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  1. aye i totally agree. i am here quite a while and i still love da game. good work .
  2. to be honest , i think everyone knows it's a game .it's just shit talk. it's kinda fun sometimes. don't take it serious.
  3. Although i agree but the Captiva has a point. It's realistic that you varying mod qualities but Every player i know, uses gold player made mods. I am not talking bout marines, powder monkeys etc.
  4. See and i loved the grind. I actually way against making it easier , when it was discussed way back. Also i was a friend of the elite kill system, yeah i know everyone hated it. Basically we all see it a little different. I play when i have the time , which isn't a lot sometimes. Ya guys might want to cut admin some slack. The Dude is right in a lot of points. We all cried bout the RNG System , then they changed it and then we cried again . My words not admins words. And yeah i cried too i was wrong. There are a lot of examples just like the RNG System.
  5. just on a side note i really like the effort you guys are putting into this, so i'll jump to pvp2. i've been on pvp2 before and i really liked it , just didnt have any time to play in the last few months but instead of jumping back on 1 , i'll jump to 2. good effort mates , keep it up .
  6. everything sounds great to me . still enjoying the game after a year playing it . keep up the good work.
  7. As Spud said , Welcome back Athena. I've been here for a while , not aslong as some others but a while We players have so many different opinions concerning gameplay in NA , that i sometimes wonder how the devs even get anything done. I like the whole PVE aspect of the game for example. I love fighting the AI and the crafting and the tradeing. I dont get into RVR too much . I loved the fine wood change others hated it. Same as theg rind , i actually liked it but alot of ppl hated so it got tweaked. one of the best examples i have was before ea. the devs tried something calles "elite kills" i think. you could not advance in rank without killing a specific amount of a specific ship. For example you had to kill 2 cutters to get to the 2nd rank. I loved it like hell and had a blast but there was an huge outcry in the community and it got removed. the devs have put alot fo effort into the game but we have so many different opinions and the forums are full of them . this is my first EA game and i love playing NA but i think it's hard to implement something new in the game without an outcry starting on the forums. alot of ppl r very passionate bout the game and changing it in a way , is pretty hard.
  8. Happy New Year
  9. da denken wir beide etwas anders. Aber die Kunst ist uns beide glücklich zu machen
  10. mehr Tempo um von Punkt a zu Punkt b zu kommen fände ich jetzt nicht verkehrt. Es ist ein Spiel also hätte ich gerne mehr speed um eben zu spielen und nicht den Horizont an zugucken . Ich zocke das Game immer noch unheimlich gerne , mache mir auch kein kopp wie es sich entwickelt. Die Kohle die ich ausgegeben habe , habe ich schon längst in Spielspaß wieder gekriegt. Ich zocke auch wieder auf PVP1 weil ich mir gesagt habe , ich habe zwar wenig Zeit aber die wenig Zeit die ich habe kann ich auch mit PVP verbringen.
  11. i don't want to get too much off topic but i'd like to reply to elite. now i don't have the mmo experience as most ppl do here , being that the only other mmo i played was potbs. But free 2 play didnt solve flying labs problems either and i dont think it solved portulus problems . Be it as it is , it is not my decision to make but i always think that , if you produce something ya need to earn cash with it , or at least it has to cost something. call me old fashioned , or maybe i just dont understand how the new net-economy works.
  12. thx for the honest words and i am really sorry to hear that. i love playing the game . i am one of the few , the proud, the pve players . just love comin home , sitting down and playin NA for an hour or two or three. i know most ppl say pve doesnt make any sense and it really doesnt but to be honest i like it. and for all it's worth thanks for it.
  13. das spiel macht sich langsam. Es fehlt immer noch die Würze . da ich wenig zeit habe spiele ich nur noch auf pve , hab aber trotzdem noch viel Spaß bei dem Game. Ich glaube aber auch das es kein absoluter Kracher wird , aber ich kann mich auch irren. Ich freue mich auf jede Änderung.Als pve'ler hätte ich natürlich gerne mehr pve content aber Admin hat oft genug gesagt das der Fokus auf pvp steht. Wusste ich bevor ich es gekauft hatte , also ist es auch ok für mich. Die Meinungen was gut und was schlecht ist, gehen doch sehr weit auseinander wenn man im englischen teil des Forums schaut. Als Entwickler wäre ich total verloren .
  14. i object to that . i like the pve servers and like playing there. I don't have the time to play on pvp and i don't care much bout port battles. i like playing solo and try out different builds against the ai . the pve servers really doesn't take away any resources from development , as stated before the dev team develope for the pvp server and the pve server was put up cause they know some ppl don't like pvp. We paid for the game same as you guys did. we test too and f11 stuff we see going wrong. it is just against the ai.
  15. go go go devs i really like it. wipe if needed , the more changes the better. lets try it out , if it doesn't work , you always go back. i know it's a lot of work for you guys but the only way to finding out what works is trying it. we can debate bout it all we want but basically we don't know how it will work out if we don't test it.