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  1. While these can be fun and we have had a few good battles, but we are starting to see a trend. The majority of the guys hitting traders and other pirates around Mort are only in a basic cutter and flat out a small group has said, "I don't care this ship is free." My suggestion is that maybe locking Basic Cutter from being able to do pirate vs pirates. Keep it so that they can do normal fights and tagged by other nations, but just can't do Pirate vs Pirate cause we are all ready seeing guys that are trolling in their Basic Cutter tagging folks just to pull them into a fight. It's risk free for them cause they get every thing back free.
  2. And we need to know the BR thing, didn't think a basic cutter could pull a Surprise into a battle.
  3. For the trade ships blue prints and permits. I did think the Devs said we could get some of the ship knowledge books with them but I checked and they all want PvP marks. NOt that you can get PvP there, but maybe PvE server as it's the only place with an exchange, but thought that was PvE into PvP marks for them.
  4. If it was global chat most likely he was a Moderator and not one of the Staff/Devs. They don't know every thing, they are players just like the rest of us for the most part. If you want answers it's best to get them on here. Though I have to keep reminding some one about the Ship Knowledge Tree, but I'm not getting pissy about it. I'll just keep reminding folks would like this data. Over all I'm happy with the patch other than the fact I think part of the problem a lot of folks are having was caused by lack of start up money or cannons and the grind right now.
  5. It's ok you aren't the first one to have done that and won't be the last one. We had (won't name them) a few Vets in clan do this recently before the merge. Glad you found it.
  6. And it still blows my mind they just can't get it that is was only 15-20 guys with a good number of us Dual boxing in more than one port battle/fight or to fill the numbers to make it look like we where all ways 25 strong (do the math if we where actually only 15-20 guys). With the merge I so hope the higher population means that more nations will fight each other and we all get to have some new magic moments on GLOBAL. Just be warned we might try to do a raid run on the Dutch some day...not any time soon lol
  7. That pretty much sums the same for me when I played on the other side of the world. That little delay can mean hitting the water or over the top of the deck, specially if your in small ships. Boarding you can't wait for the last moment, you have to give that 1-2 second delay. I lost a few boards on EU cause the other guy was about to ATTACK spike me at the last moment or counter my DEFEND cause he had the better ping. I'm still not a believer that ping doesn't matter. I'm hoping for release they upgrade the servers or something cause I play other games and cause of my hours I play on EU and SEA servers some times and I don't get those spikes like I do in this game. Though I get them using lesser servers for now cause this is only testing and development of a game.
  8. The game is still in development so a tutorial would be ever changing. Though I would like to say we have some great players that done some great videos and walk throughs on youtube and on steam. Some of them are a bit out dated, but they still teach the basic folks need to start off.
  9. CHECK YOUR gives you a BP note. That way I can buy one for another player and trade if it I want too.
  10. Yah when patch came up we had about 5-6 of us that wanted to grind the hell out to get our clan tag before any one else, to only find out we didn't have to. We agree they should of wiped them for every one, but it was nice it was one thing we didnt't have to pay for. The smart thing would of wiped them all and gave every one 100K starting money. You don't have to spend it on your clan tag, but you had something either way and you could pool it so not every one pay for it.
  11. Hay now I'm Texas we are going to over us them, but we honestly don't know who are staff, moderators or devs cause all your tags say STAFF under your name. So to me you are member of them even even if you are not getting paid.
  12. How many folks are you taking to do the fleet missions. What we found is they seem geared for about 4-6 players. YOu tend to allways have 2-3 more enemy ships but the more you get over that it tends to equal out with mostly allways 1-2 more ships. If you have less than that it doesn't lower the number of ships. So the fleet mission truely want us to be in groups of 4 or more to do them and not have to struggle or bring tons of repairs. The other thing many of us are putting way low class guns in our ships just to get the hell out of the cutter and we don't want to even try to go up the tree to fill the slots. FOLKS JUST DON"T WANT ALL THIS GRIND. It's insane I have to open 3-5 slots on every ship below the one i want to be in. That is what 4 ships for just the suprise not counting the basic cutter. That is a lot of grinding and most folks don't want to be in those low level ships for long after they have been maxed rank for a long time. Why do you even need the cutter, the Privater and Pickle go off the basic cutter now, the cutter isn't in any tree. Since @admin stil hasn't posted the Ship Knowledge Tree I'll share something our clan did on testbed. This might not be exactly accurate as it's info from before they did a few of the changes and wipes on testbed.
  13. @admin We really need a copy of the ship knowledge tree. I'm wondering about the refits. If you get say the British refits from British ships than how can a British player get the refit cause they can't sink there own ships. Same for Pirates and other nations. We need a little more explanation of these instead of going out there and grinding and guessing how things work and hope on RNG. I thought we where removing the RNG factor of a lot of things99, but we are even worse off than the rare GOLD MARINE DROPS. Now it's every thing has to drop.
  14. What is you ping by the way? I get around 40-60 in the Global (central US) and I get around 140-160 on EU. I would still argue ping matters even though folks say it doesn't, but even those pings was very playable, for me it was the lag spikes of 400-600 I would get on EU randomly that was killing me. They really should of looked into servers in a better central location. Hell just think of the SEA players they have sucky ping on both servers and they still play. We have some SEA players playing from behind the china firewall and they average about 600 ping if lucky and they still play. SO if your getting 120 ping (think I remember you posting that at one time) on the Global server that honestly isn't that bad.
  15. I know about 25+ asian players from mostly SEA that only maybe one or two of them even get on the Forums and well lets be honest only 1% of the actual player base gets on here any way so these aren't exactly accurate. Not to mention only the English section of the player base will see this.
  16. Ya'll wonder why ya'll can't retain lower level players very easily. This here is a prime example of it. Forcing folks into one play style is going to turn off a large player base that you need. I understand the cap for the solo missions, but really am I going to take a Cedar Cedar Surprise into those fleet missions? That thing is like freaking butter and not to mention you have to buy the guns still for it and any other ships you gave us. I'm sorry ya'll should of seeded us with enough guns to man those ships, nothing good, not even the top tier guns for them, but we should of got a bunch of medium cannons to start out with ships that have cannons than we would hit to road and get into playing, but you pretty much force every one back into a basic cutter and grind grind grind grind grind and they need to have ships to do that, you can't find crap for ships in some regions. I went around crooks and Turks several times and didn't find a single combat fleet, just a bunch of trader brigs and LVG's, but they don't give crap for xp. I can't solo a fleet missions so I have to go onto the OW, that is great, but there isn't enough ships seeded in some areas for all ranges of ships. Unless they are all hidden or something. Got off point, but my point is that not every one wants to or has the time to group up and want to just go out and do some solo grinding. I did this pretty much my first 6 months of playing the game. I wanted to learn the game instead of getting thrown into a bunch of politics and clan stuff. I was playing more on a lazy casual mode back than not to mention I was working insane hours and didn't have the time i have now that I'm pretty much semi retired.
  17. They really should of seeded every one with some money. 100K would cover the clan move, but I think we all should of got something even that little. You could use it for clan tags or your first cannons or some buildings and such. 100K isn't much, it's not like it's one million. Though it would of gave every one starting money.
  18. Yah it could of been broken down a bit better. I'm central US (TEXAS) so I really wouldn't pick East or West US. I think North, Central, and South America would been a good way to ask. SEA covers a lot of the South East Asia area, but it's not all China and other countries and than you have our Australian folks and any one that is in that region. Didn't even put Africa on there either.
  19. You sure you weren't AFK sailing? F11 it any way but we sat there watching you and you where acting more like some one that was AFK sailing nose first into the land and than you didn't even put your sails up until after a good bit of the fight started. I gave your trader brig to a clan mate that lost his recently. Like I said if it's a bug F11 it and see what the devs can check in the logs, but if you just teleported into that sport on log in than why where you nose first into the land with your sails up when we tagged you?
  20. Still hasn't been posted any chance we can get a copy of this? I'm sure it would be helpful for the wiki too.
  21. I'll be honest when I started playing I picked PvP1 EU over PvP2 US cause of the fact it had a higher population straight off. It had nothing to do with location as I'm in the US. It wasn't until ya'll split the servers I decided to move to PvP2 cause I didn't want the ques and such like they had. Figure if they had to many players it was best to help lighten the load and go play on the US PvP2 server. It's also the top choice in the pic of servers so most folks will pick the first one.
  22. I'm wondering if the retention is the same over all are it just seem it's more of the demographic just doesn't return? I can prob tell you a few things in my view as to why they don't stick around long. Some of these problems will be solved later when the game is released, but the main one I know is the hardness for starting players. You give them no starting money, no tutorial (this will be solved later), you throw them out in a pit of hungry wolves. Many of the older players on either side of the world are very rude to new players (biggest thing is calling them alts or spies). So it's not just the game, it's the community and I seen this both in my starting days on PvP1 and than later on PvP2 folks doing this. Right now the start up is even worse for a new player. You once again get nothing to start up and it cost so much to get any where that if you try to get out of a basic cutter and you get in a ship and loose it your back at square one. This won't keep the interest of many players. I feel a lot of times you make your game for the Elite 10% of the players and not the majority of the causal players you need to keep around. If it's to hard and to much of a grind in the early levels than folks won't stick around. I'm not saying we need to hold there hands or make it super easy, but it's part of the proiblems that has to due with the retention of new players. I have lost a couple of friends that tried the game and it was the biggest complaint they had. To much of a grind for so little reward and most of them was just happy with the mid level stuff. Even some just to sail around and explore. When I started for the first 6 months from EA I only pretty much only logged on when there was a patch, played a week and than stop playing until next patch came along. It wasn't until mid last year that I started to pretty much play very much full time, but that has a lot to do with me having gotten laid off and doing semi retirement for now. We had a few folks loving this and coming back, but a few guys are hating all the grind. Ship crew knowledge is the biggest complaint. None of them mine if it was just that ship you pick and learn it, but none of them want to grind through ever ship to master one or two ships they like. It's just to much grind where you will make RA before you even get into the 4th rates with how much XP you have to grind to get things unlocked. The other thing is starting with pretty much nothing. 4 ships really didn't mean crap when you have no guns for them and there is no way right now to replace a lost Trader Brigs so if you loose one you instantly are knocked out of doing any trading if that was your thing. We are just now getting guys with the BP's and starting up shipyards in our clan, but solo or small clan groups wouldn't be so lucky. One thing that will help folks with lost of ships is if you did something like POTBS did was as you level up you get a better fallback. Up to a certain level and than it stops, but you can only get a replacement for that ships if you loose all your other main ships. Maybe something of this could help mid tier players so they don't end up back in nothing but a basic cutter if they had a bad week and loose a few ships. They where called fallbacks, had crappy states and wasn't a good ship to use, but gave you something other than a low level ship to fallback on if you loose every thing and not the tier 1 lowbie starting ship either. I'm sorry the ships and cannons aren't cheap for a player that doesn't have the means to make/crarft them so they can't just buy a new ship and jump right back out there. I been piss a few times in the past after loosing ships but I all ways had back up money and ships to replace them. The other day I lost two ships (Surprise and Trader Brig) if I didn't have the clan and my alts I would be left with nothing but the basic cutter and no money that morning. I might of said screw this game and don't want that with new players, but that is what they are going to see when tehy try to play this game and get a little advanced up in there first few levels. Production is insanely to high for the woods right now. I found other things like Iron and Coal not to bad but the Fir and Oak is just way to insanely expensive. So how can a new guy produce somethin others will need if they can't even pay for the crop to be harvest and than to sale it on the market?
  23. DO the swap in battle would be better ow would be to much exploited. Though if you can move to the side of a clan mate and trade goods/repairs at the end of the battle before you leave would work best.
  24. Oak and Fir is insanely to expensive for what they produce. I can only produce half my stock at a time and I'm not even maxxing out. That is like 50-80K a pop I been spending for 500 logs which doesn't really make much when your trying to do cannons for your self and clan mates. None of us really got to ship production mats yet to help with that. Even though we got one guy with the LVG BP now after pooling our PvE marks. Though really with the block out of trade goods that run out to fast (the problem wasn't how much some one could buy and take it was the amount there in the first place). We are now giving our extra redeemable ships to folks that have lost there trader brigs or other ships to PvP fights. We have yet to produce a ship just been using our redeemables cause all our money is going into replacing cannons lost and trying to get repair kits to do the grind to get the money to get products out of our buildings. And this is a bunch of guys that are putting in 5-10 hours if not more a day since patch dropped. That is not a casual player and we are struggling all the while dealing with PvP cause being in the center of the map and easy target for folks that don't have other nations close to them so they could build up there econ. Not to mention all the money they been making off the tradres they been capping trying to get starting money. Which they can't do any more cause they lost there one trade ship, since there is no replacement in OW cap or the shops.
  25. Pirates get the big shaft on their store. We get the Pirate frigage and that is it, the other 7 nations (we have 8 in game remember) get 8 ships, Aggy and all the SOL's. I brought up that it would be good if the H. Rattler or hell now even the Rattler where put in the shop with maybe a ship like the Santa Cecilias into the shop. This will make pirates the masters of the 5th rates and below and all the other nations 4th rates and above. It's not like they can't trade for the BP's like the pirates will have to, but it balances it out a bit more having them have more than one 5th rate in there shop. Hell even put the Niagara like ship in the Pirates Den and I'll be happy. You can use the same ship model and just give it some tweeked stats and make it a pirate raid ship or something. It's my prefered shallow water raider any way. Though apparently you can still buy it in some shops. PS these drops for things is nothing more like the old GOLD MOD MARINE drops we had before, they are rare and only some folks will have them at this rate. Just like the refits. Each nation should have there refit free. How am I to get a Pirate refit if it prob only drops from sinking pirate ships?