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  1. RDNN is staying active in D-N.
  2. Ask that question to our guy that got our first Agamemnon on the testserver yesterday. And lost it 4 hours later to a group of 5 pirate gankers that took it from him, including a full fitting of long guns. He was pretty much bummed out, even though he has played the game for over a year and a half. All those resources, grinding and trading. lost to a group of gankers with a strength of 10 % of the server population. Capping is too hefty compared to the effort to make the thing being taken from you.
  3. NA ships are more detailed
  4. Welcome!
  5. Things can change. I remember they wanted to limit the 42 pdr to only certain 1st rates.
  6. Derp guns? I like it **broadside-angle ship-broadside-angle ship**
  7. Spanish 36 prd Long - Role: 1st rate heavy cannon - Penetration: Like 42 pdr - Distance: Like regular longs - RoF: +3% -Rare Resource: Spanish Steel, Spanish 36Pdr Long BP (rare).
  8. Dutch Medium "Trip" Cannons - Role: Medium range DPS - Penetration: Average - Distance: -10% from medium guns - RoF +2% -Rare resource: Swedish Iron (just a bit), uncommon Dutch Tripp cannon BP. - Up to 24 pdr
  9. Add to that that it is appealing to most dutch gamers.
  10. Yes. Thanks to a lot of propaganda by certain nations. Btw, I'm sailing for Spain on the testbed.
  11. Wow... to see all those good intentions flying out the window... Great balancing, guys!
  12. @Anolytic!
  13. All that pessimism... This is alpha. Not release. Devs work as hard as they can. Get a dose of patience.