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  1. The problem is that they Nerf all the speed mods instead of giving stacking penalties. I don't make 15 knots speed build ships other than one I used for chasing the other 15 knts guys. But the few ships I put speed mods on to give that little extra boost now have 1% or the ship knowledges I bought books for is only 1% so why even use them. Time for those reload builds I was thinking of or pen cap builds.
  2. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Than bitch at them for using broken BR mechanics and griefing tactics to try to keep us out of a port battle. IF they where so good they would meet us in fair fight of 25 vs 25 in the port battle. Once the couldn't use there own exploiting mechanics they stopped fighting. We didn't even have a full 25 in that one port battle too.
  3. Did you see the 20/15% for Stay/Studding Sails.
  4. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Oh give it a rest. We showed up to the last three port battles without using a fleet to jump into. We used the new fleet group mechanics and they didn't show. Once they couldn't use there numbers and crappy ships to screen us cause they couldn't apparently beat us (after one defeat) in a Port Battle they stopped fighting. That shows it never was about the game mechanics. They are pissed they couldn't use there own exploits (bad BR tag mechanics) to stop us from entering the PB. We told them from day one bring a proper fleet and we will fight you out side the Port battle and never enter.
  5. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Not the largest, though I think we might of took US spot of number 2 or tied with it. GB still has way more numbers than we do. Now for the most powerful I won't denie that one...lol
  6. It means I have the Heavy Rattler and Niagara BP's and 3 permits for both all ready. I might get the Wappen and Ingerland BP soon but I can't stand the Wappen and the Ingerland only has perk of 32 pounders. We really need this cause I can tell some ships seem to take a hit more than others that I own.
  7. Yah I was going to make a ship but won't touch any crafting until we know the new wood numbers. ALl my speed mods are pretty much useless as 1% is pretty much pointless and now I have a Speed Bucc that takes 40% more crew to sale the ship cause two speed mods take 10% crew and Staysails takes 20%
  8. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    US is not in any place to be demanding any thing. We have offered you two ports that you lost to GB. Don't bite the hand that is feeding you. A rabid dog can be put down real fast.
  9. I would love if they go back to a reward for the port battles attendies but they would abuse that too. We busted our buts this week to kick the largest nation in the teeth on EU and now find out it's going to mean nothing getting that win. I'm really just about to say F U this game...... 1% is nothing....so now I might as well scrap half the mods I bought/crafted over the last 2 months to build certain ships for certain jobs.
  10. Really you cave into the cry babies in one week. What the point of getting a win and busting your butt for one Victory mark when I can just grind some fleets. You keep taking the things that make PvP and RvR special for the players that do them cause the lazy folks that don't do them want the same rewards we busted our arse to get. The speed nerf was needed, but you need to remove the cap at 15 kt so that the fast ships designed to be fast can be fast and the other ships can do what they are better at. Would be nice to see what these changes are going to be cause a lot of folks have spent a lot on crafting certain ships that might now be pretty much useless for what they where made for. I didn't see an issue with the thickness, armor and HP cap being at 20% What about the guys that fought in Shallow water port battles? Post Captain is rank 7 (350 crew). I can understand limiting who gets what cause of alts, but what about the guys that Brought Mortar brigs or fought in shallow waters and busted there buts? They get nothing while the lazy arm chair Admirals that sit in ports gain victory marks for others hard work. Think about dropping this down to maybe Rank three (120 crew) for the new guys that might fight in shallow water port battles and bring ships like the Mortar Brig when they can't bring line ships. Bug fix are all ways a good thing.......
  11. Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Pretty sure it was your phone since I done it before myself while posting on my phone and not on my computer.
  12. A Cunning GB Plan...

    I'll let you in on a little secret. There was a reason we only grabbed the regions around Morts and got the points needed to start building (when Conquest Marks was added) and not spread all over the place. We took that time while US/GB was spreading all over stealing up every Spanish/French ports they can get there hands on. We built fleets. We BUILT MORE THAN ONE 1st RATE FOR EACH CLAN MEMBER. We all have more than one PB 4th rate. We declare what ports we will have ships in and defend regions around those ports. We moved and took one Port from US....ONLY ONE PORT, but we picked one great for hunting. We all keep the respected ships in that port for both hunting and PB's. Than we went to do other things. US didn't prob expect us to have 1st rates still in them if we where using them down in GB waters right? Yep that is exactly what we expected them to think. When we where ready to take on the Brits we took key ports that we can use as jumping ports and get to fast to defend and did so. I say this over and over our clan is only 15-20 guys average on line in the past, but we are more up to 20-25 on most nights with a few small clan members helping up. The reason we keep numbers up is we go out there and fight. We keep busy. We don't sit on our butts and not use our ships. If you want to get better you have to get out and fight, not sit in your docks. Last night was the first time we had a full PB fleet and Screening fleet to show up to the port battle and the screeners where mostly in ships that could have filled port battle spots too.. We got to that point by working with the other clans. We been making ships for them too and offer to make more so they can grow. We haven't been selfish with our resources. We are even offering to help other nations/clans that don't have certain things. This is how you grow, this is how you can beat two other large nations in a short time. Are we prefect? Hell no we aren't. I can say I suck at this game at times, but I work with my time and they work with me to fill in our weak spots. One thing you don't see is us cutting each other down and degrading each other. We butt heads a lot and more than I want to admit, but than two seconds later we will be fighting side by side killing our enemy as if nothing happen.
  13. HMS Endymion

    Don't you mean Cerberus and Surprise? I was trying to explain to some one why this combo was actually good for wolf pack hunting.....they still think the Cerberus is a trash ships. I might be sliding a little money the Rover's way to hunt said player down and prove to him how much they aren't trash in that combo. Right @Willis PVP2 you think they are trash ships?
  14. [8] Survival cool down time Question

    always turned on so that if I need crew to manage a leak or something they will go into it. This will also prevent you from going into an instant fireshock if you get caught on fire and it's in a bad spot. Remember still that fires and hits can almost instantly blow you up if it's close to the Magazine. The only time I toggle it off is if 'm trying to stroke the fire for a BOOM ship. Other wise if you have no damage to your structure or bow/stern than there is no reason for crew to be in there. It does look like you had repair recently so how bad was the damage to your ship before repair? In the old days you knew that if you blew out some one bow that it would cause a leak but that was patched out and it still cause the crew to be tied up in survival so it was a means to slow some ones crewmanagement down.
  15. For the People Wanting to Quit the Game

    The thing that gets me is folks start to cry, "WE ARE ALL DEAD." When they loose one region (they still have like 20 others). Than they start to run to join other nations. The problem is folks are to busy trying to jump ship to the wining team when they should be putting there big girl panties on and fighting back. That or take the time to regroup and rebuild and don't over extend your boarders more than you can handle. If you don't like how you nation is run do like OP said join a smaller nation that is active. I'll be bluntly honest if your not willing to work in your own nations we will prob not want you either in our own. And that pissed them off where they aren't happy after they move. Never just expect to change nations and than be part of the wining team.
  16. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    It was posted by the Devs back in March before the game Patch/Wipe was announced. This was the PvP1 numbers posted the same day. Wasn't broken down as well though. I agree I would love to see the current actual numbers. The old conquest system was bad that got folks to spread out way to much. I think the new one has merit but needs to be worked where it rewards the largest and gets other nations involved in the fight, but I think every one should get one point and than the winner gets 3. 2nd gets 2 and 3rd gets 1 and do pay outs like very 2-3 weeks. This allows the small nations still a chance to build those ships. They did split a lot of the ships up so you can still craft some of them with combat marks instead of needing victory marks.
  17. A Cunning GB Plan...

    Even cheaper is get other Traders that are making the run the same time you are. I seen a fleet of 15 players move stuff before cause they all needed to get things from one place to another. A lone hunter will have a hard time pressed against a group of LGV's or Indianman. This post cracked me up cause I will make it very very very very clear I am not Duncan's alt....lol
  18. The perk of the Endymion is you can easily hit that cap and make it a strong ship that isn't a glass cannon. I just can't stand the dang thing cause it turns like a potato in battles. If I want to have bad wind and turn rates I'll just play a SOL...lol
  19. new alt rule

    There is a reason mine are in Pirates, it's easy to handle them that way, but I"ll repeat what the Devs have said about it. "Every nation had it's Traitors and Spy's" Than I"ll add an old saying, "Loose Lips, Sink Ships."
  20. I think the xp/credits for PvP needs to be bumped up to relate with the new CM bump we get now. Hell just the XP needs to be bumped up and I'll be happy.
  21. I know most of you can't relate since your not Pirate, but when you tag some one Pirate vs Pirate you are very close to each other in relationship to the tag in open world and than folks can join at /ANY POINT/ from that center point. I love this but I get the two circle thing is to prevent gank squads and such, but the main thing is that when I tag a ship it's next to me in rage of my cannons from the start of the tag. NOT at almost max range. The Player vs Player tags though puts ships some times unless you where right on top of the a good long distance way that your prob not going to catch them if they are a maxed out speed fit ship. Specially if it's a Surprise with 4 super laser beam cannons compared to your inaccurate bow guns. That is the other thing accuracy on aft guns need to be brought back to the same as any other guns on your ship. With all these speed ships we don't need super accurate laser stern guns.
  22. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    Yah it's an example that is all, but they should of done an update a few weeks to a month after the merge/patch and than again when they gave out the second forged papers. Still would like to know the current numbers though too.
  23. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    Honestly right now at this time we kinda have to agree with you that US and Pirates prob have about the same numbers or Pirates has more active players at this time. Not counting the alts and carebears that just pop in and trader of course we do have the most hardcore PvP/RvR numbers of any nation. The whole nation of having every one want to kill brings that into play. I just would love to see the updated numbers cause GB blew up insanely large with the patch. Way to large and i think that hurt them cause they spread all over the place and every one did there own thing. Maybe it's good if US and GB goes back to starting small and than expanding at a pace they can handle as a nation. I like the new mechanics as it encourages nations to fight, but don't like the free rewards to every one in the nation that doesn't fight. We expect a lot of lats and players swapping over. We kinda have a plan for that if it gets to bad. HINT HINT we all have alts with 2 forge papers works we can roll to another nation if we feel it comes to that and we can play then for a while. The biggest problem with both nations is if they loose one big main region folks start to throw in the towel and give up. BLACK has zero plans to one port any one at this time. We do have some clan members that want to, but we won't do it. Funny is that it's all ways the former Nationals guys that want to one port a nation (ex Brits hate Brtis, Ex US hate US, etc....) In fact once we get the numbers of control points up we might give up some ports to smaller nations and such to make the server more equal. We also expect to get attacked by more than one nation at any time. Hell US and GB tried it and still fail. Numbers will never mean anything if your not organized. Some of the biggest nations where toppled over by smaller armies that fought smarter and harder. JUST TO MAKE IT CLEAR...>BLACK WILL NOT ALLOW OTHER NATIONS JUMPERS INTO CLAN AT THIS MOMENT< So if you jump ship your not going to join us. If you can't stick it out and fight for you own nation than we don't want you either. This is not to say we might have new members we worked on for some time to join, but if you just randomly leave you nation and think you can join you won't be able to.
  24. Are Niagara + Rattlesnake Heavy allowed in shallow PB now?

    Shallow water PB are limited to 50 (Brig level) to 75 (Mortor Brig) BR. So the Niagara can't join shallow water port battles. Though it makes a great shallow water hunter though. As for the Heavy Rattler it's always been allowed in port battles. It's 70 BR along with the Mercury and Navy Brig. We don't know if they changed any stats on the ships until the end of the week when some of us can buy the BP/Permits. With some of the games mechanics changed it's going to be interesting to see how it contends against the New Navy Brig and the Mercury since crew damage isn't retarded like it was pre-patch.
  25. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    and that is an organization problem that hurts the big nations. That is why I think regions should be more a Clan base thing for the RvR part of this game. We have a lot of clashing with smaller clans in Pirates too, but the thing is we have the numbers to get things done without the ones that don't want to help. US and GB just needs to get a few clan working together and not butting heads and they will be fine. Ever notice we normally don't leave a port unflipped? For that exact reason cause some one else would come along and flip it in a bad time or all the hard work would get grind down by the next day.