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  1. Oh yes... that was a great moment and you were such a good sport about it
  2. What about Naval Action: General quarters Naval Action: Clear for Action
  3. For me the most legendary moment was when we were raiding with a few friends (4 or 5) all of us in Renommée the Dutch or Dane territory back in 2016... And now I can't wait to see what the game will have to offer when it's back on the regular server.
  4. That was a fun moment... Epic...
  5. Since we still only have 5 building slots and we have now a workshop building in addition to the shipyard, would it be possible to add more slots for building? Also I tried to sell silver a Point a Pitre and discovered that I couldn't sell more than one at a time... If I try to change the number it's stuck to 1 while I have 32 in storage. I checked with iron and it's the same problem.
  6. From what the devs have said, yes you will be able to go in any other servers and redeem your xp if you have - prior to the wipe - gone to all the servers and did one fight in each of them.
  7. I was able to build a teak plantation earlier (3 hours ago) at Pointe a Pitre... Isn't it supposed to be available only from NPC?
  8. On est mercredi... vivement le retour du serveur normal
  9. What about something historical such as Swivel gun? It could be used at short range and kill crew and damage only small ships.
  10. Hopefully next time they won't tell us too much in advance about the next wipe. If there is a lesson to get from that it's that one. Don't announce too early. The main server has been dead for weeks now and the testbed is not better (33 players right now).
  11. Et puis il faudrait ajouter l'option pour les pendre qu'en on en attrape un
  12. And of course we have to remember that this new system will work way better for new comers as they will have to grind their way up with lesser frigates and such.
  13. true... at the time the colors were reversed.
  14. But to go back to the original topic, I am hopeful that we will have a fighting France on PvP global
  15. well it was launched in 1803... still the first republic And we have renommee, le gros ventre which are earlier ship... and Soon Hermione. So it's hard to pin point one particular era...