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  1. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Premium Ship Cerberus? Hmmmmmmm maybe a special painted Cerberus or something?
  2. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Yah that is my biggest issue with port battles and them saying, "We lower the BR to give smaller clans/nations a chance." Uh no they still have to fight through a ton of screeners if all they can field is the PB fleet they may never make it to the port battle. Any nation can screen another nation out of a port battle even if it's not a port they own. This would be a very tricky mechanic to work around without doing something like Lobbies for port battles which I don't wan't. I prob will put it on at least one char. Now if they will just come out with a name change token or something. I have one char I use to like flipping around names and nations on just to try new things. When I switched nations with him I would make a Nation name that was proper for that nation. Since the wipe we really can't do that unless you delete the char.
  3. Rumor from below

    Maybe it's I'm old but yah it looks to kiddish/disney like cartoonish for me. I can see playing it with kids if I had some as a family group or something, but solo by myself nah I'll pass on this game.
  4. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    The causal players and most out there will prob hide these ships, but folks like us that love to RvR and PvP will use them. I have a 4/5 P Frigate Teak Teak Very Fast I'm waiting to open more slots on before I use it (that char is also currently being abused as my hulling mule for nation change from Russia to US). Once I finish opening up two more slots on it I"ll deck it out and will be using it fully. Made a 4/5 Mercury that is for shallow that is ready to fight. I haven't gotten any of the 5/5 but I would use them too if I got one. Why would I hide something that would help me fight better when I can just make another and hope for good luck (RNG does hate me though lol).
  5. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Yah 2400/25000 is only like 6-7 guys so it's a pretty small fleet unless your talking about shallows. That is why some small elite clans do so well in that range of port battles.
  6. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    @admin Is there a list of the BR's for ships change? Or can one of you API wizards post up a new updated list?
  7. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    Toss planking on in one slot and you get some of the HP back. Had a teak/white very fast i liked very much. Even with planking it was fast compared to the others in battle.
  8. Changes to how traders work within PvP

    Have you never heard of the orders to disrupt or destroy trade? It's a been a long standing war pratice to attack a nations trade line and stop the flow of trade ships. Do you really thingk they brought back all that cargo and ships every time? No they normally load the expensive stuff which is prob in the captains cabin/chest and than scuttle the ship if they can't take it back as a prize. So as @Banished Privateer so greatly adds below the prize is your reward for destroying the ship or the cargo/ship depending on what your actions are and how deep behind the enemy lines. I have sat behind enemy lines for a long time in an LGV before the wipe doing nothing but hunting trade ships and small frigates. I taken a trinc once with that very ship and helped take a Bucc with it. This was all pre-wipe too but also was gold marines days (I used Purple). I didn't use the LGV to carry cargo back I used it to trick folks into thinking I was making trade runs and they would attack me and foolishly rage board me thinking I was just a trade ship AFK sailing. I love traders with no guns, easy pickigns with things like Privateers and now the Prince. Even more when I find they have no repairs. Even the LGV can some times do better than the tug boat Indianman (which I taken with a basic cutter before). Even more love it when they have no escorts....even more fun is when they cry some one sank all there trade ships while they where doing trade runs in PVP hot zones (La Tort?). Honesly you don't get much in marks for trade ships, for me it's more just to get them out of the waters if needed and cheap rewards some times you find something nice on them. Like we caught one with all the mats for a 1st rate and we sailed it back and crafted a free first rate out of it and than scuttle the indinaman. As a hunter we should get to pick what we want, the cargo or the reward for scuttling the ship.
  9. Kingdom Come : Deliverance

    yep just banged her and since I saved her from being raped she doesn't get pissy at you when you talk about the pass and that part. I also suduced the Lady so will have a little Noble bastard prob in the future. Got down and dirty with some wenchs with a priest....yah this play through henry is so not doing that achievement. I think I'll do a shield and bash build play where he's all good two shoe and stay's pure and stuff. I also plan to do an evil play tooo as a thief and such. lol the first time I saw one of the Wenches naked I was thinking, man they got to be strippers or something with those perky nips. Thought was odd those when I got it with the lady it faded to black. Wonder why on that one.
  10. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    That is actually what we are trying to do with the US, every one farms the crap out of that nation cause it's manily a bunch of noobs. A lot of good players in the training I say. So alot of us vets that just recently switched into the nation are planing to take some of these guys under our wing and start to train them and share our knowledge. Correct knowledge to cause a lot of the info they gotten in the past was from PvE guys that don't PvP. Even worse the PvE ship builders try to tell them what they need and than over charge the crap out of it. Some of the ship builds I seen folks try to say is good for PvP just makes me laugh and they wonder why they keep getting sunk. Hope fully we can do some good for the players that want to learn and grow.
  11. Capitals or shroud for the other nations should be free. He’ll make Shroud free for all too. Than five one free with a crafting mission that sends you to a close port from capital to set up a building.
  12. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    They need to be special mission praises more than random loot. Us PVP guys that don’t grind ai don’t have a means to get them other than pay out the arse and I refuse to do that and that is why it’s take. Me so long to get them compared to others. That and RNG just freaking hates me lol
  13. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    I have over 7K hours in game on my main and most of my alts are 3-4K hours. Yes some of that is me falling alseep at the keyboard but the point I"m going to get at is I still don't have the full set for Art of Ship Handling. I have one book. I do have full gunnery set and only have the full Lord of Rings set cause a clan mate gave me the last book I needed since I board a lot more than him. So not ever one has all the elite books. So don't think every one has them.
  14. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    Your wood trim should dictate most of your ship stats not your mods. They should only accent those traits. So by making mods of the same type not stackable or limit to how many you can stack it keeps the stats more about the wood trim than special mods, that is what you use to round out and specialize things more to your play style along with of course the ship knowledges so I don't see it as cookie cuter. IF they limit the stackign than they can bump the stats back up a bit since you can't put 3-5 speed mods/shipknowledge on top of each other you only would need one or two.
  15. Multiple Hostility Missions Stacking on Each Other in the OW

    Three spots just means it would stack on top even more. When we do hostility every one pulls missions and we pick the closes ones for where we need to be out of all those missions. So it's not just three missiosn at a time pulled. Just want to add we had the same thing happen with little river flip last week. We where in a mission some one had a mission in the same spot and couldn't join it as both missions where going on at the same time. Once we finished off the last two ships we could see the other fight and join it (had some guys out side trying to join the new one). So they do some times stack and if two are at the same spot it can cause some issues. Maybe color code the boarders of the swords. RED for hostility and black for normal missions. I pulled missions where I had hostilities we didn't use and accidentally joined the wrong one. Can even go as far as make Solo BLUE and FLEET black trim with RED hostilities. Any color could be used, but man in storms or bad weather it's so much a pain to find these things.
  16. Join the circle (and not to end up in tokyo)

    They should do a hybrid of the big second circle they had before when it was two circles, but instead of being pulled in the second circle you get a message to instant join when the tag goes through so every one can join from there OW position. Some times that might be a head or behind the other ship. Counter tags are bad cause they can mess up a perfect box in of an enemy ship. This system will stop that. Than have any one else that joins have to do the old fashion join circles. With this system you can pick if you want to get pulled or not and or go after other targets or just leave if your in the bigger outer circle. Nothing is worse than being right on the out side of the tag circle. Not geting pulled and than you have to turn around and go back to the join circle that is against the wind and you might not make it in even though you where pretty much right on the ship at the edge of the pull circle.
  17. Unequal battles

    Just like in real life though certain officers where feared in battle and even some engagements where made to avoid those officers, but they knew them when they faced them and it wasn't a surprise....OH LOOK IT"S GHANGIS KHAN in this battle. No you knew a head of time he was there and in that battle. As for the fear thing we are going have to work on that with some players. Might never change some of the, but I"m sure there are a few that will get courage and willing to learn. The funny thing is half those you listed I fought and wasn't afraid or have sunk (Liq's got me before. I think me and KoC are pretty even). Than again some folks prob are scared of my name just cause of history and my old GLOBAL clan as a pirate, but I honestly suck at most 1 vs 1 just know the game mechanics very well and work well with my team mates. Once folks find out these so called elites aren't exactly that elite or can be sunk they shouldn't fear them.
  18. Unequal battles

    with the Forge Papers DLC they really do need to do a name change token too. I have a few chars I might want to change names of later without having to delte them. Specialy if I'm changing nations why would I want to keep the same name for some one that I made to play a role in that nation?
  19. Unequal battles

    See I can get on bored this like the spyglass thing. Allow the info to be gained, but you have to actively gather it by an action in game. If you do than it alerts the other ship that your doing so too. This is stupid. I real life there was logs of ships and who captian them. There was flags...pennets that designated who was in charge of that ship in the Navy's. I'm pretty sure they would know who the flag ships are and the more known ships they faced. Maybe a few stragglers weren't known or smaller ships. There is a reason we like names and it's more so we can call out targets. I remember the other day the epic missions some one said, "Shoot the aggy." My responce back was, "THERE ARE 9 ships and half of them are aggy's give me a freaking name." Now something you could do if you took away the players name is have the ships name (set by player but this could be so abused) listed instead. Than you will have to hire some one just to go through and clean out all the bad ship names reported by other players lol
  20. Unequal battles

    I don't think it would change anything other than having folks turn and run in battle or just avoid battles cause they won't know if that is the ELITE player or some noob. Than again I have a lot level alt I have taken out and hunted High Rank players with cause they know my mains name but they have no clue it's my alt. Hell until the move in nation I keep my pirates name from my own clan mates. Once we get stuff finally moved from Russia to US I'm rolling him back to pirate and changing his name again.
  21. Unequal battles

    It seems to be more and more the mentality of many players of games these days. You have to sink before you learn to swim and they don't want to even try. Do fleets even count on tag BR? I don't know I haven't used fleets other than trade ships or bring back a prize in so long it's silly. To many folks use them as crutches in battle. We would love it when folk bring fleets in cause we know if we sink that ship or kill it's crew it meas the player loose more and more crew until you get a tag and he's missing his AI and has half crew on his ship (back before all this rum stuff). So yah they are annoying, notice most of the better players don't run with fleets or if they do it's something to help with tagging only. I can get on if you get the info once you use a spy glass at a certain distance, but other wise names need to stay. What MMO's out there don't have players names listed? Oh dear lord even more folks shooting each other by accident and green on green cause you can't tell the 20 ships apart cause every think looks the same even if they arne't the same ship. We need paints back, and we need clan flags and some other customization before even thinking of doing this.
  22. Sending Ships to chat

    are even in battle when you capture a ship and scroll over it's card have an option to show chat so others can see the info. We normally have to screen shot it and pop it in TS and see if any one wants it or scuttle (which we do most ships without rare mods).
  23. PvP Rank

    Instead of making it a rank how about PvP Reputation. We really could use a reputation system. You can have good and bad reputation with other nations. IF your trade rep is good enough you can even enter the port and trade there without smuggler flag (still need trade ship), but if it's really really bad than you can't even use the smuggler flag to get into ports you done nothing but killed that nations traders. As for the PvP Reputaion if you kill a player with a high reputation yours can go up. Maybe have certain paints and comsestic things unlock when your levels of certain reputations are reached.Just about every MMO out there that has multi factions and RvR has a reputation system.
  24. Unequal battles

    You really want folks to farm the crap out of them if they get them in both sides. No we shouldn’t rewards for just showing up. So what about the guy that gets jump 3 vs 1 and winks the three should he get more rewards than? Maybe if we teach our guys to not go out when gank squads are camping ports or gasp actually go out and defend your waters as a team?
  25. Unequal battles

    The problem is the scale by rank thing can be abused. I keep lower level chars on other games before but more to walk new guys through the lower levels. When they got to high to help I would just delete that char and make a new one. I also have used the lower level to kill higher level chars. When my newest account was just rank 2 I killed a Rear Admiral in a Privateer. He though he was getting an easy fight but I had the ship totally modded out and just ripped him to pieces. Made a dang rank off that fight too. I still like playing that char cause he's mid level (well 650 crew) and he's gain all his XP through PvP only. We still need better ways to get certain rewards in game and the price for other things need to be changed. We been saying over and over that PvP marks should be mainly cosmetics item and things you can get through PvE grinding. The running thing is more a player issue not a game mechanics. A lot of folks just don't want to take risk. High Risk should be high reward, but most folks want the easy low risk rewards instead. So I really don't see a problem with the game mechanics on that grounds other than maybe some tweeks to rewards and such. IT's like real life your not going to rush into a fight your probly going to loose. You wait until you have the advantage and take it. See below Loosers get PvP Marks, any one gets them for Assist and Kills. You have to get assit and kills to get them and you can get them on the looser side if you kill or assist killing any one. While I get they want us to fight over these ports, but they really need to make Cart and Copper not so rare. I think we need at least one more port like Cart and the copper prob needs 2-3 more ports as it wasn't so rare a thing for ships at this time to have copper plating on them . That and limit some ports where mega clans can't own them, this allow small clans to own a few nice production ports. Make some of the shallow ports and some deep water ports limited to small clans. If you own 10 or more ports you can't capture that port and leave it to small clans/nations. Even can make some of them restricted to 5 or less prots owned. This means that some other clans can still own them and be owned by a Nation, but it means Mega clans can't own all the small/shallow or even important ports in game. One of my biggest issues is the counter tags folks do to avoid a fight and make it easy to escape and the stupid join circles. IF we aren't in that little circle we have to pretty much turn around and go to the join circles loosing time and distance in the fight. You really should bring back the big second join circles but make that one an option to join instead of being instant pulled. So anything in the big join circles can click to join from position when some one is tagged. If you don't click on ok than you have to use the join circles. PvP Marks are gained by assist and kills. You can still get assist and kills and loose a fight so you still gain PvP marks. I don't know where folks are getting only the winner gets them. No only the folks that gets assist and kills gets them. Just like XP is off damage in battle. You can do tons of damage and still sink and get more XP than any one in the battle. I remember on the old system one shallow water battle before they removed XP for damage and before the H Rattler came out my mercury got like 3K xp and I had almost 1 million gold (number prob exaggerated but it was high) cause even though when I died I only had 1 kill and 2 assist. Well by end of battle cause I dished out so many kills I ended up with 4 kills and 6 assist even though I was the first ship sunk in the battle and we still won out number, but we keep the towers alive and keep the BR difference needed. So folks saying looser and other don't get rewards are wrong. Rewards are from what you do in the battle. You want more of them than sink more folks and do more damage. I'll give a sinking ship an extra broad side if I have the loaded decks and don't need them for another shot just to put more damage or get an Assist on that ship for the rewards. Folks need to know things like this and they don't.