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  1. The only solution we will get will come from the players since the only solution we got from the devs was to split the community at the request of the European players. So, if we want to play on 1 server we need to spread the population - mostly the RvR population - evenly in all nations. But it would have to be done just after the switch since it will be too hard to change nation after. That also means that players already in their "own" nation welcome the players from different timezones. And maybe avoid what we had on pvp1 at some point: any switching player was automatically seen as suspicious. And to help with that we would have to ask for a better system for nation switching and at the same time a system that doesn't let people abuse it (that I guess would be the hardest to get).
  2. That's what we wanted all on one global server...
  3. Are you joking or what? The eastern block wants to leave the global server and you think it's the other side that want to build a wall? You'll be the ones with a nice "wall" with a 10 hours window in the European server. And that wall will bar any non European player to participate in your wars... The only thing I do see about PvP Europe is that the Swedish and Danes will certainly become allies and dominate the server... That will be fun.
  4. Malheureusement le wipe dépend surtout de la vitesse à laquelle le patch sera prêt plus qu'autre chose.
  5. Make me think about DayZ SA on a smaller map in some way.
  6. but then to be fair... The section (created by Admin) called: Developer news and announcements is in English. And I guess it would make sense to have the news and announcements all in the same place, it would make things easier for communication purpose.
  7. I think our Dev just want us to have unrestricted fight until we get to the next server.... And I agree with them, let's kill those ships that will disappear anyway soon... And if you think you are ending up ganked, you can always surrender and leave the fight and get in another one.
  8. I never contested that. My use on consensus was mainly about not reaching a server wide consensus in the proposals made by the players (that's what you were talking about wen using that word). And I was continuing with its use to show that the devs decision had no server wide approval. It's just splitting the community. It's not fixing anything. We have to remember that players from both alliances saw that there was a problem. And that problem will be partially solved on the European server but it won't be solved at all on the Global. And in a way that's what is making the Global community unhappy (in addition to the split) because the Europeans get a fix... and the others get nothing. Certainly but that doesn't mean that other time zone players were not involved. And now everybody in the Eastern Alliance is buddy but that will change... and you will go back to the old feelings... the feeling of betrayal that was felt by a lot of French on the infamous Black Friday. I'm sure that will come back. And we will see if you still consider every body in the soon to be former Eastern Alliance to be as fair-play as you think it will be.
  9. I was quoting Kierrip who was putting in opposition the lack of consensus from the pvp1 community with the decision by the devs what wasn't born from a consensus if you follow me... True, and the only consistent proposal from a lot of vocal European players was to split the server... At least you got your choice without a consensus... We will have for example a few Eastern Alliance players who will be left behind (and I'm not talking about the casual pvp-ers who will have their main character in the new PvPEurope server. And there will be a certain amount of players of the Western Alliance who will stay on global (even if they are from European time zone). And I should have been more specific about "vocal European players [for] split[ting] the server" as we know that they are mainly part of the Eastern Alliance European players. So by just looking at that we know that the final decision is not a consensus even between European players.
  10. We might become one of the biggest clan in the French nation It's called FROG and we have 2 members. I'll try to advertise the meeting when I log in the game at night in the hope that as much people as possible can attend. So far I am planning to stay in the French nation on global.
  11. I think that was the most interesting part... As far as the meeting for April 1st 5PM eastern time, I'm not sure I'll be able to participate as I usually do something else at that time. But if I have any question or comment beforehand I'll put it on this topic with the hope that someone will talk about it in the meeting. And I'll certainly end-up watching the meeting on youtube.
  12. To be fair the main goal of screening is to waste the other side time.
  13. Je crois que le wipe a la sortie du jeu a toujours ete promis...
  14. I think it's explained at the beginning and it goes with the new system of 1 dura ships an no more module, officers, etc.... But unless you want to see a new conspiracy