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  1. We will see if we can do that.
  2. As mentioned in the original post, those that need the TS information should PM me here for it. You should now have the TS address as I sent it to you via DISCORD PM.
  3. While I think some people have DISCORD set up for text chat, most utilize TeamSpeak for voice comms There is an app for TeamSpeak that you can download from the Apple App store (and I presume that there is also one for Android phones). If there are any specific questions or items that you would like to have included in the meeting, please PM me here beforehand, or I can probably provide you a summary after the meeting.
  4. As a point of information, this is the FIRST Global Server US Nation meeting (of the PvP1 & PvP 2 US nation members).. The prior meeting that was held on April 1st was a meeting of ALL nations on the Global Server. This one is for the US nation only.
  5. Global Server US Nation meeting (PvP1 & PvP2) All players in the PvP 1 and PvP 2 US Nation that will be playing on the Global Server are cordially invited to a “US Nation meeting” to be held on Saturday, April 29th at 00:00 server time/8pm EST/7PM CST/5pm PST. The meeting will be held on the Tattered Flags TS. Such a meeting will be a good opportunity to “meet and greet” those from the US Nation that have played on the different servers Potential topics of discussion may include (but are not limited to): · To gauge the potential player numbers in the new Global Server US Nation · Discuss potential US nation strategies (at a very high level of course) · Discuss the possibility of a US nation governing/organizing structure · Discuss potential communication platforms (TeamSpeak, DISCORD, US Nation website, etc) If there are other topics that you would like to discuss post them in this thread or PM me here on the NA Forum and I can add them to the agenda. Any questions or observations, please post them here. Please PM if you need the TS info. Please pass this around to your respective clans for exposure. (Those who are non-clan affiliated are also welcome to attend). Thank you and we look forward to meeting you all. Chijohnaok
  6. Well, yes, you can do that, provided that you do not redeem your XP. Unfortunately, once you redeem your XP you will pretty much be locked into that nation. Switching nations after XP redemption will set you back to the starting rank. No one is going to enjoy grinding themselves back up again.
  7. I am unaware of such a spreadsheet for the future EU server. The one that Aventador created was for the Global Server. If those players intending to go to the EU server want to create a spreadsheet for the EU server, that is up to them to do.
  8. You could also just start a "Scotch-Irish" clan under the flag of the French (as there historically was cooperation there) or under Spain or whatever nation that you desire.
  9. Valid point. Given though that they are taking out alliances which will eliminate the ability to build production buildings in an allied port, you may sometimes be forced to conquer a "far flung" region because it either has a critical resource or a critical regional crafting trait.
  10. Regarding 1) if you are France, the majority of your territory is on the eastern end of the map, but after the last map reset France also had the New Orleans region. Should France leave that region defenseless because it is so far away? As some have pointed out, GB also has far flung territories and Spain starts out even more spread out.
  11. I don't foresee here moving very far from Boston Harbor.
  12. So he's good then at recycling. ;-)
  13. Sounds like fun. You're so creative to have come up with this idea... ;-) The Devs drive the server activity down to almost nothing and players have to resort to creating content.
  14. In the final weeks before the server changes and patches, I propose that the US nation on PvP 1 end all foreign alliances, and end all foreign wars.