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  1. Claims of an empty server..... I find it odd then that a friend of mine who is playing on the EU server asked me last night (i.e. during North American primetime) how many people were logged into the Global Server. I told him the number....He sighed and told me that the EU server at the time was slightly more than half of what was logged into Global. He said that he might have to check out the Global server. :-)
  2. recruiting

    I wish you the best of luck on your clan.
  3. I experienced the same thing outside of Charleston in th first day or two after the patch. I came out of the battle to find myself buried up to the gunnels in sand. I simply raised sails and sailed right of the beach into the water.
  4. @Christendom You are a teacher. Would you care to opine on this insult to the English language?
  5. The US and GB are bad if we do not attack each other right now. (We don't even have a common front to one another) The US and GB are bad if we talk about when we will attack each other.
  6. Just minutes ago your said in your post above: My emphasis above. 3 + 2 + 2 = 7. Now you say that you have "less than 5 ships in all ports" This is a bit confusing.
  7. How about some details? Which server are you on? Which nation are you in? Which ports were your trying to teleport from/to?
  8. My underlined emphasis above. What we do not realize is that Netflix secretly underwrote the last patch.
  9. The Developers have repeatedly stated that if you see a bug, F-11/report it. As long as you have reported that bug, you will not be punished should you experience that bug again.
  10. Then it sounds like the Devs will need to look into this. @admin
  11. For you to have a XP redeemable on the Global Server you would have had to have had a character on the old PvP 2 server AND played one battle. And you would have had to do this prior to the server changes. Did you have a PvP 2 character and did you do a battle before the server changes?
  12. No tar for you!
  13. My bold emphasis above.
  14. It is my impression that this is what the developers intended---to make it more difficult to flip ports/trigger hostility, thereby slowing the process down. As information, it took the US nation on the Global Server 2 days to generate enough hostility to reach 100% hostility and flip the Timicua region to a PB. It is not easy. We were also gathering PVE marks to create War Supplies (as a back up) but were finally able to generate enough hostility from hitting Spanish NPC ships to trigger a PB on the Global Server.
  15. What sort of Steam Review does a bug like this warrant (positive or negative)?