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  1. What do you mean by "it seems like the devs have been listening to them more and more." ? If anything, virtually all of the latest changes are aimed at doing the opposite. Got a brother-in-law who uses a Mac laptop for work and comes over every now and then for a gaming session, and if something really exciting doesn't happen every 5 minutes he gets bored. Nice guy, but really. it boggles my mind, and sadly explains why many games out there are the way they are.
  2. They already increased it by 20% even when we had teleports, at this rate we'll be zipping around like starships. Hell, people were complaining even when their only barrier to joining a war campaign back in the day was the effort of a single 30-minute sail to set up an outpost. Can't please everyone.
  3. I wouldn't mind temporary additions to make things bearable for a smaller playerbase as long as they're identified as such. Feels like a disservice if we create a bad high-pop scenario (release candidate) by introducing low-pop mechanics. Having isolated pockets of activity was in many ways quite fine for the first 6-8 months, in my opinion way better than the global wars, alliances and activities that we ended up with. Id totally be down with,say, cutting the game world in half, since it creates a more accurate testing scenario than altering mechanics does while still providing low-pop relief.
  4. Perhaps the 'ship tow' feature, except for players instead of ships? Basically selecting an area of operations from one day to another. Hoping to test zero teleports at first, just something to keep in mind if it's to return incrementally.
  5. Not bad, though I'd disagree with the supposed focus on realism (it's quite lightweight compared to truly realism-oriented titles, for a good reason), 80% retention loss beyond the first couple of hours doesn't seem that bad for an EA title (lord knows that I have quite a few promising EA titles collecting dust to be revisited once they're done, especially so for MMOs that you have to get invested in), and as of late the devs have taken a strong stance on the game's direction, which warranted a mention. The rest is largely on point, good stuff.
  6. You actually thought the server was gonna be 13 French clans, 1 Brit clan, and no one else?
  7. Don't think we've had a dedicated clan for only Finns, but there's been a fair number of Finns who have been sailing for the Swedes while chatting in English with the rest.
  8. Yeah, a 'hurricane hits the carribean' weekend every few months would be great.
  9. Still remember PFK from the old Dutch-Swedish war, sadly most of the 100-odd members of KF stopped playing after it.
  10. I wonder what would be faster, a heavily loaded LGV or a lightly loaded Indiaman.
  11. Hmm, guess I finally learnt what the HRE's Kurlander fleet refers to, and Jacob Kettler's name . Maybe it's closer to heart for the Germans?
  12. Reenact the Polish-Lithuanian colony of New Courland (1654 to 1690, close enough?) on Tobago by joining the Dutch and claiming the island.
  13. Sure, but whichever way you cut it it's still a 3 hour sail now that teleports are gone, a sail that you could cut by alot if opting for crafting mahogany ships closer to the frontlines instead. It'll be a judgment call. Let's see after all of the new patch changes whether the difference is still as significant - hopefully we will see some of them Swedish long guns gut the ships that only stack armour thickness instead of hull strength.
  14. I'm torn on this subject since in such a scenario the effort it takes to produce and transport goods 3 hours of sailing away from where the ships are needed, the 10% advantage feels kinda warranted. But it's true that there's a snowballing effect when it applies across an entire fleet, who in turns lose fewer ships and kills more of the enemy making it harder and harder to counter, like the 3rd to 1st rate arms race we used to have.
  15. Could you adress Havelock's second point? If sail repairs are enough to negate sail damage from lesser ships, then bow chasers from similarly-sized ships will be so weak that it becomes very easy to disengage and repair sails as well as hull/crew.