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  1. I acutlaly liked it better when they listed the classes 1-3, 4-5, 6-7 than the S, M, L that it list now. that or I would say put them after the other crafting stuff so you don't have to scroll down just to do normal Mats casting stuff.
  2. We just got another update to testbed, but still not all the ship crafting stuff it seems
  3. So pine is now Fir? That is way better now that they are combined. I was like dang it I neeed pine, and than noticed oh well I guess that building just became sugar prodcution since i have fir all ready producing.
  4. That way you can trade loot off a ship ya'll all worked on and well help a buddy out that is short on repairs and such. Repairs take .50 cargo each so they are taking up a lot of cargo hold. This is going to mean a lot of runs back to port to stock up. I was thinking maybe .25 would be a better number. I forgot to look at rum weight though.
  5. The cannons do the same, but man the barrels been a long time annoying thing for many. Thanks.
  6. Ok so medkits are useless and we have them still. Now we have no rum (unless yo had some in stock) and need to make them so we can have medkits. OH and can we get these freaking sliders to have a larger option than 16 at a freaking time. If I'm going to make a bunch of barrels than I'm going to make a bunch of them. Not 16 at a time.
  7. While we are waiting on the update of the game did the progress we had get wiped or is it just update of what we have in game so far?
  8. Cross your fingers as maybe this update will have the updated crafting stuff
  9. Yah I got every thing ready for when I got all the stones...... Yah I was waiting on the stone blocks and some pine and I'll have every thing to craft a 4th rate
  10. with the merge we prob will see more SEA/AU players on during y'all time in the other nations. Which will be good for ya'll. Might even get some GB during your prime time to exchange some fights with.
  11. And we brought up 2-3 good spots for more ports. That still means there is only 4-5 ports with it and with 8 factions that mean half of them might have one port to use, but than you might have one nation that takes almost all those. Than that is when folks need to decide, do we want US to have all the ports? Nah screw those bastards and than you have 4 nations hitting them at the same time and take them away from the US, so now the greedy US has 1 or none.....sorry must picking on US. With no alliances folks can't use each other ports. So we need more resources spread out. Before with alliances only one or two nations needed the ports and they could share it. With the new changes I'm going to bet we will see even some nations split up in factions/clans that control zones which other parts of the nation won't care about.
  12. Changes his flag to one of the many he's stolen from capture ships, "I'll be there......" Snickers and thinks this would be a good time to raid the US coast line. If I pop on to PvP2 I'll pass the post on to any US players I know that might want to show. Have a good meeting though.
  13. Lets take the Aggy, same build and put them side by side in a brawl. One ship has all longs. My ship has Mediums on the bottom deck with longs on the middle and I run Carros on the top deck but we will just turn those off for this topic. Now I bet you if we are under 250m brawling I'm going to do way more damage than you. Than lets toss in Double Ball if we are 100m from each other. The mediums can be devastating at that range. Remember the PvP2 US/Brits complaining about pirate hacks how we pen every one and they keep bouncing us? Well that is cause even with Mediums we can run double charge for distance and pen and do more damage, but up close we run double ball and just shred there armor at point blank. Than of curse we will angle our ships and they would bounce even at close range. A lot of folks don't see the potential of Mediums. Also every one of those guns I have 1-2 less crews on it that can be doing maning other guns or my sails that you have man your guns. So I can in a effective brawling fight run both decks on and keep the guns fully crewed in the fight or take very little hit cause of low crew compared to some one that runs all longs. Yes if the fight was taken to distance you will have an advantage on pen and range over me, but than your damage drops too. It's not a build I would use for most OW PvP fights, unless your running the tank of the group. Also Mediums 24's will have the same reload as longs 18's. Medium 32's have the same reload as long 24's. So on the 4th and 3rd rates with this set up all my deck guns are running at the same reload so I'm getting pretty much the same alpha strike every time with all my guns against you when your running one deck at a time cause of your off reloads after that first broadside. And remember with the less crew mediums take I can more effectively still sail my ship with less crew that won't effect reloads as bad when I start to loose them. When your talking about 30 something guns that is 60 extra crew I have that I can loose before it hits into my crew management depending if I have one deck turned off and only fighting on one side or if I have to have both on and fighting with both. And this is all not adding mods like powder monkeys, improved mags or Rum rations (every thing I run on my Aggy in port battles) along with the Frigate master to get 15% off my reload which is all ready faster than yours (If nats where smart they run pirate hunter with same build to make that 20% off). So on a 24 lbr gun I'm shaving almost 10 seconds off my reloads compared to your longs, though it would be more like a 5 sec difference if we have the exact same builds. That 5 extra seconds of me getting another broad side on you can mean a big difference of who sinks who.
  14. and I'll keep bugging them to add in xp for sure, some one brought up something good to add to xp, PRESS GANG. Give back part of the crew after a good board and capture. Than if we get those two things I'll be happy. I can live without the credits or marks. Though they need to fix the stupid cargo it gives right now to something more. We shouldn't get rich off them, but hell put some resources in them that folks can use or sale.
  15. Hell if we got just these two things from a captured boarded ship I'll be happy. XP for the fight as a kill is a kill no matter how you got it and if we got a small percentage of the crew (doesn't have to be Press Gang level lets drop it to 25% crew left) I'll be a happy camper. I actually don't have a problem with cannons costing, just the current in game i think is a bit much. I would love to see some real data on this as I seen some and I don't remember the numbers adding up to being almost 4 times or more what a ship cost. I also hope we can craft medium cannons cheap as I do like them for some builds and I don't want to have to only get those by chasing down certain AI ships and some of them we can't capture and keep (SOL's) to get the cannons off them. I really need to get a bit group together to take on some bigger ships even though I haven't seen anything bigger than a 4th rate on the OW. So it would have to be a fleet mission.
  16. Well looks like another day without any patch updates. Maybe tomorrow we will get the rest of the crafting stuff, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
  17. I broke up all my ships on PvP1 cause I don't play over there for the patch wipe. I'll take that off your hands until the wipe if you
  18. You can only repair every 10 mins, that repair time is what 90 secs if not shorter depending perks. So you have that whole other 8 mins to take some ones sails down while they aren't repairing. 8 mins is a very long time in a battle to some folks. And remember the bigger your ship the less the percentage the perks/mods give you so while it seems that we can with the right perks almost heal a ship completely you won't be able to do so with bigger ships. It seems that way cause of how much it heals straight off the bat. 500 HP is a lot on a small ship, but it's chump change on a large ship.
  19. Now I'm just worried about the Gunboat. I haven't seen the BP listed any where on testbed. I MUST HAVE MY GUNBOAT...being one of the few on PvP2 that has the BP and all. I see nothing wrong with some rare ships/blue prints given to certain players as long as they aren't game changing ships. The problem with the SC is there is no other ship like it in ther range. What they should do is release it as it's Original ship and save the SC for a special skin of that ship and reward ship. That only folks that get the reward will have that skin version of the ship. That will make it so it has no edge over any other ships. Just like the yacht is pretty much a reskinned Cutter. But I still think they should give every one one Test bead a SC just to shut folks up since that stuff gets wiped any way, but that way they can say they had it once or even give it to every one on live until the wipe. I see folks are complaining about the Wappen which was a gift tank....I mean ship (keep trying to type tank). We do not have to have BP's for every ship they give out specially for the gift or rewards ones. They don't become special any more if you give them out to every one.
  20. are save this for another patch that will let us test it. Nothing wrong with some feed back of concepts, but don't let if effect current patches and work. Save it for the future. TO much stuff been holding things back as is.
  21. Not only do they miss a lot when your shooting at that range and many AI ships don't carry there top tier guns, you can use your armor to block the shots. I explained this to the OP on steam and he pretty much said I was being mean to him. All you have to do is learn your armor and how to angel it to bounce shots at distance greater than 250m. Now I will agree they do get to be a pain in the butt when let them stern camp your and they seem to hit every shot one at a time, but the solution to this is? DON'T LET THEM ON YOUR STERN. Now if your low tier and your fighting another low tier ship more than likely it's going to pen almost every shot cause of your soft low level ship (again learn to use your armor and angle and you will bounce shots)....
  22. Yah I think 2 more live oaks and maybe 2 more Mahogany's would be great to spread it out more since it seems nations are going to be not as spread out as much, but you might see a clan take over a region and hold it for the resources. Read other post and I explained, it was a joke cause it makes it look like you have more when the count per log to make frames is the same in the end. We really need a sarcastic emote on this thing lol
  23. actually all woods are the same when converted over to frames per logs it takes to make frames. It just looks like your getting more out of it is all. Though if you convert Iron ore over to Inget and any other metal it saves you big amount of space instead of bringing the ore and coal in a trip.
  24. I don't think folks saw much issue with Cedar cause we could so easly just buy ships and break them down for the parts. This going to be a problem after the patch as you don't get hardly anything from broken up ships. Sounds like one good reason to keep a port in Kidd's now is to raid Bermuda once in a while lol We are all ready seeing an issue on number of ports and worried no one will take a port in Kidd's to protect it cause of the limits of ports we are allowed and cost of things. Than to keep a ship or two there will eat into your 5-20 dock slots. This going to be a whole new game.....if the patch ever finish and goes live.
  25. shhhh your not suppose to say that, but what I do with Oak and fir is change most of it over to planks or tar if needed to cut down the wait. If you have a whole ship full of Mahogany or Live Oak any way there is more than enough to make a couple of ships. Folks need to understand it might just take you a few trips to craft something.