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  1. I get over 100k gold with a single fleet mission. Not special enough.
  2. I'm enjoying the new fishing mechanic. The bottles you can catch add excellent random rewards and are fun to navigate to. I was thinking, this concept could be used for something more challenging and interesting. This is my proposal: A treasure galleon (or multiple) randomly sail across the map (or spawn depending if you have the bottle). The treasure galleon is escorted by multiple ships of the line and will require cooperation and teamwork to take down. There will be a high risk, but if successful, the loot and rewards will be exceptionally rich. This could be combined with some PvP, like two parties hunting for the same treasure, what do you think of this suggestion? What could be added? Let me know.
  3. Tbf I want the old damage model back. I don't like the time consuming nature of this one. First of all. I have had the issue before of chasing a ship and trying to catch it.. with only 20 to 10 minutes to demast and decrew it. In this system the current 90 minute timer ruins the game. Besides that. I find myself bored and tabbing out in battle because of this system.
  4. I love this game, but I'd rather have the old damage model back, Or a heavily tweaked version of this.
  6. What are you talking about?
  7. Problem with PvP2 USA, is that the playerbase is too small to support a proper balance, could be fixed with a merge tbf.
  8. It was just that trinc, he was a fir speed type so he was outrunning us. He had carronades though so that's why you maybe saw some damage on our ships. No matter, we kept chasing and chasing him, pirates tend to flee often. And I'm aware how to slow down ships It's just that we could only hit him with our chasers for a long time.
  9. So... why exactly dont we have spyglass in OW yet? Probably most simple and one of the most requested features to have. Yet.. such a simple thing to implement or am I missing something?
  10. I preferred the timer longer, but the majority like the 2 min timer. So I guess we will have to live with it.
  11. Ah that makes sense. Well yeah the popping is the main thing that bothers me really.
  12. The rendering distance was just fine before. And then they decreased it for the sake of ' the surprise factor' but do we want this? I hate it. And seems the majority does. I say bring back the old rendering distances.
  13. Why should the devs even pay attention to a tiny portion of the playerbase. It's not like you cannot PvE on the PvP server.
  14. Wondering what people think about the current view distance. I really, really hate it actually. I don't like the popping on ships on the horizon. I remember seeing them appear through the fog, you could see far.. now, you can sail into a massive fleet without realizing it on time. That's my stance on it anyway. Edit: Turns out it was just foggier before. However I still stand by what I said, I do not like the popping in of ships.
  15. If it would ever become a possibility I'd personally go for 'De Rode Vis'