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  1. Well, I'm an optimist... So that's why I added a s
  2. To be honest I haven't heard anybody requesting it What we have seen is your lack of ownership of your failure(s).
  3. It's funny how when it's the other escaping he is a coward and when it's us it's a great move. I think if you can escape it's a great move.
  4. En même temps ils nous ont averti... rien d'annoncé pour février
  5. yesterday I got chased by 2 groups... and none of them could catch my not so quick speedy Renommée (mahogany wood)... I guess you'll have to come with something faster than Endymions and Surprises.
  6. Castries was taken by the Brits before the new PB system if I remember correctly.
  7. And as the commander you should own your losses and not deflect them on others. The same way you should own your victories. That's what a leader is.
  8. As Napoleon said:
  9. I though that the guy who spoke English with the soft voice was Babay
  10. by the way, there is a guy during the battle who seems to be complaining a lot in Russian ( I'm not sure but I think I heard идиот and дурак). That would be nice if he wasn't talking that much since as we can barely hear the orders and even the others officers were often asking for a repeat of the order. Discipline of communication is not his forte
  11. "Love keeps no record of wrongs"
  12. So much suspense on that battle! It's nice to see Castries back in French hands. Congratulations to the all alliance.
  13. no I was talking about the PVP event
  14. Thanks for the work! It's really nice to see something more detailed. And I agree with you it does reflect better the economical situation. Can't wait to see what you find out with the PBs.
  15. There is already a big fishing event at La Navasse every other day at 2AM server time during the week. That one is mostly American/British Fishing as my French/Swedish/Danish/Spanish comrades are mostly sleeping or trading at that time.