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  1. Come on, the idea behind the progressive XP was a good one. AOS captains started out in smaller ships and graduated. Read the Aubrey Maturin books, Jack started in a small sloop and commanded several ships. He didn't start his career commanding the HMS Surprise. The knowledge you gain once you hit square sailed vessels for a new player helps you master the larger ships faster. But the players hated it, and voiced this loudly and often. It is a constant balance of historical accuracy and fun. Too much accuracy and grindy grind detracts from the fun a little too much at times, and is dialed back. This game is still in open development: cracking voice, pimples and awkward. We are testing, giving feedback, saying what we love and hate. THE GAME is not finished for prime time. And for disclosure, I ground all 5 slots in a B cutter, all 5 slots in a pickle, and 4 slots on a brig when before yesterday. I predicted this would happen. And in spite of the time I spent grinding tiny ships, I am glad they changed it, as the fun factor was missing for me along with many others.
  2. Direct X 11 is required. It is theoretical a laptop with an HD 4000 onboard graphics would work. But really low framerate at low settings I have run the game on an i5 laptop with a Nvidia 940M at low/medium settings with framerates of low to mid 30s.
  3. Please tell me what I can do with the conquest marks i already have.
  4. When the game crashes, as it does to me frequently when going into battle. (Grrrrr) Should say: "Please Wait To Finish Sending Crash Reports"
  5. This past week I have been playing Naval Action: Sea Trucker. It is only part of the game, I always enjoyed it before but it is getting a bit tiresome. Out of the way! Bwa bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  6. I applaud your offer, but make it a real one: Offer every one of your alt accounts to be reset and assets wiped as penance to spare your innocent clan members. That would be a honourable offer. The choice is yours but I think it would go a long way to salvaging a scrap of credibility to move forward.
  7. The Essex is my favourite as well, she does show up in my blueprint list to build once I get the shipyard upgraded. Not sure why the blueprint is not showing on yours, are you level 50 crafter?
  8. Bounty Hunter, I would like to believe that you did not intend to cheat. I like to give everyone the benifit of the doubt. But the leader of your clan did, and doubtless others were well aware as evidenced by the twitch stream including whisper chat. As I said before: You should take a step back and seriously consider the people you sail with. There is being a ruthless pirate out to kill all the little pubbies, that's all good and well. But the leader of a clan intentionally farming a port battle for conquest marks against an obviously unarmed sacrificial fleet, is insulting to the entire community. Not to mention the whispered arrangement about a repeat of the same exploit, this is contemptible. Seriously, think about under whose banner you sail, you are judged as a willing accomplice whether it is true or not. Vicious is a brilliant tactician, and knows how to rally a very well oiled team, I respect him for his talent in battle. But this time he has just shit the bed in front of everybody, and wants to blame others and point fingers instead of taking responsibility. There is more to this game than winning at all costs, there is the community (friends and foes alike), mutual respect and camaraderie. Winning the way we see here is not winning, it is pathetic.
  9. You have to gets kills and/or assists to get any conquest marks from a port battle. This is to prevent rewards for empty port battles and the abuse of such. This is clearly stated by devs. The exploit used here was to gain the attacker loads of conquest marks which could be pooled to buy blue prints and permits... in a matter of a day or two you would then see them sailing around in 4th rates or 3rd rates. If I were prone to this sort of cheating it is exactly how I would do it. I do not cheat so my friends and I will earn our ships the old fashioned way, the honest way. All poo throwing aside, the ones who knowingly did this deserve the punishment they get; the unaware caught in the punishment fireshock should consider who they sail with.
  10. I've had a few days off and ground like mad. Today FINALLY finished in the Pickle getting all 5 slots unlocked. Next up... a brig, then snow, then cerb, then frigate then finally to a beautiful Essex sometime in August.
  11. Basically, post your nation and clan (with current size). So we can see where the chips fall. Great Britain ARMED clan 10 people
  12. Love the protractor, simplified way I navigated back in the past. Excellent!
  13. @admin In game protractor for heading... BRILLIANT! Well done devs, for my other gripes... I love this
  14. That will be a no on the foley, coude or any other catheter. When I get home from work making a double strength pot of coffee... Oh yeah