y hardcore (sin core).
  8. Wrong. Totally, my friend. You would have been right if this was a finshed game: I read the reviews, I inform myself about the features and then I am able to choose - looking at the features - if buying or not the game. I can therefore choose BEFORE I spend my money on it. But it happens that this is not a finished game and we are testers. Devs ask for our feedback on the changes. Well, we are giving it to them. And my opinion is that solo mission shall be allowed at least until the rank that - in Spain - is "capitan de navio" (which lets you sail the top 5th rates, so I think it's "post captain" for the british ranks).
  9. you can direct who you want where you want, yet the current mission system is not ok at all. And I support the OP Player must have choices to play the way they like, not the way Devs like. Giving more option is the way to have more players in a game.
  10. Despues de todo ese tiempo, dos dias antes u despues no van a mudar nada. Lo que han hecho (demasiaodos errores juntos que segun mi provocaran el fracaso del juego, sin posibilidad de regreso) ya esta hecho. De todas formas vamos a ver que tal despues que el parche se va live.
  11. I am really amazed about all those people asking in the forums for more and more timesinks in this game. As if the game, after the wipe, will not be hard enough, BTW, I found out a rare documentary showing the usual activity of the new NA average ("after wipe") player
  12. sabicu sabicu is also a nice option