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  1. Investment, of course! "refund" after many many hours of fun, stress and joy in a EUR 40,- game? Going to dinner costs more and lasts maybe 2h... Not to think of the cost-relations between money put into rig (6 years ago, for the then new "Cliffs of Dover") and the price of this game/sim: And if I hadn't had the rig already, I'd have built it for this gem.
  2. Whiskey Tang...?! Last episode I found time to watch was Episode 23 from August, 31st, 2016! No time for anything except real life-struggles since then. There goes my new sparetime again. But guess what: I think, I'll highly enjoy it. Some episodes tonight to catch up, with a glass (or two) of Cardhu...
  3. Found an hour yesterday to log in for the first time in 6 months...and what do my eyes see? All the "new" stuff, like woodtypes etc, the empty slots of my buildings. Guess I missed quite some changes Sort of comeback just in time for the long expected big wipe. So my hard earned Victory will never see combat, my trusted Constitution, who survived the server-merge (PvP3 -> PvP1) will be gone too with all the others. Sure, one might say: "Oi mate, just pixels and some math behind it" But I had some of these ships pretty long and there are quite some memories. Ah, who cares, the ships go and the stories will remain. Nevermind. Hope to find at least two evenings a week from now on and will start from scratch again just as the rest of you. Guess, I'll keep the "Pandora" in a safe place, so it'll be "Rear Admiral" in "basic cutter" in the beginning... PS: Forgot to say, how good it felt to see that folks like Otto, Hethwill, Pete (YOU'VE GOT TO KEEP WILLIE, for Pete's sake) and Jeheil (man, have to watch a lot of letters now to be up to date again) are still around! Cheers!
  4. be able to play again. For months now, due to real life, I can't find the time to enjoy this game. Not that there were real catastrophies, but there's always something not very enjoyable or bad luck, that keeps me away from the keyboard. Health-issues in the family or my dogs, troubles with my ex about the boys, dying computer-parts, stress in the office, you name it... Whatever can go wrong and doesn't is just waiting for a way worse moment to go wrong... Logged over 700 hours from EA-release to July or August and none since then. Only logged in once on PvE for a couple of mins to show my boys, how NA would look like on the notebook they intended to buy (everything on VERY low..). But I saw the fortifications for the first time, heard the seagulls again, the wind... I don't know, if I'm still in my old clan, or if Pagan Pete, Jeheil, Hethwill, Otto and all the other usual suspects are still around... As I have no time at all even for the forum, I don't know, wether there are still some threats involving excommunication and Mojito-sisters, or Jeheil's letters to his king. Damn, I miss it. So, I do hope, that 2017 will allow me to sail the virtual seas again. I wish to all of you a good and enjoyable New Year 2017!
  5. Ah, now the big one has arrived. Sounds quite interesting. How I do miss playing. No time at all in the last months. Real life keeps kicking into my privates for quite a while now... Do not even have the time to watch Jeheil's letters to his king, not to talk about starting the game itself Miss the sound of setting sails, the seagulls, canonfire "The anchor heaves, the ship swings free, The sails swell full. To sea, to sea!" (Thomas Lovell Beddoes) Alas, not for me. Hope, the tide will change soon... Thanks a lot to the dev-team though!
  7. Awesome. Laughing so hard, my coworkers came in, wondering, what I'm doing. Now they are laughing too. Thanks!
  8. It's just the devs version of "Do NOT press the red button!" Those who are able to resist to "PRAY" for a week and a day, will get something shiny. The top-3 clickers on the other hand...
  9. Yeah, and above them the skysail and then the moonraker/skyscraper Just noticed, that a description of the "skylight" is merged into the "shrouds".
  10. I'd prefer the "Pride of Baltimore", but you're also allowed to take the Niagara , just promise to take lots of pics and post them in here afterwards! Have fun!
  11. I'd like to know, why the player "7O3" wants to buy catfish. Sell? Ok. But buying fish?
  12. Let us see, what I can remember from the letters my grandma wrote. Hope I do not make too many errors... It wasn't written in the mid-western USA, but northern Germany, it's a birth certificate Maria Dorothea Henriette, legitimate daughter to the day-labourer Johann Carl Friederich Kudow from Tramstow and the Dorothea Elisabeth Wilhelm, was born in the year 1800 thirty eight on the thirteenth (13) of March and baptised on the 25th of March this is attested officially Medow, 27th of March 1866 the... (can't read the title of the guy who signed it, sorry) Zetting (I hope, I read the name correctly) Maria Dorothea Henriette, eheliche Tochter des Tagelöhners Johann Carl Friederich Kudow in Tramstow und der Dorothea Elisabeth Wilhelm, ist im Jahre 1800 acht und dreißig am dreizehnten (13) März geboren und am 25 März getauft. dies bescheinigt amtlich Medow, 27. März 1866 der S...rat Zetting
  13. Olav, I've already read the answers quite some time ago and acted accordingly to them. It was just what I thought, when I first saw these perks. cheers!
  14. Just to throw in another interpretation: When I first read the descriptions of these perks I thought "maybe it means lightshipmaster goes up to class 4 (7-6-5-4th.rates), frig (reading class 2) 3 and 2, and line only for 1st-rates." Made hardly sense to me, though. A clarification would be welcomed
  15. Wow! Thanks! Can't wait to come home. What will we get, when it will be YOUR fault?