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  1. It's the same thing that happens if you convert fish meat and then merge 2 stacks before the numbers update.
  2. I do not in any way see this case as a matter for the tribunal. However it is neither beautiful nor immersive, when PvP has been made so expensive, to have absolutely free ships involved in it. Had it been actual cutters, that you buy or craft and put cannons on, then I could have seen the beauty of the action, but the basic cutter spam is detrimental to the game and to PvP, and I thought the recent changes to them were made in recognition of this fact.
  3. pvp eu

    To be clear. There is no greater desire to me in this game, than to fight against Brits. But I want to sink (or capture) HMS Victory, not HMS Basic Cutter or HMS Cerberus.
  4. pvp eu

    I'm sorry to say, but I think devs might have already fulfilled your war goal for you. Relative to their population, brits access to conquest marks is abysmal.
  5. Pay traders to do the sail for you. Put up contracts high enough and someone will find it worthwhile to do that sail and fullfill your contract.
  6. He should demote every officer except the one he wants to be the new clan leader first. When he deletes his character the clan creator position will fall to the next officer/member on the list. So make sure that only the new clan leader is left as an officer. As long as you follow these steps, the clan creator position will fall to the player you want, nothing will happen to the clan (afaik not to the clan warehouse either), and the new clan leader can re-promote officers and invite the old clan leader back into the clan once he recreates his character. We tried and tested this, but keep in mind that it was before we created our clan warehouse. To be safe you might want to evacuate your clan warehouse before following this procedure.
  7. If your clan creator hasn't played since the wipe. Get him to delete his character and recreate it (then log in and get reinvited). Because of the wipe, and if he hasn't used his redeemables yet, he looses nothing by doing this. We did this in our clan.
  8. Reactive gameplay: "They came to our waters and ganked someone. Let's gather on their battle spot and wait around 1 hour for them to come out so we can countergank!" Active gameplay: "They came to our waters and ganked someone. Let's make a group and go to their waters and gank some of their ships in return." I prefer the latter kind. It means I spend my time either organising, sailing or fighting, and don't sit around for an hour in OW twiddling my thumbs while waiting for someone else's battle to end. We want to encourage PvP? Why not encourage PvP to foster "revenge" PvP, instead of the way we currently encourage PvP to foster "revenge ganks"? People are now doing PvE while they wait for the call to come sit on a location and wait for the opportunity to revenge gank someone. One thing though: If you capture someone's ship, be it a warship or a trader, then you should have to sail it out again from the spot that the battle happened, running the risk of a fleet trying to recapture that ship and the cargo.
  9. Do all AI LGVs have the same build characteristics, or do we have to try over and over again till we come across a fir LGV? Anyway. I wasn’t even going to try this, but I figured that I had to at least participate. I like this initiative from the devs. My second attempt. (First time the LGV sank me...) Here you go: 11 minutes 37 seconds.
  10. This is starting to become a thing. 26 people on the defending side in the Road Town port battle currently ongoing. Once this starts happening in contested port battles it's going to be a real issue.
  11. Isn't that what Labour contracts and Extra Labour buildings are for?
  12. You bring up a very important problem. With the current weight of War supplies, bringing 100 war supplies into an enemy regional capital to drop is all but impossible. And on the other hand just converting 500 PvE-marks into war supplies right then and there is as easy as nothing and saves hours and hours of work. But it cannot be how it is meant to be done. If it was, then devs could just halve the hostility grind and remove war supplies from the game. Everyone will be doing it this way if it is legit. There is a distinction between having an unfaithful servant of a nation help out, and having an alt in the enemy nation that you can puppeteer. But how does the system, and the devs, distinguish between the two? The system as it is right now is not only prone to abuse, it more or less shoves exploitation on the players. It's not just a short-cut it's a giant neon sign that says "do it". The system for getting and using war supplies should be changed drastically - or removed altogether. Because right now it's just a way to foster dishonesty. 5 mill if you buy war supplies 1 by 1 with gold. Only 500-600k if you buy 500 PvE-marks at your capital, teleport them safely in your captain's chest to where you need them, and convert them into war supplies there. It also means that the weight of the war supplies will never matter.
  13. The system is different now. Region refit bonuses are not applied based on where you craft. You can loot or craft refits and apply them to your ship.
  14. I just want to point out that the "special" 15 minutes of invisibility for pirates that are repeatedly referred to here, are not really relevant. As has been mentioned here, outlaw battles are open for their entire duration, and therefore marked with a cross on the OW. It might not be the most visible indicator, but it is definitely not invisibility. While nationals could conceivably cooperate with players of other nations to create battles, which after 3 minutes (previously 5) would disappear from OW, and thus allowing them invisibility for up to 87 minutes plus the 1 minute OW invisibility and after leaving battle instance and plus the fifteen minutes after "battle over". Pirates on the other hand will have their battle marked on the OW for almost all of that time. If I'm not mistaken an outlaw battle will only show "battle over" once 90 minutes have passed or once everyone but one player has left or been killed. While nationals can get practically as much invisibility as they want by staying in battle instance, pirates can only ever get those 15 minutes of invisibility from outlaw battles, and to get those 15 minutes for more than 1 player at a time, they would have to first wait 90 minutes in their battle. Seems like this pirate specific advantage is slightly exaggerated. Invisibility ganks are a mechanic issue, not a player or faction specific issue.