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  1. Hercules ship feedback

    As mention in the other thread if this is a one time gift the ships should not be so random RNG. I seen one guy with a purple ship and thoguht cool it's a rare, but than some one posted a blue no perk ship. Sorry for how hard the mission is and rare the ship will be since it's a prem ship it should auto have Purple or Gold stats.
  2. Tutorial feedback 2

    I get making this a hard missions but not part of the graduation thing for MC's. The ship should be auto purple/gold with it being a rare ship. You prob got about as bad as RNG as I get. I agree they need limited double shot and I counted. They are reloadign all guns before I'm 2/3's loaded with min so they have faster relaod. Every time they hit I loose 2-3 ticks. I hit them with a full broad side they loose 1 tick. I have one irght now down to 60% sails and it's keeping up with me and the one with 98% sails. They all turn on a dime even with 50% sails.
  3. Tutorial feedback 2

    57 hits on the second one as I flat out just sunk the first one by out dps him on like my 3rd tried and I gave up cause I was running out of repairs and couldn't shake the second one off me. ON the 4th try I got them both sunk. They tend to do 2-3 tick damage to every one I do so what guns are they using and they are reloading faster than I can so you can't sit broad side to broad side with them. Yah but that double shot should slow down there reload, they are out reloadign and amaging me in both finals. Yah I'm going to call BS on this one, while I call myself an average player but I do know the name and can be called a vet. It took me 5 tries for the first one and I just did my first of the fnialy and gave up. I lost almost all my armor before I coudl get one of them chained down and run to try to only work on one, they spawn to close to each other. Yah and they aren't stupid AI, they will change at the last moment to match your Attack, Muskets or what not, than you get hit with a very big Crew/Moral cause they have boarding mods/marines/barricas or what not. I get they are suppose to be hard, but if a bunch of us old timers are having problems and I know a few of them talking aren't bad players, a new player is not going to get them done any time soon at that level. They switch there own attacks at the last moment and so far I seen them have max moral. Also how is a ship with 50% sails out turning me and keeping up with me? These ships must be super tanky/fast and nimble. It's like they are EPIC version of the ships or soemthing.
  4. We are the test server. What part of alpha game still in development stage hunt the EA you didn’t get?
  5. We ar already going to test to see if we can farm the ship note and mod.
  6. Yah but that is t new types, those are just new ships to be added. Wouldn’t be surprised if one of them is the prem pack ships or we see them after UI is finished or even closer to release.
  7. But Wraith actually is in a nation that has a lot of green players and we see this almost every day when we go out with these guys or how they act in ts. Specially when they get tagged or into a fight and it’s a known elite player/s What new ships types?
  8. Devs did say that if you didn’t want to pay for forge papers you can delet your char and redo the exam to be rushed to mc rank. I bet you do the exam you get the more each time so some can just do it over and over and get more than one note. It all depends how they pay out.
  9. Prussian Ports For Sale

    It was never a global server only thIng. Both had there fair share of drama. Now it’s all in one big old melting pot.
  10. Identities in the OW: A more realistic approach

    Even though I'm more in favor of having the info show when your within tagging distance. If your that close to each other and most the time it's not skirting the circle your prob about to find out any way in battle who they are. This just means you can hail each other per say at that range. Devs said they had a function like this before in game. @admin could the Hail function be coded to only work within a range of a ship (say within the tag circle?) You are still risking being tagged to make contact with the ship and either way it's to late to do other wise if they have bad intentions. Remember many ships did sail under false colors until right before attacking, it wasn't just a pirate thing. Privateers used it all the time and waited until the last moment before shots are fired to show who they where. This is more what we are asking for in game to have on the OW and not having to tag and pull them into battle very time to do so.
  11. Identities in the OW: A more realistic approach

    Just a prospective of distance from about 300-400 up in the air on top of a drilling rig. While over caste you can honestly only see so far, but that is our tag circle distance they are saying, but the actually distance inside when pulled isn't that far off. Canary Islands is the location of the picture. I was trying to find the ones of another rig being towed out of a shipyard in Brazil, it was a location very popular used by pirates to hit gold ships.
  12. Actually it's not a PvP only game either.....immersing comes with hailing ships before you fire upon them. Why would I fire upon a merchant ship when I'm out to hunt naval ships? Maybe my government has sent me on a mission to hunt down the great Vazco Privateer of his nation and not to fight any other war ships unless engaged by them first and to ignore all trade ships. That is immersion. This is a Sandbox first, that means you can let your guns be your diplomat and others can let there tongues. If this game was so realistic, guess what Prussia wouldn't be in game, Russian or Poland. To me immersing sandbox means this is more a RP/PvP/PvE game (I won't say server cause lets face it PvE server is just a waste). A sand box that offers crafting, trading, conquest and multiplayers, which wouldn't this mean this is not a PvP only game than? Naval Action is a hardcore, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat sandbox immersing players into the experience of the most beautiful period of naval history - when sailing ships ruled the seas. What is the current state of the Early Access version? “Excellent age of sail combat representationBasic craftingBasic tradingBasic conquestMultiple playable nationsLarge variety of age of sail vessels Now lets look more at the game. Show me where this is suppose to be a PvP only game? I see a lot of great things here but being an open world sand box that means we can PvE, PvP, RP, do what every we want in game within limits of course. Features: Exciting bugs – Because its still alpha we have an interesting selection of annoying, strange, and sometimes wonderful bugs. We are squashing them one by one, but it's Caribbean - they will keep coming for quite some time.Enormous open world – Large open world, recreated based on 18th Century maps, historical harbors, positions, and town names. We do not believe in the various modern hand-holding markers, thus player position is not shown on the map: you will have to navigate yourself using compass, sun or landmarks. PS. battles are instanced to allow extremely complex sailing and fighting calculations for 50 ship battles. Freedom – Build ships, trade, sink enemies of your nation. You can attack anyone almost everywhere. Remember that every action could have consequences. So don't attack everyone - or you will become a pirate. Conquer almost every port in the Caribbean, but remember! other adventurous captains will try to ruin your plans.Beautiful ships – Accurate hull models, sail plans, guns, internal upgrades, historical speed, turning and heel performance. Ships from small cutters to large 100+ gun 1st rates will allow the player to experience every possible role of the Age of Sail period. Realistic sailing – Advanced wind and physics model provides for realistic portrayal of ship’s performance in the age of sail. Yard angles, ship angle to wind, fittings and ship condition affects speeds and turning rates. Correct tacking, boxhauling, clubhauling and other elements of the age of sail sailing are possible. Hidden ship characteristics will allow to gradually uncover potential of the vessel – every ship in game will be unique. Historical gunnery - Realistic ballistics and cannon performance of the period. Every cannonball is tracked in the air and after it hits the target. One shot can hit the stern, damage the rudder, then hit the cannon carriage, injure crew, ricochet from the floor and hit the opposite side. Listing and wind affects the shooting distance and will require change of tactics. Weapons - All major types of naval artillery are implemented: from long guns to carronades. Fort and land batteries will provide support during port battles. Mortars are coming soon.Damage model - Leaks, structural damage, torn sails, demasting, raking, fires and all other hazards that were possible in that era. Damage is positional: hit the gun and you might destroy it. Gunnery crews are placed deck by deck. Shot can pass through the balcony, ricochet of the gun, hit a crew member and then fly out of the gunport splashing into the water. Armor thickness and wood type is implemented and at extreme angles cannonballs will ricochet from the hulls. Community driven development - Players actively participate in development and many elements of the game have already been implemented based on the player feedback. Content is immediately given out to players for testing and improvement. Share your thoughts in comments or on the forums. What I think is funny only the PvP only guys are the ones that keep thinking we are wanting PvE only, no we want the open world sand box that has both PvP and PvE we are promised.
  13. Prussian Ports For Sale

    The deal for Jobe was we supply you with repairs and you give us a fighting chance to take it back with a lightly defended (B Team) that needs pratice doing PB's. You couldn't find those players so you sent in pretty much all but 2 Elite players and went for the kill. I do give ya'll credit for holding the hostility off until we showed up. I think the STEAM down time thing messed up both teams as we didn't even get the players we wanted in for that one. We did our part supplied and filled your contracts for a week straight even filling some contracts that where below cost. We had plan to leave JOBE open and stock it with repairs as a open for all port folks can fight out of. I was on our team speak all morning that morning of the port battle and you never came into it. The person you talked to on the US TS just had to poke me as I was in an AFK room and he never did. As for the deal to get two ports back there was never going to be a deal when you ask us to attack nations we aren't at war with and don't plan to as I told you when you asked why we don't attack the Spanish and Russians. They have been the only nations to come and help screen for us even if it was just one or two ships. We won't start wars with nations that have not done any harm to us. I think this is the same feelings we have too. Oh we will come for them, just on our own terms and when we are ready....that might be a year from now lol Baby steps....baby steps lol
  14. 1v1 / 2v2 tourney ?

    lol I'm the only one to say "NO" so far, but needs a better option for the second one like, "NO Cause I don't duel or do tourney." Though I do think the room leader should have option to pick the group size from 1-6 or even 12 per team and have the option to put players on teams if they want. Kinda like WoT Training room style.
  15. because I don't want solo only PvE, I want PvE/PvP game play. This server not matter how much you want to call it a PvP server it is not a PvP only server. I actually think the PvE server is a waste of space and useless in development and have no reason to go there. I do enjoy the game and all aspects of it, but like many other games you got to let folks grow and level up in safety or they will stop playing your game. How about you remind us how many folks went and played on NA:L a PvP only game, tell me again how many folks even got out of the basic cutter? Only a few folks and those few are what we call die hard PvPers on here and they don't make up the majority of the game. I don't even do missions myself, I grind open world fleets or hostility fleets, but i see the reason you need it. Mainly cause I play in a nation that has the most causal and PvEer's per say. What nation do you play in ADMIN? I bet you it's not US or even GB? When was the last time you got a new player in your clan that wasn't some one you brought from another game or Dev team? Why are the PvPers not attacking each other ports? Why are they not fighting each other? Why do they need to farm capitals for newbs to kill all the time? I love the PvP aspects of this game, but I also know we need the guys that love to trade, PvE and do the back ground work to make this game run. You know the numbers of players that log in every day. I'm going to bet you the majority of those players are causals that only log into the game for a few hours and don't go out hunting for PVP 100% of the time. Yes they will PvP, but they don't want to do it 100% of the time. There are *GASP* folks that actually like doing trade runs and running missions, learning new builds before they take them out and try them on other players. I ask you what will happen if all those players leave right now, never log on again ever. How many players will you have left if you have nothing but the pure PvP wolves left? Show us the log in data from last week of how many players logged in each day and how many of them got a PvP kill or was killed in PvP compared to those that just logged in and did PvE/Trade runs. I'm going to bet the number of none hard core PVP players is way more than folks try to play it off, and you won't show that data cause it will prove that you need the casual players to make the game work. If you want a PvP only server than remove all safe zones, AI and missions and see how long this game last on nothing but pure PvP. Better yet crank up a server with only that and see how man folks go play on it. I bet it's numbers will be lower than the PvE only server.
  16. Identities in the OW: A more realistic approach

    20 km is only 12.4 miles. So for an observer on ground level that stands 5'7" (1.7m), the horizon is at a distance of 2.9 miles (4.7 km). For an observer standing on a hill or tower (crows nest) 100 feet (30 m) in height, the Horizon is 12.2 miles (19.6 km). While I'm sure not much details can be seen at this distance, but if you pass closer you should have an optoin to get the info and decide if you tag them or call off the attack. I'm fine with not seeing details at a distance, but there should be some means in game to get that info instead of pulling some one into a battle ever time. Folks have to remember this is a game after all not a simulator. Games are meant to be fun for the majority of the players, not just for a select few.
  17. The problem isn't that folks don't want fights, the problem is your so called real captains don't fight each other. They go and gank and kill noobs instead of fighting each other. Why not let folks level up and get training and than come out when they feel like it, this would mean you have more folks to fight. Instead when all they do is camp capitals which should not be PvP hot spots and not fight each other you loose players. I get you want the game to be hard core and I don't mind that, but I also been playing this game over 2 years now and know how to quickly get back into the action. The new guys it cost them dearly to loose that one good ship they have to a bunch of ELITE Players that refuse to go fight other ELITE players. You say you don't want casual players, well guess what if all them casual players stop playing you get NA:L and well know how well that test worked out. You actually had a good balance for the safe zones and casuals but suddenly your starting to remove that cause more and more of the so called ELITE PvP aren't fighting each other and just hiding. When was the last time Cart was attacked, or any of the Cooper ports? Why aren't they attacking these ports, isn't that where the hot zones should be with tons of PvP/RvR going on between those major econ eras instead of places where folks are leveling up and getting backing so they can go out and fight and not struggle to regrow from being sunk? Tell me why we hardly ever see players killed in front of the Spain, Dutch, Dane, Swedes capitals? Hell even the French? Folks go camp and kill by KPR and US capital cause it has the most easy targets. Easy targets that will stop playing your game and than they will have nothing to do. NO one is asking for more safe zones or what not, what we are asking is stop changing things that aren't broken and work. If these PvPers want more action than they should be hunting each other down, flipping each other ports, killing each other in the Patrol zones, not camping capitals.
  18. Interesting lay out to give new players or should we say players that hit that level. Guess to teach them multi decks early on. Yah like going to have to know how to work your crew or load it up with hammocks/crew mods.
  19. Any one got the API data on this ship? I was just wondering what the gun lay out is going to be. Is it going to maybe have some decks share like the prince does cause it looks like it has three decks of guns. Wiki has this listed as it's cannons. Which the last part 6 guns stones? Aren't those Mortars? Could we maybe gotten an updated ship with the option to have mortars? I don't see any on the screen, but would be interesting. 4 guns of 24 pounds 8 guns of 18 pounds 12 guns of 8 lbs 6 guns of 6 lbs 6 guns stone
  20. @admin Does this mean you have the option to say if they can or can't telport in? Like I can set a FFA town but than set the option to allow folks to teleport in or not? I would prefer to have the option as I might not want folks to teleport into a port to keep ships there, but don't mind them showing up to trade. Can we get a clarification on this?
  21. A lot of those players have that mentatliy cause they get farmed by nothing but vets daily. I know you played in the EU mainly nations, but try comeing over a nation like US or GB and hang out and help the casual new players. Swedes doesn't have as big a player base of casuals nor does Prussia? So ya'll don't see this side of the game as much. While I know you don't do it as i never seen your name up by CT, but a lot of other players do nothing but farm the Capitals over and over and think that is great PvP content. Those players they farm get frustrtated loosing ships over and over and over and than stop playing. They never rank up to RA or learn some of the basic things me and you know cause we been playing this game for a good while so instead they get frustrated and just stop playing. It's why the nation that has over 50% of this games sales has the worse retention rate out of any other region in game. If 50% of the sales of this game is US based than that means 50% of the population should be, but it's not. We seen clans/players come and go in the nation cause of folks giving up cause they are over farmed by certian players that think they have the right to do so. Most causal/new players don't even know you can delete the mission and retake it to get a better location. It seems this change is more geared for the older casuals that been in game longer and know about such features and use it to prevent from getting ganked by over vets. Yah by farming out side capitals a bunch of noobs right? I mean how many thousands PvP marks you guys got? As much as my clan mates hate the location of our base, but I picked it for that reason. Nice big fleets come into the harbor that you can grind in safety of the green zone and protected from any ganking that you don't need to do missions. I don't remember the last time I done a mission other than just to test out a 1 vs 1 of a ship against a like AI instead of waiting for ever for a like AI to show up, but with that there is not enough solo AI ships for solo players to farm so they have to do missions instead. It honestly blows my mind they don't understand you got to give the sheep places to graze and grow so you can hunt them later. To many wolves and not enough sheep is bad. We need to get MORE sheep in games and to have a healthy server pop and we aren't doing things to do that. Again this is not a PvP-ONLY SERVER, it's a PvP/PvE server....if you want to have something to fight you got to let the sheep grow and have there safe place. Just about every other game has a very small PvP zones and very big PvE zones on there servers. They do this to keep the player base happy and healthy. Something this game doesn't do. Look at POTBS you could only PvP in the red zones. Which where caused by AGRO for port battles. ALl the rest of the game was PvE only (with a few limits cause of pirates/privateers rules). That game up till they turned it F2P actually was a very active and healthy game where you had a lot of fights nightly and PB's every couple of days. You knew where to get the PvP cause it was a big red dot on the map. You didn't have to hunt all over the place. In fact we keep on our server a certain area pretty much allways in the red zone in the center so we always had a place to go PvP.
  22. I always thought they should have more port restrictions on ships like 1st rates can only be docked in capital ports and can't be keep in freetowns per say. Than put some shallows in some of the PB's with objectives like take that circle where only light frigates or shallow ships can go into those waters to cap the circles while the big boys duke it out in the open water if they want. Would bring back the 25 man port battles, but means you have to mix your fleet up instead of all one ship. The mulit circles gives you a reason to use tatics and have goals, just like the BR/Circle of doom/Kill towers did before. I get some folks wish every PB was just a big circle we have to all crash into each other and fight in to the last man, but many a battles where not won with a cannon fire, but instead other means. Though I agree some more objectives would be nice. Like I mention above have some areas with a lot of islands and such need shallow/light ships the big boys can't get into to capture the objective, butmaybe this will be something we see in the future? You really should read your own words, he plays one way you play another, why should he be forced to play your way? I actually think you will be surprised that you only make up about 10% of the player base and the casual/PvEer's actually make up around 90% of the player base. Your the minority they aren't, but a lot of them never touch the forums. That is why I have brought up doing in game polls to the devs to get actual feed back and not from just us salty grumpy vets on the Forums. AGAIN we do not have PVP ONLY SERVER. We have the Caribbean which is a PvP/PvE server. You guys need to get it out of your head that this is a PVP ONLY server. In fact most games you get about the size of the safe zones as PVP area and the rest is PvE so you get way more area to play in than PvE guys do with safety than just about 99% of the MMO's out there. In fact many of those games restrict the PvP only to arena fights and leave you where you can't even PvP any random you come across. This game is a sandbox so you can do pretty much what you want within a certain limitations. If some one one wants to farm noobs at a capital they can. If some one wants to PvE all day doing Trade runs they can. So why limit that play style for one or the other? What I'm seeing is the Hard core PvP guys aren't fighting each other and just complain when any limits of easy targets is being removed from them. If ya'll want fights than go fight each other, cause that would actually give you some thing more enjoyable than destroying some casuals 1 hour of game play. Oh wait ya'll won't do that cause that is to hard. I also love the guys that love these restrictions are guys that are in nations with very little new player base or casuals for the most part. It's like they don't have a clue about the other 90% of the player base that plays the game out there. Ever wonder why when the Devs post numbers about players it's so high compared to what you see in game? Those are the Casual players that pop on for an hour or two at most, run a mission or two, than go spend time with family or head to bed cause they have to work the next day. We only see the number 200-600 players at that moment, but that doesn't speak of the 1000 players that logged in over the whole day, it's just who is one at that exact moment.
  23. Yah I think I might of miss read it maybe Devs can clear this one up. I think a lot of folks missed that little bit when reading through. Yah this might need a bit clarefication from the Devs. @admin can you maybe clear this up? I would assume this means it is going to mean longer time between repairs I hope?
  24. I really wish they gave more reason for folks to remain in battle sails in a fight. Every one tends to run full sails for the most part and than wonder why they can't get out of a pickle when needed. I like to build my ships so they can remain in battle sails during a battle and than go full sails when needed. Which is now hard with the LO/WO tank meta with Battery a lot do in PB's. Makes my pref of Teak/Wo even more just a support ship in the fight instead of a front line fighter. Full sails should also give you added chance to loose more sails from chain and shot vs being in Battle Sails in combat. Actually they will do what they do now, "I'm getting attack by a french ship?" "What is it?" "I don't know. (past they could say 5th rate." "Well what BR is it?" "Uh it's 155/250" "OH that is a Surpise/Indefatabel, what are you in?" "A TRADER." "Well your screwed." Mobilized the Coast Guard to catch the ship on it's way out after killing the poor guy in the trade ship. But now we can't even tell the fleet comp which can be every big difference from a small ship or a big, but hay not every one knows the ships BR's by memory. I have it tagged in discord under our game info for easy reference cause they change so much I can't remember all the BR's. Well it is every 2 mins now instead of 15, wait I was reading that backwards which means they increased the ammount of times you repair? Dang I was reading that backwards early. Ok so we can repair even more now than we could before unless I'm reading that wrong, still half a sleep this morning. Which is understandable that folks learn things over time, but not every one has been playing the game as long as we have and know just about every ship by the back of our hands.