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  1. Legends login issue

    You mean like the closed beta one?
  2. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    First I want to make something very clear here and many of you guys have heard me say this. Your only been fighting 15-20 guys. There was no 25+ could not take a port from 15 guys with a few extras. Even when we had 25 in a port battle it wasn't 25 guys. Most of use left Savanna alone an only showed up to defend it. We picked that spot to make it so the other clans will keep you busy and off our back as we dealed with French and Brits. It worked great. In face I think it helped the US get off there arse and get into more fights than ever. Gave the other clans something to do (GS6 believe was the main one) and some where for our guys to hunt when they where bored during off times. The reason ya'll couldn't take that port is cause you constantly will show up to a SOL port with trash ships. 25 5/4th rates is never going to beat 15-20 1st rates in proper hands. Second a mans word means a lot to our clan. We could of prob turned the other check over the taking Spain's port. The problem we have is the reason you did it. The other thing is you can't even control your own guys. What did we talk about Nassau? MARS won't get involved, that is NPG"s problem until after we take and than we have fun fighting over it, but MARS was not suppose to be in that first fight. GUESS WHAT? Two MARS players whee in that battle. Just happens one is former NPG, but hay if you can't control your guys and your not going to be able to keep your word than we are going to expect this from your clan from now on. Don't become another Cordova or Loinshaft. You really don't want to know how much Pirates want to go paint a dot next to your lands again. They are hungry for the hunt. Maybe we should just put another dot right in the middle again? I'm not even sure where they are getting ya'll have 20 players, couldn't even fill half a port battle with your US prime time numbers. I was more guess ya'll where around 10-12 in numbers with a few others I haven't seen. I know not all DEA and RAT went over to spain and figure ya'll got a few others from other nations. Until I see you make a proper port battle fleet and attack some one folks should let you grow and leave your ports alone around your starting regions. We didn't even talk about taking a port in the Keys cause we wanted ya'll to have fun over there. Seems it might be time we push that way and join in. And PIrates will allow spain to have all North Cuba up to what we currently hold if they want. Also one port in the old french middle region can be taken and held as some of us are talking about fighting over PnP area for fun and PvP. NPG did the same thing when we where grinding up Morgans Bluff. That is fine and we didn't really get upset cause we knew we where going to flip Nassau the next day if we didn't that night. That is part of the game, but we are talking about two nations that can fight in PB"s US and Pirates. Just means we aren't going to play it easy on NPG if they think they can back taking ports in OUR WATERS (remember Bahamas where all pirates pre-patch). I figure we are being nice letting them get a foot hold in the north parts, when in the past every time they did that they couldn't keep there grubby little fingers out of the south. There is no reason for them to take Keys, they should have escorts for any ships out of home waters (you get reinforcements in those areas). This game is about PvP in the OW mainly. In our view taking a small nations only port is exactly what you stated, baby seal clubbing. They got cocky and figure they go for the one fight they can win. They could of just skipped over the Keys and keep going to the gulf. Hell we where even thinking about taking one port in that area and leave there coast alone, now I think a BLACK dot on the coast line is going to be deserved. We just won't tell them when we plan it, but it will come. Can't give up on prime hunting grounds after all.
  3. Anyone get an invite yet to the beta?

    all ready in game fighting I think AI?
  4. How about we fix Pirates and make them actually something interesting in game instead of adding more nations. Let folks be outlaws if the want but change the pirates to a Privateer Faction that can work for other nations (under Letter of Marques). This will help fill out other nations port battles and give them something special since they won't be a nation, but a faction. If a player wants to get into RvR they need to get a LoM for that nation (this should be a clan base thing). If your not in a clan or don't want to do RvR than your treated as a pirate/outlaw. Since Privateers/Pirates have FFA we can still police the naughty pirates and other nations. All you have to do is higher a clan to be privateers and fight for your clan against another clan even if it's your same nation. Now I bet something like that would bring more interest into the game and will make the nations actually feel like nations and pirates/privateers be something like they should be. Cause what is a Pirate in all honesty? A privateer without a job. So yah before we talk about any other nations being added we have one nation that needs some love since you seem to constantly skirt around this topic if Pirates will ever be more than just some bastard child nation. Though back on topic loving the new patch and changes. Haven't seen so many fights on OW in a while and actually nations that use to not fight each other are actually fighting.
  5. I would say the second biggest/strongest clan in Pirates on GLOBAL is AIB a Brazilian clan. Before this patch cause of their off times they kinda was left out of a lot of things. They had the first AI port battle out of any pirates. hey got so excited that first port battle they started a pirate FFA before it lol. They been showing up for the guys that can stay on later for our port battles. This patch has gotten a lot of small clans motivated that use to only just sit around saying, BLACK will take care of it. Now they have a piece of there own of the nation and can feel part of every thing. I think this patch has let a lot of small clans step up to the plate and show they are important and can do things. It's also let folks know just how weak/unorganized some of the large clans are too. As I mention above we had prob the most OW PvP last night on our server and it wasn't even involving pirates for once. It's been like that the last two nights as we are having our first none AI Port Battles. IF it keeps up than that means something was done right with this patch.
  6. Did you not see the combat news the last two nights? I'm going to be honest with you I kinda feel like us pirates are missing out on the fun. For once US and GB are fighting on GLOBAL. If you can't figure out the current hot spots and where the PvP is than that is your own problem. I'll give you a hint: Get an empty port slot and take your ships (or ships so you have spares) down to the southern tip of Florida, I wouldn't pick a US base in the Keys (yall are going to loose those). There was a lot of fighting between Spain/GB and US. Rumor has it even the Danes are moving over to get into the action. I heard the pirates might be hitting some ares too, but you know them pirates can never trust a thing they say. I mean it is your clan that ucked up and hit a small nation with only two ports (and about less than dozen players) over getting some traders ganked in OW PvP....you know on a PvP server. Well guess what I'm going to bet that PvP ends up right on your capital waters door step soon. Than again some of ya'll are known only for running and hiding. We give it a week before that starts up. Though there is no excuse for saying that you have to go a long distance when your own nation is the hotspot for active GLOBAL PvP right now. If you want to tangle with the Pirates we will meet you in shallows right now. As long as you stay in North Bahamas we will not take it to RvR, but if you want to hunt and have PvP come across that line. Honestly Alliance was a very bad thing being nation vs nation when on PvP2 the two biggest nations had an alliance and never fought for over a year. Not one port battle. Having it more clan based is better. I actually wouldn't mind seeing some nations being able to have clan alliances with another nation and can fight side by side, but the easiest way to do this is turn pirates into privateers and have them options to work for other nations or remain outlaws. Though I don't think the devs every plan to do anything with Pirates, they always seam to skirt this topic around the corners, but it would help fill port battles and such if folks can contract out (Letters or Marque's) pirates into Privateers to help fight for there side. The other thing is some less key ports that smaller clans can capture and keep could be limited to 12 vs 12 port battles instead of 25 vs 25 to give them a better chance to defend them against large nations zerge.
  7. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    We found out the first day St Mary's is in the US safe zone as one of our guys lost a Connie tagging a trader there. There should be no special resources in a safe zone (Spainish has one of the gunpowedrs in one.) You should get the basic crafting stuff only. If you want anything else you need to venture out and it's nice now you can boost production of ports owned so they produce more than safe zones ports. I don't know why they put so much resources in those zones. When you bring up coal I hear folks say, "Why should I got to Sant Iago when Ocean Brite produces it." They would prefer to pay the tax's to the port than get it basically free from the clan (cause tax's goes back into clan coffer). Even with the boosted production and labor cost reduction folks are not wanting to move cause it's safer to just produce them slowly in the safe zone.
  8. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    I hear even the Danes are moving over to get a piece of the pie. I know one thing the server has never stood for is picking on small nations ports. I mean OW sink the crap out of the pisky guys, but you don't take the only port they have (Cayo really doesn't count as they set it neutral). This going to be interested. I think BLACKS stance is right now we won't attack Brits in US waters as along as they don't attack us as we have a common goal. I'm pretty sure we will be keeping DD and NPG busy on the side and prob poke a few shots at MARS too. PS: I set Nassau open for all like we set La Navasse. That way Nassau can be a good trade hub when we aren't fighting over it. I would ask that any one that wins that port to keep it it open for all too. Still planing to have Nassau as a shallow port we can all fight over if we feel like it. I think the talks are to have Leogane (4th rates) and Port-au-Prince (lineshis) set pretty much the same way. Ports that we all just fight over but no one really owns. Other nations are encourage to set up a port in the old french area around those two ports for staging to fight over them and PvP. Making the area around whale island the in game PvP hot zone for all nations.
  9. Thanks for thanks for the hotfix update and looks good so far, added some thoughts on changes.
  10. What we found is if another port battle starts it does that so if there are two port battles at once the forts and towers get really really big. and it's not counting any combat you done, I got one char that has used the LGV to hunt other traders and it's not listed any xp on it. We always make bad french jokes when we are fighting the white flag neutral ships. When my pirate crafter was French many moons ago I use to always carry muskets on my ships. Though on that topic it seems there is now reason to do the normal as the elite doens't take any skill books or anything.
  11. Politics and PBs (Patch 11 - "Clan Wars")

    Dangit making new threads on me and such, but here is the port battle results. Nassau shallow water port battle: 24 US vs 25 Pirates Cause of the wend we entered from the NW side and had one lone person that cam in late enter by the east circle (c). We moved to capture B and than as the Mortar Brig moved up the main fleet moved to fight between B and A. A few of the pirates where let loose to chase two lone Mercs. Most of the fighting ended up spilling into A circle until the US was pushed out of it and the Pirates had control of two circles and had sunk a good number of ships on the US side. I give the US credit near the end they charged back into A and give us one last brawl. The call was to repair up for hunting and we did that after the battle. Any one that ran we chased. Not sure how many where killed out side but it was around 5-7. US lost 11 ships plus a bunch more out side after the battle. Pirates lost 3 ships. Good fight US was nice to see full numbers PS that was the first port battle I ever called solo as commander....I want to go back to being the silent guy in the corner. Doing it with a mixed clan fleet that many of us never sailed with was a bit of a pain, but every one did good. Way better than I expected. Until the next fight US, will see ya'll in the open seas.
  12. [PvP Global] Political Situation and Port Battles

    Nassau shallow water port battle: 24 US vs 25 Pirates Cause of the wend we entered from the NW side and had one lone person that cam in late enter by the east circle (c). We moved to capture B and than as the Mortar Brig moved up the main fleet moved to fight between B and A. A few of the pirates where let loose to chase two lone Mercs. Most of the fighting ended up spilling into A circle until the US was pushed out of it and the Pirates had control of two circles and had sunk a good number of ships on the US side. I give the US credit near the end they charged back into A and give us one last brawl. The call was to repair up for hunting and we did that after the battle. Any one that ran we chased. Not sure how many where killed out side but it was around 5-7. US lost 11 ships plus a bunch more out side after the battle. Pirates lost 3 ships. Good fight US was nice to see full numbers PS that was the first port battle I ever called solo as commander....I want to go back to being the silent guy in the corner. Doing it with a mixed clan fleet that many of us never sailed with was a bit of a pain, but every one did good. Way better than I expected. Until the next fight US, will see ya'll in the open seas.
  13. I actually liked it cause it did two things. Made fights more equal and keep the annoying fleet ships out of the fights. US who we fought mostly in the shallows would constally always have two ships in fleet in the shallow so when you try to fight 3 vs 5 which we had no problem doing it normally turned more into a 3 vs 15 with alll the AI. What I loved even more was the AI counted against the BR to join. So you tag some one with fleet ships it locked others out from joining.....lol The problem was before patch you made prettty much only the big profits from doing trade and very little from PvE or PvP. Now you can make money for both, but the higher risk gives you the better pay out in the long run. Cause you can still get sunk by AI and well if your doing Hostility missions some one can join you. While trade runs tend to be low risk (depends where you make them they can be high risk). If your loosing 20% profits off the tax's than you where doing them wrong in the fist place. Now there is more than one way to profit in game. If some one hates combat they can still go do trade runs to make money. I did one the other day on the way back from dropping off resources at a port and made a good chunk of money on the return trip instead of being empty so folks saying you can't profit from trade runs isn't doing it right. Maybe you just can't get as rich as you use to. That was the problem folks would run around buying all trade goods with 4 trade ships and than they out bid the guys struggling to PvP/PvE and buy mods and such cause they have all the money.
  14. Swimming in forged papers

    Maybe have a turn in function for those that have stayed loyal to there nations. I'll turn in all mine for exchange of paint chest.
  15. Crashing in Combat

    Well that is prob your problem right there....lol But yah it list 17.7.1 as your most updated. I would try the other one and if it doesn't work roll it back to the 17.7.1 driver. That an older chip set right (sorry I'm haven't had AMD cards in ages. It always a chance you can take that might work.
  16. Crashing in Combat

    http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/mobile?os=Windows 10 - 64 Not sure if that will work right but just did it and comes up with 17.9.1 is your latest driver as of 9/7/2017 so prob updated since you last check as that is only like a week and half ago?
  17. Crashing in Combat

    What GPU you have, did you actually go to the website and download there newest drivers? If you just hit the update button it half the time never updates to the most newest driver out. By doing a quick search of AMD web page 17.9.1 is the latest driver number that comes up for just about every card out right now.
  18. Request make unconquerable ports SOLID color

    I like this cause we now have any one can use ports with different look, this will help folks know the lines of where that zone starts and stop for the most part. That and contested ports or ports that are scheduled to have a port battle should get a big red circle around them and there waters like how POTBS use to. I get ask all the time, "WHERE IS THE PORT BATTLE AT?" Than it's 30 mins before the fight and they are like I'm leaving and won't make it on time cause it's on the other side of the map. I swear folks are lazy and refuse to use the map tools, but we might as well help them make it easier.
  19. Fix mission hostility

    Well what they expect if you go to war in the enemy waters and they have fleets close by they prob won't make it to the actual battle but they might be able to catch you returning or moving to your next target. Pretty much how real life engagements happen and they aren't exactly called REVENGE FLEETS.
  20. Is anything being done to stop players blocking resource contracts?

    I actually like this for those guys that put up insane high priced contracts on some goods. That and maybe limit what you can put a contract up for rare resources. It takes 5 to make those mods so maybe limit it to 10 per contract so you can get enough to make 2 mods. Hell I'm not even sure they are paying out any more. Crooked I been watching and the person with the highest bid contract seems to not be filling. Which means some one is doing what I use to do. I knew when it dropped in the morning and i would buy from he shop before it filled the contracts. Maybe some of these rare items need better limits on the contracts and up the amount they pay out so they pay out to more than one player in a 24 hours. 10 limit is not bad an maybe have 100 pay out a day that means 10 players out of 1000's can get contracts filled.
  21. I haven't seen the two players we had as moderators on Global since before patch. Starting to think we might need a few more Mods and some that actually play during US prime time @The Red Duke has pretty much been our only moderator other than @Iroquois Confederacy where the only two mods that I know of we had on. Both are MIA or off playing on EU server. Shouldn't we have actually Mods that play and constant on the GLOBAL servers? Hell I would put myself in for the position but I have done it on other games and it's a big headache, but I'm also one of the most active players in game or on the Forums for GLOBAL. I just wanted to put it out there we really need some prime time US player base Moderators on Global along with a few others that cover the SEA/AU and EU prime times that are going to stay active on our server and not run off to EU or go inactive. I think each of the major nations need to have at least one active moderator that can watch over nation chat (doesn't get as bad at times) and global chat for any folks that step out of line or get abusive.
  22. Have you even tried Global? I mean do you have a char with the XP over on that server so that some one could help you and others get up and going? You say the pop isn't there but your US prime time and other than when folks where waiting for the patch GLOBAL during US prime time had more players than EU does. Yes it's great over there during the EU pirme time and you have tons more players, but the numbers drop off very big after that prime time drops off. If a good chuck of the actually US player base would stop playing over there and move over to the GLOBAL server our numbers would go up big time. We have small clans taking ports over on our server cause you have so many to ports and not enough clan/players to grab them all. So it might actually be more enjoyable if some of you guys took a break and actually try GLOBAL. I mean honestly if you did all the stuff to get your XP on the server you should be able to hit the floor and be up and running pretty fast. I haven't checked the numbers in a while, but like I said when the 10 patch dropped we had actually more players on than EU during the US prime time so saying that pop wasn't there is a bit BS. I can't speak for the other nations, but I know if you and your clan came over to Pirates and we had the heads up BLACK would help get you in ships/cannons and up and running. I'm pretty sure some of the big clans in US or GB would do the same too. Sounds like the only ones holding you back from having more fun is yourself.. As for combat missions getting help. You don't need them in solo. FLEET MISSIONS ARE MEANT FOR A FLEET NOT SOLO. You want to solo a fleet that fine pay the price of the risk in repairs (I do it all the time) or go hunt smaller fleets in OW you can handle. Your small clan should be able to easily do a fleet missions if you show up with 3-5 guys. They just aren't meant to be SOLO is all. Hell you can easily solo the shallow and 4th rate hostility missions if you bring the right ship (much higher tier as there is no limit). So how exactly are combat missions holding you back from having fun when there is a second option now of doing hostility missions? It takes 100 CM to get a WASA so you can easily get out of that Indefatigable and you make several 100K easily doing missions now. I make from 4 4th rate hostility missions with 2-3 clan mate 1.6 millions. That is per player on average after 4 missions so the money is there, the missions are there. Those missions take us about 2 hours. BANG that is your 1-2 hours of game plan. Now the next day you can have a port battle (wait can't do this on EU) and if it's owned you might get a decent group of equal number players. (you prob won't see 25 vs 25 on GLOBAL unless it's a major econ port). Seems the only thing holding folks back that are in small groups and solo are themselves and maybe the server they remain on if they want to get involved in RvR too. Hell I still play my Pirate on EU from time to time on EU, normally on Sunday mornings (US time) when I"m on and most of my clan mates aren't. I go over there and solo hunt traders. They are out there and you can find them, just have to figure out the trade runs they make and not do it in capital waters any more. Something I never did in the first place.
  23. What Ink said and it's x4 not x3 the cost. So say your short 50 stone blocks and you want them /NOW/. Stone blocks cost 20 to produce each. So you put a buy contract up for them at 80 a piece for a total of 50 and it will instantly fill that contract for your. Remember you have to do it in a port that normally produces that good (you can set up a building).
  24. We know folks are going to win, but what he's saying is we should get some sort of reward in fights no matter what. If I sink and do a lot of damage but not any assist and kills I get nothing. If I'm low level and only shoot sails I get nothing cause I didn't do enough to get the assist and kills. Bring back XP for damage and you still reward those that don't run and try to fight something for the fight even if the other guy escapes. Right now no rewards for damage hurts the little guy more than anything. He can't tag along with others an support the fight cause he earns "ZERO" in the fight even if he spent the whole time shooting sails or doing stern rakes killing a few crew here or there. Maybe it will encourage 1 out of 10 players to fight more, but that is still one more player than we had before that wants to actually stay and fight.
  25. Stop trying to please every one, we don't have to give rewards out to every one if they don't work for them. Every game i been on if you want the elite gear you had to go get the elite gear by killing the elite boss. Yes you could get it by going to the auction house and paying for it, but still some one had to go grind that gear out in the first place. If you give the same reward to every one even the folks that do nothing, than the rewards mean nothing. Kinda like victory marks are a fail concept right now. Whole nation get rewards for the hard work of a few. Conquest Marks was a better system cause it rewarded those that actually did hard work to earn them. The folks that are going to complain are going to complain any way. They are the same folks that sit in ports and won't come out and fight to protect a port and than complain that there nation lost the port. You can't make every one happy. I also gave a PvE means to give out the rewards too. Put them in the shipwreck event chest too. Make them tradeable so if some one wants them bad enough they can pay for it. It's not like we have a shortage of money right now. YOu have way to much content locked behind PvE and nothing is rewarded for RvR or PvP. Why do I have to grind AI to get mods and ship knowledge I should be getting through PvP too? When you had the split mark system you could of had proper rewards for those players that did PvP over those that don't. I'm sorry once again you want the elite gear, you need to get the elite missions/bosses done to earn them or pay some one that has done them. Not to mention paints don't make any one OP as the biggest complaint about locking content behind PvP and RvR rewards is that only the elite get them. A pink Santi kills some one just as good as a bland none painted one. Just looks better while doing it.