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  1. It is very simple, make PB lock out time 1800-2200 current server time for PVP Global to allow for maintenance and update patching, and make it take place after the patch is deployed to PVP EU, to mitigate any issues the patch may have caused. I for one would love the Global server to be West Coast USA, because that would mean good ping for American players, almost decent ping for Aussies, and decent ping for Europeans who choose to play on Global. Having the global server lock out timer stay the same would go a long way towards further alienating the very people PVP Global was set up for. I don't think the devs will do this, it would be counterproductive to the game.
  2. I would rather they have the mechanics ready for prime time. Don't mind waiting a bit more. Everyone should get in the testbed, try to break things, report the bugs.
  3. Does this mean you have modified your "no allies" declaration?
  4. Agreed
  5. Get the aluminum pole!
  6. How about making the global server based US west coast and set its downtime at 0700 PST. This would be a good time for US players, and would be very late at night for Oceanic and East Asian players. This would mess up my getting in a bit of sailing after work, but I believe would remove the RVR restrictions for the largest sector of players. Before anyone gets annoyed this would mimic the Euro server downtime which happens after breakfast in Europe.
  7. I agree, I remember Dev stating that a large percentage of new players never make it to the brig stage. Start them at the brig stage with a basic brig being the starter ship. No offense to the cutter, but with only one mast, mastering it's sail plan does not translate to the 2 mast or 3 mast ships. The grind is very arduous for a new player starting out, making some allowances for that and giving a brig as the first ship could go a long way toward people catching the fire to hook them, or at least give the game a good 50 hours. Newbies leaving in the very early stages out of frustration hobbles us all.
  8. AUS will be there. I feel this gives us an opportunity to try to balance the server from the outset. Ad far as Cordova, I will pop over to PVP2 and invite him, we used to sail together.
  9. I think people in the Western Alliance are looking at this wrong. Bear with me a moment. A new server will be created for EU centric players, with 10 hour lockout on RVR called PVP EU. Then there will be PVP global with no such restrictions (except of course server reset). Guys, we get Naval Action and they get Euro Action. They have the kiddy pool with nap time and we get the ocean with full content available basically around the clock. I will certainly miss many opponents, but with the population we have right now and the whinging and moaning this sort of gives the largest percentage what they want.
  10. .
  11. Then recruit people from the US timezone. In the end this is an Eastern Alliance problem for the Eastern Alliance to work on. But go ahead and run hollering to daddy dev to make the bad people go away.
  12. Castries scheduled for 8 pm local time for me, a great time for a port battle. Don't care what time it is anywhere else in the world. And I did have an extension cord this time, stupid laptop.
  13. Same here, but in english. 4 hour battery life my ass!
  14. France reacting to Danes as part of the force attacking Castries
  15. This video has been blocked by Naxos ofAmerica on copyright grounds... Wtf