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  1. ya think so ? i was a crafter on pvp1 US and well i'll say we were a small nation at the time . crafted ships were sold pretty fats back then and fairly high price , actually a little too high. now trading i have no idea. i didnt trade too much at the time , because basically there were no trade goods , except for the produced goods and those went a away pretty fast at a waaaay too high of a price. well at that time we all didn't have that much gold as now but still had a lot. Compass wood was the name of the trading good back then .
  2. i don't think we pve players can complain at all. the patch is awesome for us . Y? Because it gives us things to hunt and things to do. All the nifty little perks and slots to the ships, the books , the adm. store etc. all gives us pve players something to do and even the trading and lack of gold. all great stuff. if the ai gets more aggro , it will be even more fun. and the crafting wow great change. i started a new char on testbed , a week ago and i am leveling pretty fast , maybe a little too fast. gold seems to be ok, so far. i haven't gotten into crafting or trading yet because i don't have that much time at the moment and i wanted to see how it is leveling char with the new patch. all in all great changes devs.
  3. but can you not capture the ai and take the canons and just destroy the ship? what i do understand from a pvp standpoint it extend the grind somewhat but due to the fact that players will b able to craft canons , i think we should wait how expensive that will be before we judge the change.
  4. i do not agree with this. i think it's fairly expensive yes but not too expensive. Since you can capture Ai with med canons.
  5. well after reading Red Duke on global on testbed , i said yeah to myself y not start with from scratch ? thought and done it , enrolled in to the swedish navy nad named me char BoomBoom. What i liked so far, awesome experience starting from scratch . really like that it's multiple things to look at , opening slots , xp , perks. is a hell of a lot more entertaining than i remember leveling first thing i did was do missions. was pretty cool , took some getting use to shooting in the cutter but all in all , great experience. specially how you get the hang of shooting at low profile ships BUT i'd like to level without doing mission and i find it quite hard finding fighting ships that are low level on the OW. i might have just looked in the wrong places . i don't mean traders since they give such low xp. gold wise doing quite fine but everything is still free. so i have no money sinks yet.
  6. from a pve player perspective, i like the update. a lot to do . plus i like that you dont get large amount of gold.
  7. ich finde die Anzahl der schiffe mehr als ausreichend. und oft zoome ich rein und rum und ringsherum , weil ich es einfach so genial finde wie das hin gekriegt wurde. oft vergesse ich zu schießen weil ich eben mit gucken beschäftigt bin. auch die Landschaft find ich wow . Hey ich komme von c64 spielen und pirates. wir haben ewig dieses spiel gezockt. haben so gar Jahre später noch den c64 aus dem keller geholt , die Floppy Disk heraus geholt und Pirates geladen. wir hätten niemals von so designten schiffen , die NA hat , zu träumen gewagt. Klar jeder versenkt mich im PVP , aber egal . Die Schiffe und knallen der Kanonen , das hoffen das man doch noch rum kommt mit dem Arsch damit der Gegner nicht doch noch die Breitseite in dein Hintern schießen kann und der Rauch , genial , wie man sich nur denkt verpiss dich Rauch damit ich endlich richtig zielen kann und man wenigstens die Segel sehen kann vom Gegner um zu ahnen ob er dreht. Wie alle bestimmt merken ich bin begeistert von den Schiffen und der ganzen Aufmachung von NA und ich bin echt ein sehr beschissener PVP'er , ich glaube in all dieser Zeit habe ich noch nie ein Gefecht gewonnen gegen ein Spieler aber abgehen tut mir immer einer dabei. Von meiner Seite kann ich nur sagen Top Job , auch wenn es manch einer absolut nicht so sieht .
  8. i gotta admit i am not too sure bout the stopping of global chat. i know there is a lot of toxic babble out there but to stop ppl from talking with each other , dont know about that . well ii gotta admit i am not in favor of it at all. i have gotten to know so damn fine ppl , playin Na in different nations than the one i play. i'd kinda miss that. other than that i am game and always willingto test and try.
  9. an alle die sagen das spiel hat 2000 leuten spaß gemacht , vor EA haben wir wow geschriehen wenn 100 auf dem server waren und wir hatten auch da spaß ohne ende. es gab noch keine pb's. gut das spiel war anders , du hast dich wie bolle gefreut wenn du ein bp gekriegt hast und das leveln hat ewig gedauert , gab keine missionen. es war etwas anders aber alle änderungen wollten wir spieler und das haben sie uns gegeben. wenn dir das setting des spiels zusagt und seegefechte magst , dann steig ein . es bockt. Wenn du spiele wie sid meiers pirates magst (und nein ich meine nicht das remake , ich meine das ursprüngliche und verdammt ich bin alt ) , dann ist NA DAS spiel. wenn nicht würde ich warten und etwas im forum lesen. viele spieler haben unterschiedliche ansichten zum stand der dinge.
  10. Amen!!!! never got it why they removed the rng system. was it unfair ? hell yeah. Did any of us understand it ? hell no . BUT did you feel that wooohooo cry comin out when you got a bp after producing 20 ships ? Hell yeah. i stood alone , saying it was fun but it was. i don't know how long i tried to that trinc bp but i had a lot of fun doing it. Baiscally i do not care how long stuff takes , it can take a year , as long as it's fun.
  11. hard to do . admin suggested the lobby system from potbs but we rejected due to the fact that it would render screeners useless. you wouldn't have to sail to the port to be in the pb. if u haven't played potbs basically it invites ppl who made the most unrest to the port to the pb. i liked the system and though admin had a point to give it a try. i don't think you should go down with the rewards. The more you play pb's the better you get. You start to see the tactics etc. i know that potbs , i havent played in any pb on NA , was too much "please only 1st rates" or only blablabla clan please enter port battle cause theyk now how to play. I'll stop ranting here .
  12. i am game with both of those optionsx . i might just start from scratch just for the fun and to see how the leveling works. i find it quite fast now. as i stated a few times before i really have no problem with xp wipe. i have leveled a few toons and have come to the conclusion it was a hell of a lot harder at the beginning before ea. I am always willing to test again . thumbs up admin for the info.
  13. good idea . i'd really like that
  14. as LeBoiteux stated above , not the pve-ers wanted the ai aggro tuned down back then , it was the pvp-ers. It was a viable point though. The ai attacked a lot , making getting to port battles a mess. Kept splitting group etc. A lot of pve-ers wanted to keep it but it was only one server back then and so it was removed.
  15. thanks from me too . i enjoy playing there a lot.