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  1. *looks at Port-au-Prince* *looks at Bermuda* Speak for yourself. Hope the freeport TP stays gone, if nations want to PvP in a certain area they have to go through the effort of setting up a staging region there instead of magically being holed up in free ports 5 mins sail from a capital with a huge fleet, because that's just silly. If people get no PvP because they decide to buddy up with their neighbours, then that's their fault and provides a reason not to do so.
  2. You can't even see the population until the next prompt after choosing a server (and can't go back other than closing the game), so if anything people are likely to go by ping. And even then, global still has a higher pop at US hours, right? So global will appear as the populated one. The Aussies might be in a bit of a pickle since ping favours global (or?) while pop favours EU, but we're talking in broad strokes here.
  3. Ah, good to keep in mind, usually I try to push the envelope on my builds/combinations just because it's more fun I'm guessing that the floating battery might find its use in ,say, a mahogany-mahogany build with its super-high crew resistance (and fire, whatever), and then the floating battery for the armour to get the best of both worlds. Though of course there's ways to do it the other way around with thicker woods and crew res upgrades, but once the limited upgrade slots becomes more important than cost/availability more extreme upgrades such as the battery might take precedence.
  4. Alrighty, F11'd it, let's hope it gets fixed.
  5. Does anyone know which upgrades stack and which ones don't? I just tried to put on a "Bow figure - elephant" and "Floating battery", but the floating battery bonus overrode the elephant instead of stacking. I imagine that might be the case with other upgrades as well (e.g. there's several upgrades providing sail force).
  6. Reckon alot of players would rather sabotage or quit rather than play for their oppressors - let alone for *becoming* their oppressors. If alliances come back we can look into a forced ceasefire/alliance.
  7. Sounds good, a notoriety system of sorts, and some bragging rights for PvPers who care about that sort of thing. Off the top of my head I can't think of any glaring issues with it. Could be used as a multiplier for the existing marks rewards - and (unless it becomes abusable) top tier PvPers might even "drop" conquest marks?
  8. Someone better find out what this pigeon dating game is, I'm intrigued
  9. pvp eu

    So what would the French like to see happen? All of the regions returned, or would that somehow be humiliating too? All of Guadeloupe because it's historically French, resources be damned? And that's a question for the real French, not the French pirates.
  10. pvp eu

    Don't bother, next time the excuse is gonna be "Only 24 out of the 25 ships were from SORRY, doesn't count, perfect record!"
  11. 2x PvP rate for perk generation is terribly low, you can be assured that 90% of the combat marks will come from PvE and the store now. Then again, the lowbie-hunting that PvP marks encouraged seemed quite bad, so maybe it's for the best after all, with ship captures becoming the PvP prize. At least that remains.
  12. pvp eu

    After the war the story will be how they beat the Brits all by themselves too
  13. pvp eu

    Yup, a year ago and thereabouts, and it was a massive headache since "rogue-but-not-rogue council clans" kept taking the ports back to divert our attention when off fighting other wars against their pirate buddies and whatnot. Reckon it's mostly a pride thing, it's not easy being the Swedes of the server for once ^^