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  1. jungs , chilled mal ne runde. Ich hab schon ein paar wipes mitgemacht und danach hat das spiel immer sau viel spaß gemacht. ich finds cool das alle , infos aus allen teilen des forums , hier mitteilen. ich vergesse ganz oft das nicht jeder englisch kann oder französisch oder russisch. danke an die jungs die das tun. ich erspare mit das palaber das es eine alpha ist blabla , habt einfach Spaß bei dem spiel .
  2. Remus da man , a well known POTBS man I agree on everything you said. As said earlier , i really enjoy sailing on pve. I have no problem sailing in the gulf
  3. mich würde aber mal interessieren was mit dem zeug im clan wh passiert ? das gab es zu pvp3 Zeiten glaube ich noch nicht . weiß das jemand vielleicht ?
  4. viele Dank für die Info Bungee
  5. aus Erfahrung (als pvp3 zu gemacht wurde ) kann ich sagen , das hat alles sehr gut funktioniert , war alles als redeemable da.
  6. darf ich mal kurz ne frage in den raum werfen ? warum ist euch das gui so wichtig ?
  7. i also spend my time on pve and found out , the bunch that hangs there are a helpful crowd. i really do not want to see that server closed. chat there is not toxic as on pvp1 . it comes down to this , i get home after a hard days of work and just want to chill a few hours in NA. That is not possible on the pvp server. i got enough competition at work , dont need it in a game . I love the game setting and well there are no good sailing games out there , this one is the best . And yes i was part of POTBS from day one , that game doesnt compare to this. But i am willing to try out the changes , it's Early Access and changes come and go
  8. and what if u have accounts on all 3 servers ? and did i understand it right , you wont be able to build ships in he pve zone ?
  9. after a good night sleep , i see it a little differently than yesterday. let's try it , see where it goes.. The whole thing just sounded weird to me at the beginning.
  10. i understand what you are trying to do but i just don't agree. even if i wanted to play pve i'd still have to interact with the pvp to even be able to build a ship. Since we can't capture 1st rates that would b the only way.
  11. rofl
  12. aye a salty day
  13. hmmm so no ship building in pve zone ?
  14. but you cant capture any ports on pve , so that means you can not build any ships which would b no fun imho
  15. there won't b any freports in pve zone