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  1. I meant that those that will move to the new EU Safe Spaces server could (or should) be stranded there.
  2. Dear Admin, Congratulations to you and your family. May your daughter have a long and healthy life.
  3. The Devs listening appears to be selective. Players from the Western Hemisphere and Asia who are locked out of RvR during their primetime 5 days of the week raised that issue right after the current RvR Conquest mechanic was implemented many, many months ago. The response:
  4. Monsieur de Badas, do you have any idea what you are talking about? Do you know the reasons why the 7up clan switched? i will not speak for them but I don't believe that it had anything to do with "nightflips" or the regional player balances in the alliances.
  5. My bold emphasis above. I would agree with you that the first few US vs Dane PBs at Savannah PBs or Spanish PBs at New Smyrna were made up of largely US nation players, and we lost miserably. The US nation had for the prior 6 months (give or take some time) had very few first rate port battles. The US RvR squad didn't have much experience with first rate PBs. That is why the US nation pivoted its RvR attention to the Bahamas. The US nation had spent the prior 6 months (give or take) fighting mostly shallow water PBs and as a result DID have experience with shallow water PBs. So we pivoted to what we were best at. For a period after the US nation's first few (failed) attempts to defend or retake a live oak region, the US relied on its allies (mostly British IIRC) to fight first rate PBs at Savannah and New Smyrna. This was because the British had alot of experience with first rate PBs. I will also say that after the US nation first rate failures, there was a period during which player population in the US nation fell off. There were (and to some extent still are) many players in the US nation that either left the game or gave up on RvR and diverted their focus to PvP/privateering. That PBs times in the US nation started shifting to later and later times is a result of this drop in player population. We were forced to conduct our RvR during times at which we were still able to field a PB fleet. Are there some "daytime" players in the US nation that are able to participate in RvR? Yes; they are made up of a combination of players based in Europe, players who are retired, or players who have alternate work schedules. But (until the recent shift of the 7Up clan to the US nation [a clan made up of a significant % of European based players]), the US nation has not until recently been able to field a 25 man PB fleet on its own (during US daytime/european primetime). Such activities normally require a number (sometimes a significant number) of players from our British and Dutch allies.
  6. AI Reinforcements were patched out long ago. Since it was the Spanish capital protected area the window for any other Spanish players to join is open much longer (the whole 90 minutes if I am not mistaken).
  7. Thank you for checking Henry. With all due respect though, today is not the first time that anyone has raised the issue of the port battle (9-4) lock negatively impacting those players who live in the western half of North America. The issue was first raised when they removed the conquest flags and implemented the existing RvR structure.
  8. There are people on PvP 1 EU (which I am to understand will become the "global" server) who cannot currently do port battles due to the current (9-4) port battle lock. Will those hours be relaxed or will people in North America who live in the western half of the country still be locked out from participating in RvR during their prime time?
  9. I am equally concerned about this. I have multiple ports where I have "storage" trader ships that do nothing but hold finished parts or resources. What will happen to those stored parts/resources?
  10. My bold emphasis above. The risk with this is that a rouge group/clan within a nation might go around attacking your allies, in the process upsetting an alliance that might have taken much negotiation to arrange and have been favorable to a majority of the players in that nation.
  11. I can see the point by some of concessions involving screening, but Potemkin has a very valid point. And to expand on Potemkin's point: Only a limited # of people can join a port battle; OW PvP is to a large extent currently non-existent, which for some players leaves screening actions as the best (or sometimes only) opportunity for some players to get meaningful PvP. Is there a way to satisfy the needs of everyone?
  12. 20:30???? That translates to 4:30pm EST, and 1:30PM PST. In other words, no RvR for North)/South American players Monday through Friday when most are either at work or school, and port battles only on Saturdays and Sundays. Am I to understand that correctly? If I am to be limited to RvR only 28% of the week, then perhaps I should ask Game-Labs to refund me $29 (72% of the $40 that i paid) as compensation for only being allowed to fully utilize the game 28% of the week?
  13. Rediii, Go back and listen to Jeheil's video. I never heard him say the word "Danes"; he said IIRC, "one particular nation" and "one nation". Did you somehow hear him say the Danish nation did it, because I didn't hear him say that. Did your ears subliminally tell you that it was the Danes doing it and if so, i wonder why you heard it that way? Something you want to share with the rest of us?
  14. 26 vs 24. Credit to the Spanish side that one (1) player left on their side, still leaving the PB at 25 vs 24 (and then only a few minutes later the Cerberus (Gregori) that joined the US side escaped (leaving it 25 vs 23). This is twice now that this has happened against the US/British in the last few days. Please devs, fix this if you want any hope of players respecting the integrity of the game.
  15. Thank you to the opposing side for having the extra player escape from the PB.