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  1. Tommy, maybe the OCEAN Aimbot is due for a software patch.
  2. Yes, you can leave a clan. Click on the clan tab on the chat window box. You will get a pop up. Near the upper right of the pop up there is a box marked "Leave". As for where there is a cost I don't think so but I have never left a clan so I cannot say that with certainty.
  3. Good luck to your clan and extra points for your clever marketing style.
  4. Regardless of why 7up left the Dutch nation (as that is water under the bridge), they are gone and the Dutch nation will need to step up. Stilgar hit the nail right on the head. The Dutch nation needs to start rebuilding its fleet. It needs to start PvP'ing together. They need to start doing hostility and anti-hostility together missions . They need to gain experience. They need to start working together as a nation, as a fleet, not as individual clans or players. It may not be easy, but it is possible. Trust me, the United States nation had to work long and hard after being beaten back to its capital twice. I wish the Dutch nation good luck in trying to do this. Your allies are still here and will do what we can, when we can.
  5. IIRC the "Tournament" option was used for the 3vs3 player tournament that occurred last year. I think its use is limited just to that (possible future tournaments as well).
  6. Port-au-Prince...'vile British aggression'...committed by 23 members of the US nation and 2 Dutch nation players....Down with the British! Good fight though, and good luck to your clan.
  7. Welcome to the game. People are generally helpful. Ask questions in the Help or Global chat and you will normally get answers. The same with questions asked in your nation chat. Which server are you playing on? Which nation is your character in?
  8. I had no issues during the Morgan's Bluff PB, but I did disconnect twice during the Ays PB. I had not had a disconnect like this during a port battle for many months. I don't think that it was an issue with my ISP since my TeamSpeak stayed connected both times without interruption. I also had a disconnection last night while a group of about 10-15 of us were doing a Fleet Admiral War Combat order. Again, a d/c like that is pretty unusual for me.
  9. My bold emphasis above. What a bunch of tards (You Tube).
  10. @Anolytic on Morgan's Bluff: It was a fun port battle. The battle seesawed back and forth and by the end was both a battle of attrition and a battle against the clock. At the end there were many captains that were 1 to 2 broadsides away from sinking. Thanks to all that came out to Morgan's Bluff (both for the screening and the port battle). Would have been nice to see your video but unfortunately Naxos seems to take issue with it.
  11. This is a good idea. Your idea is similar to the idea of a "clan shipyard" where ships built by clan members could be placed in "ready" (similar to this or this ). The clan shipyard idea has been suggested multiple times on the forums. I have no idea whether the idea is under consideration, on someone's "to do list" somewhere in the future, etc.
  12. Lohi, Welcome to the game. The ( website that Karpfanger cited also has a "shop prices" tab that lets you check out prices for trade goods. So with a little looking (in game and at naval action craft), you can identify resources/trade goods with a low price at the port that you are at, and then find a port that you can sell them at for a higher price. You can also do the same from the map (M) and use the Trader Tool. You can also ask for help either in your nation chat or in the Help chat. Players are more than willing to answer your questions.
  13. True, you didn't assert it but that was the implication that I thought you were making. My apologies if I was mistaken. I would not necessarily be in favor of a rank reduction. I agree that all the other hurdles involved that you listed are enough.
  14. I would agree that the grind from commodore to rear admiral was not fun. That said, I would disagree with your assertion that you would not be able to sail with... A commodore can sail in almost every ship in the game. A commodore shouldn't sail a Santi or a L'Ocean as they would be severely undercrewong it, but a commodore could sail a Victory, provided that they use an exceptional extra hammocks mod. So even commodores can sail in 1st rate port battles.
  15. Welcome to the US Nation 7up! It's been fun sailing in battles with you while you were Dutch and will be even nicer seeing you fly the Stars and Stripes on your ships. PS. You might want to update those haircuts of yours.