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  1. Hi. I have had repeated problems with my profile album while trying to upload files to it. Specifically I’ve been trying to add gifs to my album. The problem is likely connected to the size of the gifs, which were slightly over 10 mb in the problematic cases. While the solution is probably to upload only smaller files, the expression of the bug makes it worth addressing. First, there is nowhere that I could find, when uploading to an album, any notification or written indication about the/a maximum allowed size for image files to upload. Common sense suggests that there would be a limit at 10mb, or maybe even five, but that does not stop people like me with little knowledge and experience with gifs who have just taken up creating some of them, from trying to upload our creations. When trying to upload a file rounding out at about 14 mb, this all seems to go fine. The uploader works fine and accomplishes the upload it appears, indicating with a bar reaching 100% that the upload is completed. However no preview thumbnail of the gif appears as far as I can remember, and when the last step out of four appears, and you are asked to finalise the upload, upon doing so, the website crashes in my browser and goes to a blank page. More frustratingly however, is that when I reload the site and click into the album, not just one, but two «images» have been added. Yet they contain no information or graphic. They are black. This problem is aggravated by the fact that as a normal member, as far as I could find out, I cannot edit my own album to delete pictures to that I don’t want in there anymore. So every time I try to make a new attempt to figure out how to place another gif in my album, and thereby cause a bogus duplicate files, I have to request a moderator to clean up my album.
  2. Many good points. I know a couple of other players who also tried (voluntarily and involuntarily) the beginner experience on the testbed. Regarding tutorial it is something that will be needed if we want players to get properly into this game, as it is now even more complicated to learn and figure out than back when most of us started out. However the game will have to remain accessible mostly to the extremely dedicated noob, or one willing to ask for a lot of help. Until we hit Beta at least, maybe even release. Making a tutorial while still in Alpha is understandably a waste of labour hours as it would have to be constantly and continuously updated and reprogrammed to account for changing mechanics.
  3. NA early access owners will get it for free according to previous statements.
  4. I agree with you. 1 durability only makes winning PvP more rewarding and solves economy issues. But when we get no rewards for ships that are not sunk, and thus no returns for loosing PvP, single durabilities are an extremely punishing system. Especially while people are learning PvP. They can spend a lot of time and money to build a ship, go out one time, get ganked immediately and be right back where they started.
  5. My comment wasn't that you didn't cover every point, which I do not expect, it was that some of those points that you were making aren't accurate and not backed by arguments. Admin covered the most prominent example of the "80%" which is a figure given without comparisons, and yet accompanied with what serves as a conclusion. This isn't really on topic, but what has been stated is that a separate, small team is working on Naval Action: Sea Trials (name I'm rooting for). It's development is not supposed to affect Naval Action, and the people who have been working on Naval Action are still working on Naval Action.
  6. Brits at Bermuda, every time.
  7. Somebody has to say it: I think that with the current changes on testbed and announced plans for the wipe, we should have a new discussion about durabilities taking into consideration the new information. In light of the changes that we are seeing to gameplay now, which already can be tested in the testbed, I feel that it is already worth starting to evaluate the 1-dura experiment. When the 1-dura experiment was decided, the game was very different from what we are seeing now in many regards. Admin was never very enthusiastic about the experiment: That is a shame, because a single dura system solves a lot of problems, which is why I was part of advocating for removing the multi-dura system. I’m not advocating to back away from that position, but having played on testbed a bit (before my internet provider got in a turf-war with a competitor who then «accidentally» dug through the internet cable to my entire neighbourhood while laying down their fiber..) I have experienced the challenges that single-dura also brings. I think that we should have a conversation to explore the consequences that single duras are having and the possible impact of making the game just a bit too hardcore when combined with the other things we are getting. In the game that we still have on the live server there is no doubt in me that no duras would be an overall improvement to the game. In the game that we have in testbed, I am not so sure. And to me, the changes that we are getting with the wipe, might be worth sacrificing the dream of single duras. If we can already determine that single duras won’t work in the game that devs now envision, why not conclude this now and not yet again go down a long path of testing something that won’t be in the final game. However, should the no-dura system be abandon, as devs seem determined to do eventually anyway, there are some issues that absolutely need to be solved. Chief among them to me is the fact that 3 dura = effectively 2 dura. The third dura is simply useless. The last dura, when lost, looses you anything that you have on your ship that is not «tied down». By having character perks instead of the previous non-permanent modules you’d have thought that this was solved. However now we have guns instead that are more valuable than the ship they are on. Sailing the last dura will loose you not only the ship with its permanent upgrades, and potentially strand you somewhere without a decent ship to sail back in. It will also loose you a fortune in guns. Similarly, a multi-dura system makes capturing ships at best 1 third as valuable, and unless the above issue is fixed, practically worthless, unless we can somehow restore duras to a captured ship. On the other hand though, the single dura system that we have on the testbed now seems to me just a bit too punishing. Especially for noobs. And particularly if we will not get access to some ships up to 5th/4th rate that do not require Marks to craft.
  8. I agree with you on your basic points, and I do think a lot of people don't understand what Alpha or Early Access means. But I'm not sure your entire analysis is well founded in the article.
  9. From the album Sailing

  10. From the album Sailing

  11. You're not taking into account that the French, Swedish and Danish capitals are right f on top of each other. We Danes have no capital home waters that are not also part of Swedes capital home waters.
  12. All of the Lesser Antilles are near some capital though. Danes can start a battle next to our own capital and Swedes could go there from their own capital and camp the battle before it is over.
  13. For PBs thickness will be OP no matter what. You could make speed loss for Live oak 10% and HP -5% and I would still choose Live oak over Mahogany for the entire fleet in that example.
  14. We are going to need to be able to put buy contracts for ships. Specify ship build and set a price, and let crafters fulfill the contract. Otherwise we're going to be sailing around from port to port looking for the right ship build that we want to buy (if not in a clan).
  15. This should be changed. I remember we had the bug on the main server back a while ago, where fleet ships couldn't be kept after battle if captured. People put their Santis in fleet to transport them while sailing a small ship, effectively discouraging enemies from bothering to attack them since their golden, crafted, fleet Santis couldn't be captured from them.