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  1. Indeed. Mods seem to be reluctant to act against GLOBAL invading the EU forum.
  2. Not yet.
  3. pvp eu

    But for that the Brits need to be able to make HMS Victory first. And if Spain does the curbstomp they are threatening with, they are removing your source of future fun. What to do...
  4. I don't give a rats ass about LV. I just want to bump the rating
  5. Will edit my review, see if that bumps it.
  6. SLRN is good people!. Signed, a Dane.
  7. Smoothbore cannon, round and unstabilised projectiles. Mastshooting should be lucky, not default.
  8. It isn't. But I miss actuall shooting hull instead of getting lucky and hitting the masts first because I got lucky and got the most accuracy mods/skills/books. See the problem there?
  9. The main issue is that demasting seems to be the ONLY tactic in ow. That's my problem with the current setup.
  10. AHOY are a pretty decent bunch, speaking as (former? It's complicated) opponent.
  11. Bonne chance!